IMPACT Wrestling: 26 Wrestlers I'd Love to See Return

Charlie GSenior Writer IAugust 4, 2011

IMPACT Wrestling: 26 Wrestlers I'd Love to See Return

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    Since it's inception over nine years ago, there's been countless wrestlers that have come and gone from the wrestling organization formerly known as Total Nonstop Action.

    Some of those wrestlers found great success and some just had to move on and find their niche elsewhere.

    Us fans didn't care about some wrestlers who were on their way out. Examples can be Orlando Jordan, Tommy Dreamer, Raven and many more.

    On the other side of things, there are wrestlers that the fans wish could stay for an eternity. Examples are Christian Cage, Low Ki, Bobby Lashely and many more.

    This is a slideshow for 26 wrestlers that I wish could some day return, under contract, to IMPACT Wrestling.

1) Petey Williams

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    Tenure: 2004-2009

    The day "Maple Leaf Muscle" returns is the day the X Division can be taken seriously again.

    Petey Williams, in my mind, was one of the most talented guys on the TNA roster during his tenure with the company.

    Petey is and was a great addition to the X Division.

    His front flip pile driver, The Canadian Destroyer, is easily one of my favorite finishing moves of all time.

    Petey had a certain flow in everyone of his matches. He rolled through with his hurricanranas to perfection and can either be a fan favorite babyface or an arrogant heel.

    Petey Williams is my favorite on this slideshow to return to IMPACT Wrestling.

    You can try to replicate Petey Williams but you certainly can't duplicate "The Maple Leaf Muscle."

2) Jay Lethal

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    Tenure: 2005-2011

    What a surprise.

    Jay Lethal being randomly released after a good feud with Fortune. Great.

    Lethal is still young (26) and is a record tying, six time X Division Champion. Lethal proved that he can hang with the big dogs with victories over guys like Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Desmond Wolfe and many more.

    Just when everyone thought Lethal would receive a massive push, he sinks back to the X Division and gets sparingly put on TV.

    After Lockdown, Lethal's gone.

    Jay Lethal was/is one of those X Division underdogs that would've been able to stay above water in the main event. There's very few people that can transition from main event to X Division but I think Jay Lethal could've been that guy.

3) Sonjay Dutt

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    Tenure: 2004-2009

    Just like Williams and Lethal, Dutt was an awesome talent to have in the X Division.

    People can say that Sonjay Dutt was just a spot monkey. If there were no high flying spots in the X Division, would it still be the same division we all once loved? 


    That's why the division needs "spot monkeys." Guys who go above and beyond to put on a show.

    Sonjay could really fly around the ring during his tenure. He's only 29 and has never won the X Division title in his career.

    Sonjay Dutt was one of the best X Division athletes to ever step foot in the ring but a terrible gimmick is what killed his career.

    I want to see Sonjay Dutt return no strings attached, no labels and no stupid gimmicks.

4) & 5) Generation Me

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    Tenure: 2009-2011

    Generation Me asked for their release from IMPACT Wrestling.

    They said that they felt misused. They wanted to be tag team champions. It took the Motorcity Machine Guns like five years to become tag champions!

    I'd love to see Max and Jeremy Buck return because they are the only X Division team that can hang with the Guns.

    MCMG and GenMe put on some of the greatest tag team matches in TNA/IMPACT Wrestling history.

    Whether it's Max, Jeremy or both of them, they'd be a great addition to the Tag Team division or the X Division.

6) Zema Ion

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    Tenure: 2 matches in 2011

    Granted he only competed twice in the company, I'm still a fan!

    I was impressed with both of his matches and wish he could become a full time member of the IMPACT roster.

    Zema has a look about him that just screams out championship material. He is a good young talent and looks like he can be a good cocky heel.

    Some people don't like Zema Ion that much but I'd love to see him get a contract.

7) Jack Evans

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    Tenure: 2004, 2011

    Jack Evans can almost defy gravity.

    He was already over with the crowd the minute he stepped through the curtain and into the IMPACT Zone. 

    Evans described himself as "watching a video game character in real life" and he can back that up. He pulls off moves that other guys can only dream of.

    He is one of the fastest and most agile X Division guys I've ever seen and his finishing 630 Splash is something unrealistic.

    IMPACT officials would be stupid to let Jack Evans slip from their grip.

8) Consequences Creed

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    Tenure: 2007-2010

    Creed was easily one of the most over guys in the X Division. 

    Creed had all the abilities to succeed. He was one of the most popular guys in the division and the most deserving of a title reign.

    For some reason, Creed was released.

    Now he's in WWE's developmental territory, FCW.

    Consequences Creed was one of the best X Division stars that never held the strap.

9) Federico Palacios

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    Tenure: 2011

    Federico Palacios, also known as Azrieal, only wrestled one match in IMPACT but I like him. He was in a close match with two other great guys—Zema Ion and Dakota Darsow.

    If IMPACT officials wanted to reinvest in the X Division they can't go wrong with Azrieal.

    Azrieal has the experience and look of a champion, he just needs a chance to prove it.

10) Roxxi

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    Tenure: 2007-2009

    Now onto the ladies of TNA/IMPACT. First up is Roxxi.

    She has been in, out and all around TNA. Constantly coming and going. Staying just to leave.

    Roxxi was never really given a real chance in TNA. She is arguably one of the hardest workers to ever be given a Knockouts contract.

    She left it all in the ring.

    Blood, sweat, tears, hell she even left her hair in the ring.

    Roxxi has been in and out of TNA on four separate occasions.

    She was let go in 2009 after a backstage altercation with Rhaka Khan. She returned in Spetember of the same year for only a one night stint.

    Roxxi returned in 2010 but broke her ankle in two places during a match and would later be released. She once again returned and beat Knockouts Champion, Madison Rayne. She earned a title match at Slammiversary VIII but was forced to put her career on the line. She lost and she was gone again.

    Roxxi's final appearance, she was seen accepting an open challenge by Madison Rayne earlier this year.

    Correction. She's been in and out of TNA five times.

    I don't think Roxxi was given a proper chance to prove herself. She's a good in-ring competitor and can make an impact if given the chance.

11) Sojo Bolt

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    Tenure: 2008-2009

    Bolt was a member of the Kongtourage during her tenure with TNA.

    I thought Bolt looked to have a promising future. She had good in-ring skills and was good enough on the mic.

    I think it was just another case of not being given a proper chance.

    Sojo Bolt was a great heel Knockout. I think she has all the proper tools to succeed in any wrestling organization.

12) Alissa Flash

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    Tenure: 2008-2009, 2011

    Alissa Flash, also known as Cheerleader Melissa, would also fit under the category of not given a chance.

    During her time in TNA, Flash was almost like a jobber for other Knockouts.

    Her other character, Raisha Saeed, was more successful and she hardly wrestled under that name. She was Awesome Kong's manager.

    "The Future Legend" Alissa Flash was upset with her losing streak to foreign talents such as Sarita and Hamada. Flash attacked Hamada but never got a win over her.

    Flash asked for her release from TNA but it wouldn't be the last time we've she her.

    Flash returned in 2011 for one night in a squash match against Madison Rayne.

    Alissa Flash is one of the hottest female wrestlers in the Indy Circuit today. Flash could get it done in the ring but wasn't given a chance in TNA. Under the name Cheerleader Melissa, she's known as a top female wrestler.

    Under the name Alissa Flash, she was just a jobber in TNA.

    I think TNA should correct the mistake they made with Alissa Flash.

13) Gail Kim

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    Tenure: 2005-2008

    Ah, Gail Kim.

    One of the original TNA Knockouts and the inaugural Knockouts Champion.

    Gail was the centerpiece of the Knockouts Division when it first started back in 2007. Gail was the top dog in the Knockouts. She can arguably be called the greatest Knockout in TNA history.

    Anyone who knows about Gail's tenure in TNA should also know about her awesome feud with Awesome Kong. It was your typical David vs. Goliath story but it produced some of the best Knockout matches TNA has ever seen.

    Gail Kim paved the way for the Knockouts Division. She set the bar for the Knockouts. They weren't just pretty faces. They had to know their way around the ropes and Gail set and raised the bar in that sense.

    Gail Kim is a great addition to any roster.

    I'd love to see Gail Kim leave WWE and return to a place where women's wrestling actually matters.

    I'd love to see Gail Kim take back what she started—The Knockouts Championship.

14) Awesome Kong

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    Tenure: 2007-2010

    Awesome Kong is another woman that can be attributed with raising the bar for Knockouts today. She can also be called one of the best Knockouts TNA has ever signed. She was definitely the most dominant Knockout in history.

    Now, a return to TNA seems unrealistic because she is signed to WWE.

    Her name in WWE is Kharma, but she was last seen as a face announcing her pregnancy and vowing to destroy the Bella Twins.

    Kong used to be the longest reigning Knockouts Champion but that record was quickly erased shortly after internet rumors about her WWE signing.

    Awesome Kong would definitely be welcomed back to IMPACT Wrestling.

    Who doesn't want to see her square off with Mickie James, Tara, Winter, ODB, Angelina Love, or Madison Rayne?

15) Taylor Wilde

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    Tenure: 2008-2010

    Taylor Wilde was definitely one of my favorite Knockouts of all time.

    For two reasons. 

    1) She was good in the ring

    2) She is hot!

    Taylor Wilde had a good tenure in TNA. She captured the Knockouts title from Awesome Kong and even won the Knockouts Tag Team titles with Sarita and Hamada.

    Taylor Wilde was a great in-ring talent. She'd be ranked pretty high in my book of Best Knockouts in TNA History.

    I loved watching Taylor Wilde more than watching any other Knockouts for some reason. I found her in-ring work fun to watch and very entertaining.

    Unfortunately, she's engaged...oh and she's also retired from professional wrestling!

    She's only 25 years old but decided to call it a career.

    If she ever decided to lace up her boots again I'd be anticipating a match and hoping for an IMPACT Wrestling contract.

16) James Mitchell

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    Tenure: 2002-2008

    Okay, so the Knockouts part of the slideshow is over. I know the title says, "Wrestlers" but I'm going to make an exception for James Mitchell.

    Does any other TNA fan miss the evil tactics by James Mitchell?

    I'm throwing Mitchell into the mix for two reasons but I'll only talk about one for the time being.

    Does anyone think "The Monster" in Abyss is alive and well? I think not. I think "The Monster" in Abyss is asleep and waiting for something to wake him up.

    "The Monster" has been put to rest back in 2007-2010. 

    I feel that "The Monster" left Abyss during his feud with James Mitchell in 2007 and continued to slowly leave as he became tag partners with Matt Morgan and friends with Hulk Hogan.

    I think "The Monster" came back in 2010 but only for a very short time.

    "The Monster" came back after he attacked Mr. Anderson, Jeff Hardy, RVD and Hulk Hogan. Abyss was a monster again but only until Immortal was revealed. Now he's their henchman and losing to X Division guys.

    I want James Mitchell to return in hopes of bringing out "The Monster" in Abyss. I want to see the Abyss of 2003-2005. James Mitchell maybe the only guy to bring that Abyss back.

17) Lance Hoyt

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    Tenure: 2004-2009

    I added Lance Hoyt to the list for reasons similar to that of Tomko.

    Hoyt can be a big powerhouse and should be re-signed now more than ever because of the TV title. Lance Hoyt can be either a strong champion or challenger.

    I'd love to see Hoyt as Television Champion.

    Imagine feuds between him and guys like Crimson, Gunner, Murphy, Devon, Steiner, Eric Young, Tomko and plenty more.

    Lance Hoyt is a great wrestler but his potential has been wasted in his last few days in TNA and WWE.

    They put Hoyt in a tag team, something I don't think Hoyt fits into very well.

    I want to see Lance Hoyt return to TNA because he can be a strong upper mid-card challenger.

18) Judas Mesias

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    Tenure: 2007-2008

    Time to talk about that second reason why I want James Mitchell back as I previously stated.

    Judas Mesias debuted in TNA because of Mitchell. Mesias was a tool in manipulating Abyss and trying to lure "The Monster" out of him.

    Judas Mesias was also pretty hardcore. Not as hardcore as Abyss, but he wasn't afraid of some barbed wire.

    Mesias was a pretty cool character. He was like James Mitchell's new monster. Mesias would come to the ring and before a match, spit blood out of his mouth.

    Mesias was a pretty scary looking guy and was the perfect counterpart to Abyss.

    If Mesias returns, he absolutely has to bring James Mitchell with him. He needs a manager.

    Mesias can either be used as a tool in reviving "The Monster" in Abyss or be a credible threat to the Television title.

    Use your imagination again and think of Mesias feuding with guys like Lance Hoyt, Tomko, Gunner, Crimson, Devon, Abyss, Murphy, Steiner and many more.

    He can be another strong, upper mid-card kind of guy.

19) Rellik

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    Tenure: 2007-2008

    Another monster that was managed by James Mitchell. 


    Rellik was a cool character played by Johnny The Bull from WCW, WWF and WWE.

    I liked the Rellik character. I want to see another monster heel in IMPACT Wrestling. Whether it's Abyss, Judas Mesias or Rellik.

    Rellik was partnered up with Black Reign (A.K.A. Goldust) but that team never took off.

    Rellik is another guy that can be a strong mid-card wrestler. 

20) Tomko

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    Tenure: 2006-2008, 2009-2010

    Remember Tomko?

    In TNA he was the powerhouse of the "Christian Coalition" and the "Angle Alliance."

    Tomko and his tag team partner at the time, AJ Styles, used to hold the record for longest reigning tag team champions at 184 days until Beer Money snapped their record.

    Tomko was a strong, good in-ring competitor. IMPACT should sign him now more than ever because he can either be a great Television Champion and challenger.

    Tomko could be a better choice for the BFG Series rather than Scott Steiner or Devon.

21) Homicide

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    Tenure: 2005-2010

    Homicide, what a character.

    Homicide is a former Tag Team Champion and X Division Champion.

    It makes more sense than ever to re-sign Homicide right now.

    IMPACT Wrestling officials are looking to revamp the X Division and last I checked, Homicide is an X Division athlete and former champion.

    There's also the Mexican America stable parading around cutting boring promos and being too repetitive for anyone's tastes. Last I checked, Homicide was in a tag team with Mexican America's leader, Hernandez.

    Signing Homicide makes too much sense.

    They want to revamp the X Division?

    Is Homicide a good fit for Mexican America?

22) Kevin Nash

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    Tenure: 2004-2010

    Yes, I included Kevin Nash in this list.

    I want to see Kevin Nash wrestle at least one more match in IMPACT Wrestling.

    You can say that Nash is too old but he's 52 years old. The same age as current Heavyweight Champion, Sting.

    Kevin Nash would be a good manager role or tag partner to help younger guys and occasional singles wrestler.

    I want to see one more Jackknife powerbomb and one more match by Kevin Nash!

23) Booker T

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    Tenure: 2007-2009

    Booker T, the inaugural Legends Champion. We can thank him for the current Television Championship.

    Like Kevin Nash, I miss Booker T in action.

    I miss seeing Booker as a heel with his axe kick and whatnot.

    I liked Booker's feud with Bobby Roode and Samoa Joe and I feel many more feuds could've been produced using Booker T.

24) Monty Brown

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    Tenure: 2002-2006

    Anyone who reads my weekly IMPACT reviews should've seen this one coming.

    I muscle in a mention of "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown in almost all of my weekly reviews.

    Monty Brown is another top guy I wish would return to TNA. He can cut a good promo, had the gimmick, the look and in-ring skill of a champion.

    Monty Brown is one of the most entertaining guys in my opinion.

    I'd love to see "The Alpha Male" return and deliver his signature, POOOOUNCE! AGHH!

25) Christian Cage

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    Tenure: 2005-2008

    Christian Cage can be argued as TNA's greatest sign.

    He and Kurt Angle have helped TNA in many ways.

    Christian is easily one of the most entertaining guys in the business today. He can cut a promo, work his way around a mic and deliver a great match when called upon.

    Christian Cage made for a great World Champion during his time with the company.

    It may never happen again, but I think Christian returning to TNA would be a sight worth seeing.

26.) Amazing Red

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    Tenure: 2002-2005, 2009-2011

    This is a special addition to the original 25 Wrestlers I wish would return to TNA.

    Amazing Red, multi-time X Division Champion parted ways with the organization today after Red was told that creative had "nothing for him."

    How stupid can TNA be?

    They want to "revamp" the X Division but then they drop one of the best in Amazing Red.

    What a f*ucking joke.

    TNA released Jay Lethal, Max Buck, Jeremy Buck and now Amazing Red.

    Doesn't sound like a lot of revamping but mere destruction.

    Who wants to bet on who's out the door next?

    Note to TNA: Way to sh*t where you eat, you idiots.

    Also, pull your head outta Hogan's ass.

Honorable Mention

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    Bobby Lashley:


    Lashley is quite the powerhouse wrestler.

    He should've been WWE Champion at least once during his time in WWE but never was. He then debuted in TNA.

    Lashley had wins over some of the best in TNA. Kurt Angle, Sting, Samoa Joe, et cetera.

    The one mistake was Bobby Lashley as a heel. He couldn't work the mic as a face that well so why make him heel?

    Luckily for Lashley, his wife did all the talking when they were heel.

    Bobby Lashley asked for his release so he can focus on an MMA career.

    I wouldn't be so thrilled if Lashley comes back but it'd be cool to see.




    Daffney can arguably be called one of the most misused Knockouts in TNA history.

    She is a great talent but TNA refused to use her to her fullest potential.

    Daffney making a return is highly unlikely considering the fact that she has filed a worker's compensation claim against TNA.


    Anthony Nese & Jesse Sorensen:


    Both guys competed in the Destination X qualifying tournament in July of this year. These two guys competed against each other and Jack Evans who eventually won the match.

    I was impressed with both of these young X Division guys and think that they proved that they have what it takes to help the X Division.


    Mick Foley:


    Like Nash's and Booker's slides, I miss Foley in TNA.

    I actually liked it when he was Legends Champion and World Champion.

    His match with Sting at Lockdown for the World title and hardcore match with Ric Flair on IMPACT were great matches that everyone thought would fail.

    I miss "The Hardcore Legend."

    I want one more match.


    Ron Killings:


    Currently known as R-Truth is Ron "The Truth" Killings.

    I think Killings back in TNA is unlikely but would be cool. Same story as Christian.

    Killings can either be a TV Champion or World Champion. Killings is a good in-ring worker and a veteran.


    Elix Skipper:


    Elix Skipper was one hell of an X Division talent.

    He made one of the most incredible spots I've ever seen in a cage match.

    He's a four time Tag Champion, produced a match of the year, moment of the year and is a TNA World X Cup winner.

    I'd like to see Skipper return even if it's only for one night only.