IMPACT Wrestling: 10 Bold Predictions for Destination X

Charlie GSenior Writer IJuly 8, 2011

IMPACT Wrestling: 10 Bold Predictions for Destination X

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    For the record: I have missed the past three weeks of IMPACT reviews. I will be returning to the reviewing next week following the Mid-Summer Nightmare. What draws my attention is the current increase in IMPACT reviews...interesting. So look for my take of the show next week.

    IMPACT Wrestling presents a pay-per-view specially devoted to the past, present and future athletes of the X Division. That pay-per-view event will be held in Universal Studios Orlando, Florida.

    A pay-per-view just for the X Division sounds convincing but if you're not entirely sold on the pay-per-view I'd recommend checking out the match card.

    This pay-per-view, in my opinion, has the potential of being the best pay-per-view of the year.

    Here are my 10 predictions for the event.

    Side note: I will post my usual pay-per-view predictions on Saturday. Be sure to check those out too.

Samoa Joe's Losing Streak Will Continue

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    When was the last time Samoa Joe got a victory?

    Anyone know?

    Off the top of my head I can safely say a month or two ago. Remember he beat Amazing Red in a squash match before Slammiversary.

    I don't know why but Joe has been on a big-time losing streak. He couldn't buy a win.

    He lost in the first BFG Series match against RVD and lost another BFG Series match last week to Devon.

    In the last three months I think it is safe to say that Samoa Joe has only won two matches.

    Lockdown 2011 and the squash match against Red.

    What'll make Destination X different? 


    I expect Samoa Joe to lose to Kazarian. 

    This loss will send Joe into a fit of rage, possibly attack Kazarian and elongate their feud or this loss will cause a change in character to that of Samoa Joe.

    Whatever the deal is, Joe can not win.

A Former X Division Talent Will Return for One Night to Wrestle Doug Williams

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    Well, this is a gimme'.

    After watching IMPACT Douglas Williams plans on issuing an open challenge to any X Division talent.

    I expect a former talent to return and have a good ole' face vs. face match that'll make the fans happy.

    Why will it be a former X Division star?

    Let me walk you through my method thinking. My train of thought if you will.

    There's roughly 15 to 17 X Division style wrestlers on the roster. AJ Styles, Alex Shelley, Amazing Red, Brian Kendrick, Chris Sabin, Christopher Daniels, Douglas Williams, Jesse Neal, Jeremy Buck, Kazarian, Max Buck, Robbie E, Sangriento, Shannon Moore and Suicide.

    Nine of those listed are currently booked in a match at Destination X. Two of those listed are injured. That leaves us with Max and Jeremy Buck and Suicide (depending on who's under the mask. Sangriento is played by Amazing Red). Max and Jeremy have had little to no TV time in recent weeks.

    See what I'm saying?

    Almost everyone is busy come Destination X except for the irrelevant, but exciting, Buck brothers.

    I firmly believe an old star may step foot in a six-sided ring once again.

    Question is: Who will it be?

Zema Ion Will Not Win the IMPACT Contract

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    As much as I like him, Zema Ion just does not add up to Austin Aries, Low Ki and Jack Evans.

    Aries, Low Ki and Evans have been wrestling for 10-plus years. 

    Popularity wise, I don't think many fans will enjoy seeing Zema Ion win over his experienced opponents. If you watch all four Destination X qualifying matches you'll see what I mean.

    The crowd clearly wanted Aries to win his match. The crowd clearly got behind Low Ki during his match. The crowd ate up all of the flips and insane moves Jack Evans cooked up.

    Zema Ion was just mixed in the shuffle during his match.

    Aries, Low Ki and Evans were clear-cut winners from the start.

    I was more impressed with Zema's opponent, Dakota Darsow, than Zema himself.

    Zema Ion would be the wrong choice in this star-studded Ultimate X. 

Robbie E Will Not Become the No. 1 Contender to the X Division Title

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    Don't get me wrong, I love my dude from The Shore, Robbie E.

    The look, mic skills and in-ring ability he has are championship material.

    The only fault in him is what little TV time he gets. I'm not convinced that he or Shannon Moore will win this match because of the fact that they have not been on TV in weeks, maybe months.

    Robbie calls himself the "Face of the X Division" and the "Face of IMPACT Wrestling." That's hard to do when you're not on TV for a few months.

Alex Shelley Will Become No. 1 Contender

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    I already said that Robbie is almost destined for defeat. The same can't be said for Alex Shelley however.

    Shelley and Red are my two favorites in this match but in the end, I pick Alex Shelley.

    Alex Shelley is the biggest star in the X Division. He can work the mic and bring it in the ring. He is really over with the fans and is an obvious favorite.

    As much as I'd like to see Kendrick vs. Red again, I think Kendrick vs. Shelley would be better.

    Alex Shelley also said that he has the most experience coming into the Ultimate X and has been trained by another top X Division talent and his tag-team partner, Chris Sabin.

Brian Kendrick Will Be the New X Division Champion

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    Let me start by saying, Abyss' time as X Division Champion is over.

    He's been champion for roughly two months now and has only defended the belt two times.

    Once on IMPACT against Kendrick and again at Slammiversary.

    Abyss as X Division Champion is boring to me. He clearly doesn't fit the X Division image. The idea of killing the X Division with Abyss as champion was a good idea but soon Bischoff had the scrap that plan because a certain somebody quit (Mick Foley).

    Upon Foley leaving it was up to Bischoff, the man who just tried to kill the X Division by making Abyss champion to try to revamp it.

    Abyss, your time is up.

The Ultimate X Match for the Contract Will Be the Closest Match of the Night

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    Who do you, the reader, want to win this match?

    A.) Zema Ion

    B.) Jack Evans

    C.) Low Ki

    D.) Austin Aries

    If you can answer within 10 seconds you are either A.) a mark or B.) crazy.

    To me this is too tough to call. 

    You have former X Division talent Low Ki and former ROH World Champion, Austin Aries with a man who can defy gravity. Jack Evans.

    Low Ki's move set is too repetitive for my tastes.

    Kick, kick, kick, stomp, pin, repeat, kick, etc.

    This one comes down to the wire between Austin Aries and Jack Evans.

    Can't there be a screw job ending where both, Aries and Evans pull down the contract at the same time?!

RVD Wins in a Very Competitive Match

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    The four corners match on IMPACT was a great preview of Destination X.

    AJ Styles, Daniels, RVD and Jerry Lynn proved why this pay-per-view maybe worth a buy.

    RVD vs. Lynn should be a very competitive match and I see RVD getting the win but both guys showing a mutual respect after the match.

AJ Styles Wins in Possibly the Match of the Night

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    AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

    Two top names that shaped what the X Division is today.

    I predict this match to be the match of the night.

    (With RVD vs. Lynn a close second and the contract match in there too.)

    AJ and Daniels, two "real-life'"best friends and they are ready to throw down one more time.

    Destination X:

    AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

Christopher Daniels Turns Heel

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    Following the very close match between AJ and Daniels I suspect a heel turn.

    This past week I think Daniels hinted at that turn.

    He said, "Since my [Daniels'] return to TNA, I've [Daniels] have felt overshadowed."

    Daniels even spoke of how AJ has achieved more in his career than Daniels did in his own. Daniels video package made him look and sound jealous of AJ's accomplishments and success.

    I agree with Daniels.

    The Fallen Angel has fell once more but not a single person acknowledges his presence?

    Daniels is the ultimate rival for AJ Styles in my opinion and I'm looking to see if there's going to be a post match attack on the Phenomenal One.

    And an official heel turn for the Fallen Angel.

The End

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    Don't forget to check out Destination X this Sunday July 10, 2011!

    The card is stacked and fully devoted to what TNA does best: The X Division.


    I know I'm going to buy it.

    Full Predictions out sometime tomorrow!

    Mid-Summer Nightmare review next week!

    Buy this pay-per-view and watch IMPACT Wrestling!

    'Til next time, 'til death do us part, whatever floats your boat, I'm Charlie Groenewegen and good night!