Winter Classic 2009 Highlights

Dan LondonCorrespondent IJanuary 2, 2009

The NHL put on an amazing show yesterday. The 3rd Winter Classic (if you count the 2003 game between Montreal and Edmonton) was played in Chicago at a transformed Wrigley field. The Detroit Red Wings faced off against the Chicago Blackhawks in a game that featured 10 goals and some really wide-open hockey. I was really impressed by the entire event.

The rink looked awesome and the faux ivy along the outfield fence added a pretty cool touch. The game in Chicago was different from the ones in years past as it was held at a football venue prior to being held at a location set-up for baseball. The classic uniforms looked great. I personally liked the BlackHawks uniforms much better and I hope that they keep wearing them on occasion.

Check out the introduction:

The game drew over 40,000 people and early indications show that the TV ratings are actually pretty decent. The players even were in awe of the event.

“I kind of had my mouth open in the beginning,” said Detroit’s Jiri Hudler, who had two goals in the second period to tie the game. “We were all looking at each other during the anthem — ‘Wow, this is awesome.’ “

The hit on Cleary was awesome. He was sent head first over the boards into the BlackHawks bench.

A few random thoughts about the Winter Classic 2009:

- There were some great passing plays that lead to goals.
- That rendition of Take Me Out to the Ballgame was painful.
- It was funny to see some players wearing eyeblack to combat the sun.
- The Reebok commercial featuring Sidney Crosby was awesome. It seems so long ago that he actually skated with Lemieux.

What are your thoughts on the Winter Classic? Is it something you would like to see each year? Where should the next game be held?