WWE Save The Undercard

dav brenContributor IJanuary 6, 2009

The WWE has being going through a rough patch for some time. Executives know what's wrong and what they need to do, but they still don't act. Why?

It's because they have tunnel vision and only concentrate on the world titles, and nothing else seems to matter

Remember the early 90s, when the Intercontinental title was more exciting than the World Heavyweight title? Remember when you cared about who held the tag titles? I even remember looking forward to debuts of new talent.

The WWE has blinders on, which is leaving the rest of the product to rot.

Below is a five-point plan to make the WWE a more entertaining enterprise:

1. Start defending the Intercontinental title at some pay-per-views and have less title changes. Leave the belt on someone talented who can give the belt some prestige, like CM Punk.

2. Make more tag teams. At this point, it doesn't matter if they're mediocre, as long as they wear the same colored tights and look like a team. WWE needs quantity first, otherwise the talent has no one to shine against.

3. Less titles. Join the U.S and Intercontinetal, or join the tag titles. This could leave room to bring back the Hardcore title, which I would rather see than watch the WWE crown two of its ten tag teams with titles.

4. Make ECW extreme again. I know it's now used for development, but a little extreme never hurt anyone. It doesn't mean they can't wrestle as well.

5. Bring back some big talent. Goldberg, Hogan, Bobby Lashley, Sid, even Warrior are all up for grabs and would wrestle again, so bury the hatchet, get your checkbook out, and bring them back, Vince.

Any more ideas?