The BCS Is a Mess: Several Reasons Why We Need a Playoff System

L.C. MayCorrespondent IJanuary 4, 2009

The year 2008 has proved to the BCS that college football needs a playoff system.

There are several reasons why college football needs a playoff system, and I could sit here all day and name them, but instead I am just going to name the main reasons why.

Number one: As you saw in the Rose Bowl, USC completely dominated Penn State, which shows that the USC vs. Oregon State game was just a complete upset.

Number two: Utah proved they were a BCS contender by going undefeated and beating Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. This proves that we need a playoff system because I guarantee you that one of the teams that went to a BCS bowl could beat one of the teams that are going to the national title. Texas already beat Oklahoma one time, and I bet they wish there was a playoff system so they could beat them again.

Another reason why we need a playoff system is because new president-elect Barack Obama has already stated that he is going to make a playoff system if at all possible. The way I believe the playoff system should work is that the BCS bowls still take place, but whoever wins each BCS bowl advances to play someone else.

So do you think USC proved they could beat anybody in the country? Do you believe Utah made a point that there should be more BCS busters? Did both these teams prove that there should be a playoff system in the BCS, and will new president-elect Barack Obama bring a playoff system into college football?

I believe that there should be a playoff system because of those two games and because most likely Barack Obama will get a playoff system.

Another main reason why is if you go up and ask any coach in the nation, they will say they want a playoff system. So do you think we will ever get a playoff system, or will the BCS stay a mess and make teams that deserve to go to the national championship go to a BCS bowl or worse, just a regular bowl?