In Other News...Reasons Why Baseball Is Better Than Football

Shanan H.Analyst IJanuary 6, 2009

Baseball: America's pastime and America's sport.

Let me take a quote from baseball's No. 11 writer, Ben Brown:

"We know baseball is better [than football] because football teams only play once a week!"

Baseball was invented as the civil war was coming to a close. People played with a stick and a hard object, and hit it as far as they could.  The World Series, which came into being in 1903, started sort of an emblem of the USA. 

And of course, the dynasty that is, was, and will be, the New York Yankees. There is no dynasty in football that has won the amount of times the Yankees have.  Actually, the only team in America who can add up to them is the Boston Celtics.

Watching baseball is much more fun than watching football.  In baseball, you never quite know what to expect. The sport is special because the sport seems so individual, however, it takes at least nine players to play. 

What I mean is, the game is pitcher vs. batter, until the ball is hit somewhere.  Then the game becomes fielder vs. ball. And lastly, the sport becomes fielder vs. player, when the ball is thrown in. No other sport is special in this way. 

One of the best parts about baseball is picking a team and rooting for it.  Each team is unique; it has its own history, and not every team has the same amount of money. 

The difference in money makes baseball and football very different. The Rays will almost always be loaded with young players, some talented, some not, while the Yankees will be loaded with the biggest free agents nearly every year.

And the best thing about baseball: the heated rivalry between the Yankees and Red Sucks.  No rivalry in the NFL is as intense as the one that goes on between these two teams.

Now that football season is over, immerse yourself in America's pastime and favorite sport—baseball.