The Undertaker's Return: 10 Possible Things We Can Expect from the Dead Man

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIFebruary 6, 2012

The Undertaker's Return: 10 Possible Things We Can Expect from the Dead Man

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    The Undertaker finally returned to Raw, and while it seemed like a foregone conclusion that he was going to face Triple H again for the second time in a row at WrestleMania, that might not happen.

    Instead of Triple H facing off with the Undertaker again, the COO patted him on the shoulder and walked off. This could just be a friendly gesture, but to do it on camera when there is a potential match that could be hyped is a bit strange.

    It could be a swerve or an angle, but fans won't know until tonight.

    However, there are 10 possibilities of what the Undertaker could do in the coming weeks in the buildup to WrestleMania.

Find a Way to Make Triple H Angry

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    This is the most likely possibility, as last year Triple H offered to have a rematch with the Undertaker if he wanted it. Even if Triple H is now "too busy" to do the rematch, the Undertaker could goad him into taking it.

    Agitating Triple H wouldn't effect young fans, but it would get fans of the Attitude Era behind the rematch and give them a new angle. Instead of having two old warhorses squaring off, it would be vintage Triple H with a chip on his shoulder trying to take down the streak.

    It would be the most obvious path, and yet it would also get the most attention.

    There are only two things bigger than this.

    Of course the Undertaker could do something else.


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    The Undertaker is old. He is in his mid-forties and at this point he needs to rest. Any possible involvement before WrestleMania could damage him.

    At this point he needs to reach 20-0 for the streak to be immortalized, but after that he should ride off into the sunset. His body is just too beat up to keep going.

    The best way to insure that he still makes it to WrestleMania is to have him sit on the sidelines until it's time for his match. It may take some of the luster away from hyping the event, but it would make sure that his match happens.

Take on Sheamus

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    Sheamus won the Royal Rumble and earned a spot at WrestleMania. Technically he should be squaring off against either of the champions in March, but right now both are in feuds, and there is no way the bout would make sense.

    A match with the Undertaker would. Neither man has really faced each other in a serious capacity, and Sheamus could get some serious exposure from facing the Undertaker. Of course if he broke the streak he would be forever branded a heel, but it would also give him a serious push.

    No matter how the WWE wanted to take it, a match between the two would be exciting, if unexpected.

Square off Against CM Punk

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    Punk has his own feud with John Laurinaitis going on, but right now he is one of the biggest wrestlers in the company.

    He may not have as much momentum going for him as he did when he cut his promo before Money in the Bank, but he still could hype the match better then most.

    Punk and Undertaker haven't squared off with each other, but it would be interesting to see an older icon face off against a newer, younger talent.

He Could Go to Smackdown

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    This is one of the most unlikely scenarios there is. Undertaker is more likely to sporadically appear on the WWE's top show, Raw, then anything else.

    Age plays a factor into this, but it also has to do with the fact that Smackdown wouldn't really do anything to hype the Undertaker and whatever match he does take.

    He might appear once on the show to hype his match, but the WWE might just use a promo package to inform those watching with whatever he does on Raw.

He Will Bring the Theatrics

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    The darkening of the lights and the sound of the of bell tolling are ingrained in every wrestling fan. There isn't one person who doesn't know the Undertaker's theme music and doesn't get excited when they hear it.

    No matter how exhausted or old the Undertaker is he will always give fans his trademark moves and immerse them in in his match in a way only he can.

    Fans should relish it too, as it may be there last chance to see the Deadman compete in the ring.

Face Kane One More Time

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    As much as some fans would love to see a re-masked Kane go one last time with his brother, it just isn't likely. It would be a treat for long-time fans of the WWE to get the match, but in truth it has been done enough that there just isn't anything new to add.

    Besides that, Kane is busy with John Cena.

    With Cena facing the Rock at WrestleMania, the WWE is going to end the feud right before the pay-per-view, possibly at the Elimination Chamber.

    Still, it is a possibility no matter how remote.

Mess with John Laurinaitis

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    A couple of years ago, this might have been a real possibility, but it won't happen because the Undertaker is now more of a neutral character.

    Unlike many other wrestlers in the WWE who need an angle to sell the match, the Undertaker has been around long enough that he doesn't anymore. He has paid his dues to the point where he just needs to appear and fans will flock to him.

    Plus, if the Undertaker interfered it would damage Punk's credibility as a rebel fighting against the corporate machine.

Deal with Chris Jericho

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    The fact that Jericho is interfering in Punk's matches makes this unlikely, but things change quickly in the wrestling world, and it is entirely possible that the two could face each other at WrestleMania.

    It is something neither had done with the other, and even though John Cena and the Rock will be driving the pay-per-view buys, this match would be something that serious fans would enjoy.

    It could be considered overkill, but WrestleMania is not something that the WWE tries to scrimp on. They know it is their major event, and they try to stack it with matches that represent that.

Have the Best Match of the Night Come WrestleMania

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    It doesn't matter who is on the card or how well they perform. Just like his victories, it is almost a given that the Undertaker will put on the performance of the night.

    The only man who was ever able to overshadow him was Shawn Michaels. That is why when they got together they were able to make some of the greatest matches ever.

    Just like his entrance, fans should stay glued to the screen so they can witness what may be the last match of an all-time great.


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