The "Controversial" John Cena

Joe KirshenbaumContributor IJanuary 4, 2009

Yesterday I read a couple articles on here about John Cena, and I've decided to give my take.  This discussion has been endless, and always tend to go either one way or another, so this will be the one time I chime in on the topic.

The WWE (particularly Jim Ross) tends to refer to Cena as "controversial".  The controversy simply being the debate over whether or not "Cena sucks".

I have to say that I do respect Cena in some ways.  He's a classy guy who's always been good to the fans.  And nobody is as passoniate or loves the business as much as he does.

But I just don't care for his wrestling abilities.

Granted, he's nowhere near as bad as say, Mark Henry, who I wouldn't be able to stand in a jobber role.  I wouldn't even mind him as an upper mid carder, but not as a main eventer, the top guy in the company. 

My main beef with him is he's not good enough for that spot, plain and simple.

Everyone's heard all the criticisms on Cena, and their valid.  Some of them aren't even his fault, but it doesn't really matter.  He has a highly limited move set consisting of five moves, and he can't do a basic submission hold like the STF properly. 

He does have great mic skills as shown during his rapping days, but now his promos are filled with poopy jokes you'd expect to hear from little kids (who are pretty much his only fans nowadays), his frequent Hulking-up (a spot that's been stale for the last 15 years), frequently being built up as an underdog after having been a dominant champion for months, and those two endless title reigns (soon to be a third).

The best thing for the WWE to do at this point is turn him heel.  They'd no longer have to pipe in loud cheers and "Cena" chants in the arena, would have to do less editing on TV.

The WWE would be spared the embarassment of having their top face being booed by half the fans in the arena.

You also don't have to worry about losing fans.  The Cena supporters for the most part are kids (or others) that will root for whoever the WWE tells them too.  And the ones who buy his merchandise would just buy someone else's if they didn't have his.

Part of me feels bad for the guy.  It's not like Batista, who I just wish would go away and make good on his talks of walking away from the business soon.  Most of the heat Cena gets is because of how he's used.

I'd actually like Cena if he were just a couple runs lower on the ladder.  But until then, it's "Cena sucks" for me.