WWE: Five Funny Botches by Randy Orton

Charlie GSenior Writer IAugust 2, 2011

WWE: Five Funny Botches by Randy Orton

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    A little bit over a week ago I read a hate article about Randy Orton. The article is pretty popular and was written by C-CooL and can be found at this link.

    C-CooL brings up 10 good reasons as to why he hates Orton with all his heart and used this video as inspiration.

    One thing that the guy in the video and CooL said that stuck with me, was Orton getting Kofi de-pushed because of one little botch.

    Like Orton never messed up or botched a move in his entire career. Only a robot never messes up -- wait a second...I think I cornered myself in that one.

    Here are some videos of some of Orton's biggest botches.

Randy Orton Punts Through Fourth Wall

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    Okay, okay so technically this one wasn't Orton's fault. He still messed it up though.

    Orton's setting up for his infamous punt. He oddly stares at the entrance ramp the entire time he's in the corner as if his "Viper Senses" are tingling.

    (Either that or he was installed with X-Ray vision when he was built)

    Orton says "F it" and goes for the punt. He waits a bit, misses a girly kick to the head and to make things go from awkward to more awkward, he stares directly at the camera and shrugs his shoulders.

    You can't entirely blame Randy on this one, but the shrugging at the LIVE audience and into the cameras certainly didn't make things better.


    What would Randy do?

    "STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! (Throw in some foul language)" I would imagine that the whole production team was demoted to WWE Superstars and well, we all know where Kofi went.


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    This was back in 2004 and Randy is obviously a rookie.

    Jericho has Batista in the Walls of Jericho and RVD hits a Frog Splash on Ric Flair.

    Young Randy Orton charges at Jericho in hopes of hitting an RKO to break up the submission.

    Randy can't really grab Jericho and instead of an RKO it's "RK--Oh, sh*t!" Orton then runs away like a cheetah in hopes that nobody seen him and second time is awkward but works.

The Viper Injures Himself

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    It's Over The Limit and Randy Orton is beating on the mat more than he's beating on Edge.

    Just watch him pound on the mat. What was he thinking? 

    "What's the worst that can happ--? Ow...ow. Ah, my hand..."

    Edge was probably more confused than Orton.

    "WTF? Wasn't I supposed to get RKO'ed?"

    Orton is wishing that he had worn his wrist tape, while Kofi Kingston is laughing backstage.

Randy's in the Hole

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    The crowd was on their feet.

    Kane is going to choke slam Orton through the announcer's table! Orton makes an amazing reversal! He fights off Kane and -- steps in the gigantic hole in the table.

    Orton goes down and brings the table with him!

    Does this remind anyone of that Scarlet takes a tumble video?

    Orton goes down and Kane is probably going to laugh, but he wants to keep his job so he holds his laughter for a while.

    Orton gets up and starts screaming/laughing. He wags his finger and did he say the "F" word?

    At the end of the day, the table was shipped to Orlando and now Mike Tenay and Tazz use it as their announce table.

The 450

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    Randy was supposed to roll in toward the turnbuckle.

    He stupidly rolled towards the center of the ring.

    Orton's fault.