Jeremy Lin and the Biggest Manias in Sports History

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Jeremy Lin and the Biggest Manias in Sports History
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All the elements were there, right down to that little ditty about Jeremy Lin sleeping on his brother's couch: No scholarship offers out of high school. Undrafted, benched, waived, cast aside. No guaranteed money. 

You know all this though, because you've had it told to you again and again over the last week. Each part of his humble beginnings became tabloid fodder, a fuel for the mania that has swept MSG and the nation as Jeremy Lin continues to defy expectations. 

We like underdog stories, and Lin's is great one, which also happens to be unfolding in the country's biggest media market. The 38 against the Lakers? The 28 points over Utah and the eye-opening 25 he dropped on New Jersey? Those were the sparks, but Lin's backstory and background were the kindling for the ratings-boosting fire that now burns strong on TV and talk radio. 

Make no mistake, "Linsanity" isn't just a cute headline to sell papers on Manhattan street corners—it's a legitimate sports mania. In The Year of Tebow, we now have a new darling to add intrigue to the dull part of the NBA season and cure our post-football hangover. 

As sports fans, we just have a way of getting swept up in such stories. And while nobody knows for sure how long Lin's hype and double-digit scoring ability will last, it's a fact that he won't be the last person we fawn over. The proof is in the past. 

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