10 Wrestlers That IMPACT Wrestling Should Consider Signing

Charlie GSenior Writer IJuly 12, 2011

10 Wrestlers That IMPACT Wrestling Should Consider Signing

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    If you haven't heard yet, three wrestlers have been released by IMPACT Wrestling: Orlando Jordan, Max Buck and Jeremy Buck.

    I can see why Orlando was released. He didn't do anything! He just took up time and money.

    Generation Me's release is a definite surprise, but they [Gen Me] said that they felt frustrated and unappreciated. They plan on returning to ROH and/or the Indy scene under their "Young Bucks" name (Source: wrestlinginc.com).

    I don't care about Jordan's release, but I'm a bit saddened to hear that Generation Me asked for their release. They are the only team that can hang with the in ring style of the Motor City Machine Guns.

    With these releases, that should allow extra space on the roster. There are some hot free agents out there that'd definitely be worth signing.

    Here's a list of 10 possible wrestlers that IMPACT Wrestling can sign.

    Remember that there's only room for three people. If you were in charge of IMPACT Wrestling, which three people would you sign?

Jack Evans

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    If you didn't find this one obvious, then you haven't been watching IMPACT the past few weeks.

    Jack Evans is easily one of the most athletic guys the X Division ever seen. He can almost defy gravity and pulls off insane moves that most wrestlers never dreamed of doing.

    Evans described his in ring skills as "watching a video game character in action," and he is right.

    Evans can fly around the ring like nobody has ever seen before.

    He has mastered a 630 Splash to near, if not complete, perfection.

    His move set gets him over with the crowd easily, and the fans love him for his high-flying daredevil antics.

    IMPACT Wrestling would be stupid to let Jack Evans slip out of their grasp.

Low Ki

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    Another obvious pick out there to daily IMPACT viewers.

    Low Ki had an impressive showing in his Destination X qualifier and at the pay-per-view.

    He was contracted by TNA and WWE in the past and has past X Division Championship experience.

    He would be a tremendous addition to the IMPACT Wrestling roster.

Zema Ion

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    I had to.

    I just had to include the other three competitors from the Destination X contract match. I believe mostly everybody would agree.

    The fans were all in during the match this past Sunday.

    There was plenty of chants. Austin Aries chants, Low Ki chants, Zema Ion chants, Jack Evans chants, a chant for "EVERYBODY!" and my favorite, "Sign them all!" during and after the match.

    I'm high on all four guys from the contract match now.

    I think Zema can be a good cocky heel and possible partner or friend of Robbie E and Cooks.

Mark Haskins

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    This man had his one-night stint in IMPACT Wrestling this past Sunday at Destination X.

    Englishman Mark Haskins accepted fellow countryman Douglas Williams' open challenge at Destination X. Haskins had a good showing but fell short to the Triple Crown Champion.

    I said above that it was a one-night stint for Haskins, but I pray that I'm wrong.

    I was really impressed with his appearance.

    He seemed to have it all in-ring wise despite a botch or two. The broadcast team, Tenay and JB for the night, informed us that Haskins took part in the TNA European Tour earlier this year.

    Turns out, he was a big hit and the fans loved him and chanted his name even after the show ended. Maybe it's a sign of some sort...

Anthony Nese

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    I think Anthony Nese was one of the most impressive wrestlers that did not make it to Destination X.

    Looking at the picture on this slide, you wouldn't think of Nese as an X Division talent, but he is, and he's a great talent.

    Nese lost his match to Jack Evans, but definitely left his mark in my opinion.

    I hope Nese is picked up by a big wrestling company, be it IMPACT Wrestling or WWE.

Federico Palacios

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    Federico Palacios is otherwise known as Azreal for Independent promotions and Ring of Honor.

    Federico competed in his match against three guys new to the IMPACT scene. He lost to Zema Ion in a match, which also included Dakota Darsow.

    One thing that I took away from that match was Federico/Azreal's abilities.

    He's a good talent and has all the potential to be an X Division Champion if given the chance.

Jay Lethal

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    Jay Lethal was released this year.

    With room now available on the roster, TNA maybe able to correct their past mistake of dropping Jay Lethal.

    Lethal was getting the push of a lifetime last summer, but nothing ever happened from it. Fast forward to around Lockdown 2011, and TNA had nothing for Lethal, so they dropped him.


    Do they have anything for Murphy? How about Ric Flair? Okada? Matt Hardy? Last I checked, neither guy listed has anything going right now. Should they be dropped? 

    Get Lethal back.

Dakota Darsow

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    Darsow was a standout guy in his three-way match against Palacios and Ion. At least he was in mine and  Taz's opinion.

    Darsow showed his hard hitting ruthlessness in his three way match. I liked his in ring style. He is also the son of Demolition member Smash, so I guess wrestling runs in the family.

    Darsow had a good standout match and can be a ruthless addition to the X Division.

Luke Gallows

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    Here's a little change of pace.

    All the past slides had one thing in common: All the guys were X Division.

    Not Gallows. He's the complete opposite, in fact.

    Luke Gallows was given a try-out match in TNA earlier this year. So far there's been no news on whether he made the cut, and unfortunately, it looks as if he did not.

    It's a shame. Gallows is a good talent. He can be a real solid upper mid-card wrestler. I'd love to see Gallows as TV Champion, but that's just me. 

Petey Williams

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    Bring Petey back.

    Do I need to explain why?

    Didn't think so.

Did I Forget Anyone?

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    Remember: There's only room for three people on the roster, but there's always room for Traci Brooks!


    Honorable Mention

    CM Punk: Highly unlikely. If he doesn't re-sign with WWE, then I expect ROH to be Punk's top priority. Besides that, Punk dislikes Hogan, the Hardys and a few other things about IMPACT Wrestling.

    Jesse Sorensen: Another young impressive X Division talent. He was the third man in the three way match involving Jack Evans and Anthony Nese. He's 23 years old and still has time to grow. IMPACT should keep an eye on him.

    Bobby Lashley: MMA seems to be his No. 1 priority. Too bad.

    Taylor Wilde: Last I've heard, she's retired. I know! She's still young, sexy and can wrestle. Good for her, though.

    Homicide: Every TNA viewer should remember Homicide. He's the crazy anti-American. He was one half of LAX and a former Tag Team and X Division Champion.

    Alissa Flash: Flash is one of the best female wrestlers in the Indy scene under the name Cheerleader Melissa. She had great potential in TNA the first time around but was mistakenly buried.

    Monty Brown: Simple fact that he is the Monty F'n Brown! Pounce!!!

    Any recommendations? Which three would you add to your roster and why?