IMPACT Wrestling Top 10 Contenders: Power Rankings for June, Who's the Best?

Charlie GSenior Writer IJuly 1, 2011

IMPACT Wrestling Top 10 Contenders: Power Rankings for June, Who's the Best?

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    TNA used to have their own power rankings. It was called the "Top 10 Contenders." I'm going to try to revive that here on Bleacher Report.

    I will rank the contenders based on what occurs on IMPACT or pay-per-view events.

    The top 10 list will be released monthly.

    Here is the Top 10 Contenders for the month of June.

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10.) Angelina Love

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    Record: 2 - 2

    Accomplishment: Getting a pin fall victory on Knockouts Champion, Mickie James

    Angelina Love recently shown how dominant she can be. Angelina got an easy win over Miss Tessmacher to start off her month of June.

    The following week, Angelina won a tag team match after successfully pinning the Knockouts Champion. The result of that match granted Angelina a Knockouts title match at Slammiversary IX.

    Angelina and Mickie had a tremendous showing at Slammiversary. Despite ending in defeat, Angelina looked good the entire match, in-ring wise of course. The match really could've gone either way.

    On the 6/23 IMPACT Angelina would come as a big assist for Winter in her Street Fight against Mickie James.

    This past Thursday we've seen the deranged relationship between Angelina and Winter start to crumble.

    It was a two-on-one situation. Mickie James vs. Winter and Angelina in what was left of a six Knockout elimination tag team match.

    Winter and Angelina started to argue which allowed Mickie some much needed recovery time. Mickie then exploded with a flurry of offense and eliminated both Angelina and Winter seconds after each other to win the match.

9.) Matt Morgan

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    Record: 2 - 1

    Accomplishment: Defeating Scott Steiner at Slammiversary IX

    Matt Morgan had a pretty good month. He appeared on IMPACT twice and on pay-per-view. 

    Morgan was cheated out of a victory via low blow by Steiner on IMPACT but got revenge at Slammiversary where Morgan picked up a big win and ended his feud with "Big Poppa Pump."

    Lastly, Matt Morgan won a tag team match with partner, Crimson, against the reigning Tag Team Champions, Beer Money.

    It was a Bound For Glory Series match and Morgan secured a pin and seven points to go with it.

8.) Bully Ray

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    Record: 2 - 1

    Accomplishment: Defeating AJ Styles in a Last Man Standing Match at Slammiversary

    The IMPACT prior to Slammiversary IX, Bully Ray issued an open challenge to any of the boys in the back. Bully said Devon and/or AJ can't accept because he wants to fight a man and they're just boys.

    RVD accepted and would soon regret it.

    Bully Ray beat RVD all around the ring. Really dominated the match, until AJ Styles distracted him and cost him the match.

    At Slammiversary Bully Ray and AJ really stole the show with their brutal Last Man Standing match. Bully Ray came out bloodied but victorious.

    On the 6/23 IMPACT Bully Ray defeated Scott Steiner in a Bound For Glory Series match. Bully Ray used a chain and struck Steiner in the throat, but picked up seven points in the Series.

7.) Sting

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    Record: 1 - 3

    Accomplishment: Character change

    Sting has had a pretty bad month. He lost three matches, lost his World title and lost his sanity. Yes. Sting was pushed over the edge by Eric Bischoff and Mr. Anderson.

    To kick off June Sting found himself saving "EY" Eric Young from a beating at the hands of Anderson and Gunner. This would of course trigger a tag match. 

    Sting would lose the tag match for his team after getting powered down by Gunner's devastating finishing move. Sting had a strong showing at Slammiversary but he was screwed.

    Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop on Anderson, went for the pin and thought he got a three count. Eric Bischoff screwed with Sting's head and counted the third fall. Sting heard a three count but the referee only counted to two with Bischoff counting the third fall. It's hard to explain.

    Later in the match Anderson clearly low blowed Sting right in the middle of the ring and right in front of referee, Jackson James' eyes. Screw job.

    Sting lost his World title.

    On the 6/23 IMPACT Sting debuted a new character. Almost like The Joker.

    Sting attacked Eric Bischoff at the start of the show and was put in a match against Abyss. Sting lost the match by DQ when he beat down Abyss with a glove wrapped in barbed wire.

    This past Thursday, Hulk Hogan fell victim of Sting's wild antics. Sting attacked Hulk at the top of the show and was put into a match against Scott Steiner.

    Sting picked up his first win of the month on the last day of the month.

    I would've ranked Sting lower if it hadn't been for his change of gimmick. The Joker Sting is much more entertaining than classic Sting. 

6.) Devon

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    Record: 2 - 0

    Accomplishment: Defeating Samoa Joe in a BFG Series match

    Devon started his month off on the 6/16 edition of IMPACT. He was booked in a match against Hernandez.

    Devon and Hernandez had a good match but it would end up getting cut short. As Devon was going for a pin on Hernandez, the rest of Mexican America jumped in and attacked Devon giving him a win by DQ.

    The Pope came in and saved Devon from Mexican America.

    Last Thursday, Devon was booked in a Bound For Glory Series against Samoa Joe. Joe was getting to greedy and kept trying for a submission win to get 10 points. Joe could've got a pin fall numerous times but refused to get just seven points.

    Devon powered Joe down, got the pin and the seven points.

Segment of the Month

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    This backstage altercation is the official change in character for Sting.

    Great segment made by Sting and Hogan.

    Sting finally snaps. 

5.) Crimson

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    Record: 3 - 0

    Accomplishment: Defeating Samoa Joe at Slammiversary IX

    Crimson had a pretty good month. His first match (of the month) came on the first IMPACT of the month and his opponent was Matt Hardy. Crimson came out victorious and had good momentum going into the final show before Slammiversary.

    Joe and Crimson had a straight up brawl at Slammiversary. It was a really good match and Joe has proven to be Crimson's toughest challenge to date.

    Last we've seen of Crimson on IMPACT he teamed with "The Blueprint" in a BFG Series tag team match against Beer Money. Crimson and Morgan defeated the four time Tag Team Champions but Morgan secured the pin and was awarded the seven points.

    Crimson went undefeated since January and you can expect him to show up on the Top 10 Contenders for months to come.

4.) Mickie James

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    Record: 2 - 2

    Accomplishment: Successfully retained Knockouts Championship at Slammiversary IX

    The Knockouts Champion has new challengers for her gold and they are Angelina Love and Winter. 

    On the 6/9 IMPACT Mickie James was the losing member of a tag team match. Angelina Love hit her finisher on Mickie and got the win. Angelina had a post-match attack on Mickie and choked her out in the center of the ring.

    At Slammiversary Angelina Love challenged for the Knockouts Championship and just barely fell short of victory. It was a great match and Mickie retained despite interference by Winter.

    On 6/23 Mickie had a Street Fight with Winter. The fight started backstage and spilled out upon the IMPACT Zone. Mickie had the match won but it was Angelina who interfered and cost Mickie the match against Winter.

    This week, Mickie was able to survive a six Knockout elimination match. Mickie eliminated every Knockout on the opposing team, was the last member of her team standing and picked up the win.

3.) Kurt Angle

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    Record: 2 - 1

    Accomplishment(s): Defeating Jeff Jarrett in the "Final Battle" at Slammiversary IX and kicking Jarrett's ass in a parking lot brawl on the 6/16 edition of IMPACT

    Kurt has been getting screwed over by Jeff and Karen Jarrett since January of this year. On the 6/2 IMPACT Karen Jarrett accidentally fell down some stairs after a push by Kurt who was hit into her by Jeff. Sum it all up: Karen couldn't make it to Slammiversary.

    Jeff and Kurt were supposed to be wrestling a tag team match at that very moment but left their partners in the ring.

    Matt Morgan, Angle's partner, was confused about where Kurt and Jeff were going and wasn't paying attention to Scott Steiner, Jarrett's partner. Steiner low blowed Morgan from behind and got the win for his team.

    Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle would soon end their very long rivalry at Slammiversary. Two things though: 1.) It was a number one contenders match and 2.) It was for Kurt's Olympic Gold Medal.

    Kurt won the match and was the new number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship.

    The following IMPACT, Jarrett wanted one more fight with Angle. He said if he lost he'd move to Mexico. Angle accepted and the two met in a parking lot brawl.

    Angle beat Jarrett in the brawl and forced Jeff to go to Mexico.

    We last seen Kurt this past Thursday. Angle saved Sting from a beat down by Immortal.

2.) Mr. Anderson

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    Record: 2 - 2

    Accomplishment: Winning the Heavyweight Championship at Slammiversary

    Mr. Anderson was mocking/impersonating Sting for late May and early June. Anderson wanted to reenact a match Sting once had against The Great Muta. Anderson had Eric Young dress like Muta and they had a match.

    Eric Young defeated Anderson.

    The following week Anderson and Gunner defeated Sting and Eric Young. A few days before Slammiversary.

    At Slammiversary, Anderson was basically given the title by Bischoff (see Sting's slide) but refuses to give Bischoff any credit. Anderson became a two time World Heavyweight Champion.

    The IMPACT following Slammiversay, Anderson threw himself a party. Anderson said he didn't need any help in his victory. Gunner objected.

    Later in the night Gunner defeated World Champion, Ken Anderson.

    Anderson hasn't wrestled since losing to Gunner.

1.) Gunner

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    Record: 3 - 0

    Accomplishment: Defeated three World Heavyweight Champions

    Gunner has been on fire for all of June. Since losing the TV title in late May, Gunner has been on a rampage.

    On 6/2 after Anderson lost to Eric Young, Gunner planned a postmatch attack. Anderson and Gunner beat down EY until Sting made the save.

    The final IMPACT before Slammiversary Gunner secured a clean pin fall victory on, world champion at the time, Sting.

    The next week Gunner defeated current World Champion, Mr. Anderson cleanly.

    This past Thursday, Gunner and AJ Styles had a great match. A BFG Series match. Gunner beat former World Champion AJ Styles, cleanly.

    Gunner has been on a big winning streak. He's defeated three World Champions in one month. Sting, Anderson and AJ Styles all fell victim to Gunner.

    Gunner also currently leads the pack in the BFG Series with 21 points.

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