WWE News: WWE Running a Line of Kayfabe T-Shirts on WWEShop.com?

Chris HumphreyCorrespondent IFebruary 24, 2012

Photo Courtesy of WWEShop.com
Photo Courtesy of WWEShop.com

With a lot of the backstage politics in the world of professional wrestling known to fans, the WWE has taken that information and spun it into a new line of t-shirts for their store at WWEShop.com.

From Wrestling News Source via ProWrestling.net:

WWEShop.com has unveiled a new line of WWE "Kayfabe" T-shirts with slogans that seem to be aimed at "smart" Internet wrestling fans. The shirts can be seen by clicking here at WWEShop.com

While a bit on the plain side, I think the development of this new t-shirt line by the WWE is a good way to help connect with fans. After all, most fans know the terminology on the shirts, unlike back in the early days.

All five t-shirts being offered by WWEShop.com are black with white lettering. Each one reads a different slogan, including “Jobber,” “Heel” and “I Got Heat.”

If I were to pick up one of these shirts, I would probably get the “I’m So Over” shirt on the heels of the rise of Zack Ryder from a person nearly cut from the company to being one of the most popular superstars around.

It would be good to see the WWE continue this line of t-shirts by adding more kayfabe terms to the intial five, with terms like “Babyface,” “Paper Champion” and “Botch” possibilities, among other famous wrestling phrases.

So, Bleachers, do you think this is a smart move by the WWE to produce t-shirts with kayfabe phrases for the smart wrestling fans of today?

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