Thinning the Herd: Releases That TNA Should Consider to Make

Charlie GSenior Writer IJune 14, 2011

Thinning the Herd: Releases That TNA Should Consider to Make

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    So far this year TNA has had several new talents debut or return.

    Crimson, Anarquia, Rosita, Matt Hardy, Scott Steiner, et cetera. If TNA wants more talents, especially with WWE releasing some people as of late and maybe on the brink of sending more out, they need to make some cuts.

    The IMPACT roster can only be so big and some wrestlers aren't even seen on the international show, Xplosion!

    Now, I'm not saying that TNA should immediately release the people listed here but at least sleep on it. Just consider it. 

Rob Terry

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    A lot of people say that Terry has little to no talent and is a steroid freak.

    Terry certainly botches his fair share of moves but he has shown signs of improvement...back in May! Terry hasn't been on IMPACT since May 5th where he defeated Murphy to keep his spot in Immortal.

    Guess what.

    Rob Terry was kicked out of Immortal anyways!

    Now, I can't lie but I am a bit of a Rob Terry fan myself however, I wouldn't feel bad if he were released. After all, the guy hasn't been seen for a month and had no storylines in recent memory.


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    Another surprise?


    Murphy is very similar to "The Freak."

    He hasn't had any storylines since being Jeff Jarrett's and Immortal's bodyguard. He hasn't been on TV for a month. He was kicked out of Immortal and has never been seen since.

    I am a Murphy fan (I like Murphy more than Terry) and wish to see him showcase his talents on TV. 

    Murphy is a big guy and has in-ring talent. All he needs is a change of character maybe and a decent feud.

    Besides Murphy seems like a cool guy. Around Easter time Murphy tweeted a funny picture of the Easter Bunny. Well, I thought it was funny...


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    I would be sad if Devon was fired or quit or retired or anything! 

    I love Devon. He's a good in-ring worker and seems like a nice guy.

    I hope Devon never gets released but helps put over younger talent or works behind the scenes

    *Cough cough, Jeff Jarrett, Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, maybe Sting...maybe cough*

    Longest cough of my life right there

    Ever since his feud with Bully Ray ended Devon has not been used on IMPACT. Recently however, he defeated Anarquia in the ongoing Xplosion Championship Tournament.

    Devon is getting up there in age (currently 38. 39 this summer) and he hasn't had many feuds for the past year or two.

Orlando Jordan

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    *sigh* Oh gosh....
    *sigh* Oh gosh....

    Orlando gets no reaction from the crowd whatsoever.

    His gimmick is a bit over the top, especially upon his debut, and hasn't had any big feuds since June 3rd 2010. Even then hid feud was so big. He feuded with Rob Terry for the Global Championship.

    Last year OJ signed a multi-year deal with TNA so he's going to be on the roster for a while.

    Orlando has in-ring skills but his gimmick is holding him back and generating no reaction from the audience.

    OJ is using Eric Young as a lifeboat to stay in TNA.


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    Sangriento was cool while he lasted. I'll admit that.

    He had two matches last month and just vanished.

    The masked character is really portrayed by Amazing Red. So Red was never on TV as himself but portraying the Sangriento character. 

    Sangriento is never on IMPACT and it was a bad idea to make Red fit the role. If SPIKE TV (they told IMPACT to make Sangriento) wants a masked wrestler or luchador stick with Suicide or sign an actual mexican talent.

    Sangriento was a waste especially since he only wrestled two matches.

Ric Flair

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    IMPACT Wrestling needs to cut the cord with The Nature Boy.

    What has he done in TNA? 

    Invent Fortune who turned on him, then had Bobby Roode dislocate his shoulder at Lethal Lockdown. That's it. 

    Besides that, Flair has been nothing but trouble.

    He probably has a nice paycheck and definitely has a bad attitude backstage at times.

    I remember reading about Flair yelling at Orlando Jordan and his boyfriend just for the simple fact that Orlando's boyfriend was backstage.

    Remember when Flair threw a tantrum on an international IMPACT tour and refused to board an airplane until he got paid?

    Right now, Flair is never on IMPACT and when he is he always has to have some sort of attention/TV time. Flair is way past his prime and TNA shouldn't have to carry him along with them.

Hulk Hogan

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    Yes, Hulk Hogan makes the list. I'm sure I'm not the only who thinks he should be gone.

    Hogan did help IMPACT but I think he's done more damage than good.

    Sure, he got good ratings on the LIVE January 4th edition of IMPACT but he also brought in the washed up old guys like The Nasty Boyz, Sean Morley, Scott Hall, X-Pac and some others.

    Hogan even pushed for a Nasty Boyz/Team 3D feud. Good God.

    Hogan even gave The Band (Nash, Hall and Pac) the TNA Tag Team titles.

    It was Hogan that brought in guys like Jeff Hardy and RVD but what good did that do?

    Both are great competitors but he angered fans by pushing them too quick too soon. Hogan completely ignored homegrown talent like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Daniels, Bobby Roode, et cetera. Hogan almost killed off the X Division just by ignoring it.

    The one thing that blossomed was the Knockouts Division. Why?

    Hogan didn't touch it.

    I am also convinced that Hogan has a fat paycheck with his name on it week after week.

Did I Forget Anyone?

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    Did I forget anyone?

    Who do you think TNA should send packing?