IMPACT Wrestling: 6 Feuds I Want to See for New Knockouts Champion, Winter

Charlie GSenior Writer IAugust 15, 2011

IMPACT Wrestling: 6 Feuds I Want to See for New Knockouts Champion, Winter

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    Winter defeated Mickie James to win her first ever Knockouts Championship earlier this month at the Hardcore Justice pay-per-view event.

    The IMPACT following Hardcore Justice, a new number one contender was crowned.

    Madison Rayne and Mickie James squared off with the winner getting the right to challenge Winter for the belt at No Surrender most likely.

    Mickie James made quick work of Madison and will now have her eyes set on Winter.

    We've seen that already. Been there, done that. Let's get someone new.

    I want Mickie out of the title hunt.

    She's been in the title picture since December!

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6. Brooke Tessmacher

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    As much as I'd like to see Brooke Tessmacher be in the Championship hunt I think she still has some work cut out for her.

    She is still fairly new to the ring compared to Winter and several other Knockouts on the roster.

    Everyone was unsure of her in-ring skills after Bischoff fired her as his assistant and told her to get in line.

    To everyone's surprise she can cut it in the ring. She's no Mickie James or Tara but she's decent. Brooke has a bright future ahead of her.

    For now, I think she is good as Tara's partner and she can definitely learn from a veteran like Tara.

5. Sarita

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    I still find it hard to believe that Sarita has never been Knockouts Champion. Has she ever had a one-on-one Knockouts title match?

    If any Knockout deserves a run for the gold it's definitely Sarita.

    Sarita is good in the ring and can work as a face or heel. I honestly don't remember any promos of hers as a face but I think the crowd would have no problem rallying behind Sarita.

    However, with her latest injuries I didn't place her so high on the list.

    She wears that bedazzled Abyss mask because she is suffering from facial paralysis. Brooke Tessmacher breaking her jaw and face is just a story line.

4. Madison Rayne

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    My personal favorite.

    The Queen herself, Madison Rayne.

    Madison recently set the new record for longest reigning Knockouts Champion and should always be considered for the title picture.

    She can cut a promo and back it up in the ring. She definitely has the look of a champion.

    A feud between Madison and Winter would be strange right now. Both are heels and more likely to be friends than enemies.

3. Tara

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    What's Taz call her? Powerfully hot, right?

    Tara's no stranger to Championship gold. She won titles in WWE and both Knockouts singles and tag team championships in TNA.

    Tara is more than capable of delivering a good match, feud and carrying a women's division if called upon. Tara always delivers.

    I'd love to see Tara feud with Winter and Angelina Love.

    I like the idea of Tara teaching Tessmacher but I like the idea of Winter vs. Tara better.

2. Velvet Sky

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    There's already been fireworks between Velvet, Winter and Angelina.

    Velvet and Angelina were The Beautiful People before Winter drugged Angelina and tore her away from her former best friend, Velvet.

    Velvet vowed to save Angelina a long time ago but has been side tracked most of the time.

    I'd love to see this happen. 

    What better way to get revenge on Winter for stealing her best friend than to take the Knockouts title off her.

    That's killing two birds with one stone.

1. Angelina Love

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    Who else but Winter's best friend and partner in crime, Angelina Love.

    Winter vs. Angelina would be awesome.

    Both women can sure as hell work a match and put on a good show.

    Now that Winter stopped drugging Angelina, she can turn on Winter thus turning face and attacking Winter for all she has done.

    Winter pulled her away from Velvet, basically kidnapped her, drugged her and used Angelina to help her become Knockouts Champion.

    Winter is using Angelina.

    This match would be great. Both women are almost equally matched and their story line would make a lot of sense and maybe even reunite everyone's favorite, The Beautiful People!

Anyone Else?

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    Who do you want to see face Winter for the Knockouts Championship?

    Should we expect any returns or debuts?

    Gail Kim would be another awesome choice if she returns to IMPACT in the future but she may come too late and someone else maybe champion by then.

    A debuting Melina would be cool too but same case as Gail. Maybe too little, too late.

    I think Rosita is a bit too green and I don't recall her wrestling even a singles match on IMPACT.

    ODB and/or Jackie would be interesting too but they're caught up with trying to get a contract in the first place!

    Who else is out there?

    Taylor Wilde? I wish... She's retired.