IMPACT Wrestling Power Rankings: July's Top 10 Contenders

Charlie GSenior Writer IAugust 2, 2011

IMPACT Wrestling Power Rankings: July's Top 10 Contenders

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    I am back from a week of vacation—which I'll talk about on my own time (Look out for my weekly IMPACT reviews!)—because I want to mow down this top 10.

    TNA used to have their own power rankings. It was called the "Top 10 Contenders." 

    I will rank the contenders based on what occurs on IMPACT or pay-per-view events.

    The top 10 list will be released monthly.

    For the June edition, click here. Simple enough, just a click away.

    Now it is time to see which IMPACT wrestlers found success last month.

    Here are July's top 10 contenders.

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10. Fortune

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    Starting off the July rankings is the hand full of homegrown TNA talent known as Fortune.

    This month, Sting has gone under a major change in character. The Icon is now known as "The Insane Icon" and portrays a character similar to that of the Joker.

    The night that Sting had his world-title match with Mr. Anderson on IMPACT was the same night that Sting revealed his backup, which was in the form of clowns.

    The job of these mask-wearing mystery men was to take out ever member of Immortal: Abyss, Scott Steiner, Gunner, and Bully Ray.

    The clowns' final beat down was dished out upon Gunner. Following the beating, the clowns removed their masks and—what do you know—turned out to be Fortune.

    AJ Styles, Daniels, Kazarian, and James Storm can be credited with a small part in Sting's big world-title victory.

    Most recently, on IMPACT Fortune served as special enforcers for the cage match between Kurt Angle and Ken Anderson.

    Immortal attempted to crash the match, but Fortune stood their ground. Soon enough, Mexican America came out, and the numbers caught up with them.

9. Matt Morgan

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    Record: 1-1

    Accomplishment: Winning a BFG Series ladder match for 10 points

    Clocked in at number nine is the big, bad "Blueprint," Matt Morgan.

    Matt Morgan seems to have been walking in place because last month I also marked him in the nine spot. 

    Morgan hasn't appeared on IMPACT too much this month. Thinking back, I'm only sure he was in two matches.

    Morgan teamed with James Storm in a BFG Series match, but the two had some issues which caused their downfall.

    Matt Morgan redeemed his defeat by winning a four-way ladder match involving AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Gunner. Morgan received a big 10 points in winning his ladder match.

    Unfortunately, Matt Morgan said on IMPACT that he is now injured. He is expected to be out for six weeks, which is not good for his chances to headline Bound For Glory.

    Hopefully "The Blueprint" makes a speedy recovery and can ascend to the top of this power ranking.

8. Mexican America

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    Record: 1-0

    Accomplishment: Defeating The British Invasion to become No. 1 contenders for the tag-team championships at Hardcore Justice

    Before this month Mexican America was all bark with no bite.

    Hernandez, Anarquia, Sarita, and Rosita would enter the IMPACT Zone, lower their flag, and rant about how they're being held back because of their race and culture.

    Finally, Mexican America had the chance to put their money where their mouth is, and they delivered.

    They defeated former tag champs The British Invasion to earn the right to challenge Beer Money at Hardcore Justice.

    They didn't win cleanly, but a win is a win.

    Rosita has been a big part of Mexican America's victories, constantly interfering in matches. She needs to stop worrying about the guys because she and Sarita lost their Knockouts tag-team titles this month to Tara and Miss Tessmacher.

    Can Rosita be a factor in the tag title match August 7 at Hardcore Justice?

7. Tara

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    Record: 2-1

    Accomplishment: Winning one half of the Knockouts Tag Team Championship

    Tara and Madison Rayne are still in their feud, and boy did they prove it. 

    Tara claimed to have a gift for Madison but would only give it to her after a match on IMPACT. Madison threw Tara out of the ring and opened her gift.

    The gift happened to be Tara's tarantula, Poison. Madison freaked out, and Tara hit a Widow's Peak for the win.

    Tara would take a break from Madison and randomly be paired with Miss Tessmacher to challenge Sarita and Rosita for the Knockouts tag-team titles.

    Tessmacher and Tara picked up an impressive win to become the new champions.

    The following week Tara had a target on her back, not only from Madison Rayne, but also from Sarita, Rosita, and Winter, who would defeat Tara in a match.

    Tara can call July a success. She lost—not cleanly—but did put some gold around her waist.

6. Crimson

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    Record: 2-0

    Accomplishments: 2 Bound For Glory Series victories

    The unbeaten Crimson started off July in a big way, defeating Bobby Roode in a BFG Series match to reinforce an already demanding lead over the other 11 competitors.

    Crimson gained a pin over Roode and was rewarded a valuable seven points.

    Most recently Crimson faced off against Bully Ray in a BFG Series match.

    Bully Ray proved to be a challenge as he dominated Crimson the entire match, but the bully made one mistake which would cost him.

    Crimson countered a move from Ray and dropped him with his finisher.

    Crimson managed to pull a victory out of the jaws of defeat and continue to expand his lead and undefeated streak.

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    In Other News:

    Magnus defeated Shannon Moore in the Xplosion Championship Challenge.

    Alex Shelley defeated The Pope in the Xplosion Championship Challenge.

    Crimson defeated Devon in the Xplosion Championship Challenge.

    Matt Morgan is injured for an expected six weeks, which definitely won't help his chances in the BFG Series.

    Knockout Tara says that she is now done with MMA.

    The Head of Talent Relations, Terry Taylor, recently stated in an interview that Kurt Angle is his proudest signing.

5. Kurt Angle

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    Record: 2-1

    Accomplishment: Defeating Mr. Anderson in a cage match

    It was really tough to call putting Angle at number five, but I can stand behind it.

    Kurt Angle is the No. 1 contender to the world title, but he earned that right last month.

    Kurt was fed to the dogs in a four-on-one handicap match against Immortal. Angle held his own for a while but needed a break.

    His partner, Sting, was taken out backstage by Hulk Hogan and a notorious baseball bat. Mr. Anderson charged to the ring and tagged into the match as Angle's partner.

    Anderson laid waste to Immortal. He clotheslined all of them, only to turn on Angle with a Mic Check and officially seal his fate with Immortal.

    Later in the month, Sting and Angle joined forces again, this time to battle Anderson and Bully Ray. Sting and Angle defeated Immortal's top guys after Angle came in like a house of fire.

    On the last July 2011 edition of IMPACT, Kurt Angle defeated Mr. Anderson in a steel-cage match. After a miscommunication between Bully Ray, Mr. Anderson, and a steel chair, Kurt Angle hit Anderson with an Angle Slam for the win.

    If Kurt Angle beats Sting at Hardcore Justice, you can almost guarantee him a number-one spot.

4. Austin Aries

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    Record: 2-0

    Accomplishment: Winning an IMPACT Wrestling contract at Destination X

    You can argue that Aries should be ranked higher, and I accept that. It was a tough call between him and the guys in the top three.

    Austin Aries won what can be called one of the best matches in IMPACT Wrestling history at Destination X. The four-way contract match involving Zema Ion, Jack Evans, Low Ki, and Aries was phenomenal.

    Double A won and was granted his IMPACT contract.

    The next night on IMPACT, he was booked in a match against Shannon Moore. Aries punched Moore with a steel chain wrapped around his fist, but like I said earlier, a win is a win.

    Now Aries finds himself in an X Division title match at Hardcore Justice. He's back for about a month, and he's in the title matches.

    Not bad, Double A, not bad at all.

3. Rob Van Dam

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    Record: 4-0

    Accomplishments: Win over Jerry Lynn at Destination X, 2 BFG Series wins

    The IMPACT prior to Destination X, RVD defeated AJ Styles, Daniels, and Jerry Lynn in a four-corners match.

    At Destination X, RVD and Jerry Lynn had a hell of a match, but Van Dam walked out bloodied but victorious.

    RVD faced off against Scott Steiner in a BFG Series match and looked as if he was going to lose. After Steiner argued with the referee, RVD rolled up Steiner and pulled a win from thin air.

    RVD had another match on the latest edition of IMPACT against Gunner. It was a good, back-and-forth match, and RVD defeated Gunner via Five Star for seven more points.

    The two BFG Series matches launched Van Dam into second place.

2. Sting

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    Record: 2-0

    Accomplishment: Winning the IMPACT Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

    The Joker thing is really working out for Stinger. Last month I ranked him at number seven. Seven! This month I feel he deserves to be at number two.

    Sting's joker gimmick has gotten him in trouble with Hulk and Eric, but it has also helped him win a world title.

    Well, that, Kurt Angle, and Fortune.

    Sting used the help of Fortune on the Mid-Summer Nightmare to take out Immortal for a clear-cut world title match.

    Fortune eliminated everyone except one guy: Bully Ray.

    Just when Ray went to interfere, a clown attacked and took him and Anderson out. Sting pinned Anderson and became champion again.

    The clown revealed himself to be Kurt Angle!

    Since the Mid-Summer Nightmare, Sting and Angle have joined forces to hold back Immortal. The two were victorious over Anderson and Bully Ray.

    On the last July edition of IMPACT, Sting fooled Immortal into thinking that he had been appointed the network executive. Sting called for changes such as an Ultimate X and a cage match to cripple Immortal for the night.

    The Insane Icon later admitted that he wasn't the network's guy and even locked Bischoff in his office with a bird to prevent Bischoff from interfering in the main-event cage match.

    The Icon has been crazy this month, and it'll be hard to predict what he does next week.

1. Brian Kendrick

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    Record: 3-0

    Accomplishments: Won X Division title at Destination X and successfully defended title twice already

    Brian Kendrick is the savior of the X Division. Just when the X Division was ready to roll over and die with Abyss as the champion, Kendrick stood up.

    Kendrick faced off against The Monster and he won.

    Brian Kendrick put the "X" back in X Division. 

    Brian Kendrick's first title defense was about two weeks after the PPV. Kendrick defeated Alex Shelley after Austin Aries hit Shelley hit the head with the title belt.

    Most recently, Brian Kendrick successfully defended his X Division Championship against former-champion "The Monster" Abyss in an Ultimate X match.

    Brian Kendrick put gold around his waist and successfully defended it against two different challengers.

The End

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    Velvet Sky from Comic-Con saying goodbye.

    What do you think about my top 10 contenders for the month of July?

    Here's a recap of last months rankings as compared to this months. 


    10. Angelina Love

    9. Matt Morgan

    8. Bully Ray

    7. Sting

    6. Devon

    5. Crimson

    4. Mickie James

    3. Kurt Angle

    2. Mr. Anderson

    1. Gunner


    10. Fortune

    9. Matt Morgan

    8. Mexican America

    7. Tara

    6. Crimson

    5. Kurt Angle

    4. Austin Aries

    3. Rob Van Dam

    2. Sting

    1. Brian Kendrick