Hardcore Justice 2011: Full Card and Predictions

Charlie GSenior Writer IAugust 6, 2011

Hardcore Justice 2011: Full Card and Predictions

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    IMPACT Wrestling presents Hardcore Justice LIVE on pay-per-view from Universal Studios Orlando, Florida.

    There are nine matches announced for this blockbuster pay-per-view event. Five of those nine matches will be championship matches. Two of those nine matches will be Bound For Glory Series matches.

    The World Heavyweight Championship, Tag Team Championships, X Division Championship, Knockouts Championship and Knockouts Tag Team Championships will all be contested for.

    Hardcore Justice has the look to be pay-per-view of the year.

    IMPACT Wrestling's top notch stars will be on the show such as Kurt Angle, Sting, AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson, Abyss, Bully Ray, Mickie James, Beer Money, Alex Shelley and plenty more!

BFG Series Match: The Pope vs. Devon

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    This has been a strange story line.

    Pope likes to hang out with Devon's family, but Devon doesn't approve. Now they collide in the ring.

    Pope is in second to last in the BFG Series with a small 10 points. On the other hand, Devon is tied for fourth with 28 points.

    That answers my question of who should win.

    I think Pope is going to beat Devon. Well, he should anyways.

    Pope will defeat Devon, offer a handshake but Devon will swat Pope's hand away to the dissatisfaction of his kids.

    Pope and Devon's story will continue after Sunday.

    Winner: The Pope

BFG Series Match: RVD vs. Crimson

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    This should be a good match.

    No. 1 in the BFG Series, Crimson vs. No. 2 in the BFG Series, RVD.

    Crimson still has his undefeated streak going into this match.

    I think Crimson's undefeated streak will continue after this Sunday. Look for Crimson to hit his finisher on RVD for seven points.

    Winner: Crimson

Knockouts Tag Titles Match: Sarita & Rosita vs. Tara & Miss Tessmacher

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    I think the ladies of Mexican America will regain their championships this Sunday.


    Madison Rayne isn't booked and her rival, Tara, is.

    Tara and Tessmacher should be dominating most of the match until Madison comes down last second after a ref bump or distraction and costs Tara the match.

    Madison costing Tara the match will add some much needed fuel to their fire, or feud.

    Winners: New champions, Sarita and Rosita

Knockouts Title Match: Winter vs. Mickie James

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    Mickie James as Knockouts Champion simply isn't working out.

    She hardly wrestles on IMPACT. No, she hardly appears on IMPACT and when she does it's to either cut a promo or join the commentators.

    Mickie James is the complete opposite of a "fighting champion" in my opinion.

    Winter also has Angelina Love in her corner.

    A former five-time Knockouts Champion and Winter's recently found best friend.

    Angelina and Winter were in separate roles at Slammiversary IX and they almost won the match. I'm just hoping that this time around they'll get it right.

    Winner: New champion, Winter

Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson

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    This is an interesting matchup.

    Before this past week, I thought for sure Anderson and/or Bully Ray would run in on the Angle vs. Sting match. Now they're opponents.

    Bully Ray and Anderson are both in Immortal but haven't been getting along.

    I like Bully Ray more than I like Anderson. This is a tough call but I'm going to choose who I like more. Bully Ray.

    Remember Slammiversary IX? Nobody expected Bully Ray to beat AJ? He did.

    I'm getting ready to expect the unexpected and that's Bully Ray expanding his pay-per-view win streak.

    It may not be a clean win over Anderson but expect Bully Ray to leave Hardcore Justice as the victor.

    The end of the match won't go over with Mr. Anderson so well and he may just attack or walk out on Bully Ray.

    Bully Ray wins, Anderson leaves Immortal by the end of the night.

    Winner: Bully Ray

    Anderson isn't such a stable guy. He plays the lone wolf character very well.

Fortune vs. Immortal

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    This seems completely one sided.

    AJ, Daniels and Kazarian have a shared 15 X Division Championship reigns together. AJ is a former World Champion and TV Champion. Every man has past experience with the Tag Team Championships.

    I expect AJ, Daniel and Kazarian to win but with the way AJ and Daniels have been acting I can't safely say that Fortune will win.

    This can end one of two ways.

    1.) Fortune beats Immortal just like that.

    2.) Daniels causes AJ and Kazarian to lose. Daniels is too paranoid about getting an answer out of Styles and may distract him long enough for Kazarian to lose the match.

    In the end I'm going to choose option No. 2 just to push this AJ/Daniels thing going on.

    Winners: Immortal

X Division Title Match: Austin Aries vs. Alex Shelley vs. Brian Kendrick

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    Austin Aries and Alex Shelley are two of my favorite guys on the IMPACT roster. Then there's Brian Kendrick.

    Aries and Shelley are great all-around talents. Then there's Kendrick.

    Aries and Shelley know their way around a mic. Then there's Kendrick.

    I expect this match to be like the three way at Slammiversary IX. 

    At Slammiversary, Kazarian and Kendrick teamed up against "The Monster" Abyss. I think Shelley and Kendrick will team up against Aries because he's the only heel in the match.

    Aries will be the punching bag for both guys until they fight over a pin fall.

    I think Aries may drop Shelley with a Brain Buster or some sort of weapon to further push the "dirtiest player in the X Division" thing going on.

    Kendrick comes out of nowhere and steals one.

    Winner: Still champion, Brian Kendrick

    I wish Kendrick can just roll over and drop the belt on one of these guys. Aries and Shelley can be the faces of the X Division and have an awesome one-on-one feud.

Tag Team Title Match: Mexican America vs. Beer Money

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    Beer Money have been champions since January 9, 2011.

    They've held the belts for 200 plus days. That's a long time.

    Here's to them being champions until next January, right?

    I really hope Beer Money retains because I do not want to see Hernandez and Anarquia become Tag Team Champions.

    Hernandez and Anarquia aren't as good as Beer Money nor will they ever be.

    Neither guy can cut a decent promo as they just rant about the same thing week in and week out.

    Who really wants to see Mexican America as Tag Champions?

    Beer Money looks like an easy target with Storm's back injury and Sarita and Rosita potentially in Mexican America's corner.

    Winners: Still champions, Beer Money (I hope)

World Heavyweight Championship: Kurt Angle vs. Sting

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    They have given this match so much build. I just hope it doesn't end with a run-in, disqualification, count out or anything but a pin fall or submission.

    I don't like Sting as World Champion and think he needs to focus on Hogan and Bischoff.

    I hope Kurt Angle beats Sting cleanly and wins the Heavyweight Championship once again.

    The one doubt I have for Kurt winning is his Olympic training. I say hell, the Olympics don't start until what, 2012? Let's have Kurt win here and maybe drop the title at Bound For Glory depending on who wins the BFG Series.

    Kurt Angle winning the belt opens the window for the Hulk Hogan vs. Sting match that nobody's talking about or wants to see. Seriously, don't make this a match.

    This has all the making of a great match, I just pray for a clean, non controversial ending.

    Winner: New champion, Kurt Angle