WWE: 10 Superstars Who Deserve Another Chance

Charlie GSenior Writer IJune 1, 2011

WWE: 10 Superstars Who Deserve Another Chance

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    There has been countless amounts of wrestlers who have come and gone on their own terms or were simply released.

    The IWC doesn't agree every time with the WWE for releasing or firing talents.

    Recently, Hamster Fan and Ryan Frye created a new Creature vs. Creature topic. In this slideshow I will avoid including superstars chosen in the ongoing CvC contest. 

    Which superstar deserves a second chance in the WWE?

    I decided to write my article on Jeff Hardy.

    I feel like I didn't do as good as I could have. So I am looking to redeem myself with this... 


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    He is formerly known as Low Ki and/or Senshi in TNA and as Kaval in WWE.

    Kaval joined the WWE in 2008 and was a part of WWE's developmental territory, FCW.

    When WWE NXT rolled around, Kaval was selected to join the season two rookies. Kaval, obviously a fan favorite and well-known by the IWC went on the win the contest and become the newest addition to the SmackDown roster. Kaval was also granted a title match with his NXT victory.

    Kaval debuted on SmackDown still under the wing of LayCool for some reason.

    Kaval's only SmackDown win came weeks after his debut against Intercontinental Champion at the time, Dolph Ziggler.

    Following Kaval's win he used his guaranteed title match against Ziggler at Survivor Series.

    Kaval was defeated and then sparingly used on SmackDown following Survivor Series. His last WWE appearance was a match against Drew McIntyre, which ended in defeat.

    The news that shook the base of WWE came on December 23. Kaval had been released from the organization. Some Christmas present, right?

    The IWC took to the Internet to spew their negativity about WWE.

    It was soon revealed, by Kaval himself, that he had asked for his release, which WWE respectively granted.

    Still, that news would not entirely end the rage of the IWC.

    Kaval was a great talent and was arguably one of the most talented in-ring stars in WWE. 

    Kaval was told by WWE management that they had "nothing for him," which caused Kaval to ask for a release.

    Kaval deserves a second chance in WWE because he is a world class athlete. He may be small, but that doesn't mean he can't get the job done.

    Kaval didn't carry that World Champion glow about him like other NXTers, but he can certainly put on one helluva showing.

Big Daddy V

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    Big Daddy V has been around the block with WWF and WWE. You also may know Big Daddy V as Mabel or Viscera.

    If I had the chance to choose which version of Nelson Frazier, Jr. I wanted back in WWE, I would pick Big Daddy V.

    In WWE's version of ECW Big Daddy V was a force to be reckon with. Big Daddy V was the "Immovable Object" on ECW.

    V would decimate opponents as his manager, Matt Striker, watched from ringside.

    Big Daddy V was a perfect example of what WWE needs now: a monster.

    WWE has some big guys like Kane, Big Show, Great Khali and Mark Henry, but none were Big Daddy V.

    Why does Big Daddy V deserve a second chance?

    He may be what the doctor ordered for WWE: that massive monster heel.

    Big Daddy V can be the kryptonite to John Cena's Superman.

    Imagine the looks on kids' faces when they see the nearly 500-pound wrecking machine known as Big Daddy V walk down the entrance ramp and lay out their hero, John Cena. 

    Big Daddy V was a good character but was cut out far too soon. He dominated ECW and when he was sent to SmackDown via Draft, he was released for some reason. He never wrestled a day on the Blue Brand before he was sent packing.

    Big Daddy V can and will send shockwaves through the very base of the WWE if given the chance.

Caylen Croft

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    Croft is another victim of the WWE; he was simply dropped too soon.

    He debuted with Trent Baretta on ECW and together, they became the reason why I watched ECW.

    They were a young energetic tag team, much like the Major Brothers upon their debut.

    The thing that set them apart from other tag teams was that they were a legit tag team; they weren't two random guys paired together. They had chemistry and team work.

    After ECW went under, both of their careers did as well (More so Croft's than Baretta's).

    You can't have one without the other.

    Had Croft stayed, the Dude Busters would've been a top tag team in WWE.

    Croft deserves a second chance because he hardly was allowed to prove himself the first time.

Vance Archer

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    Vance Archer, or Lance Hoyt/Lance Rock for you TNA fans out there, deserves a second chance in the WWE.

    Upon debuting in ECW, Archer went undefeated and dominated his matches. Archer enrolled in a feud with Shelton Benjamin and the two exchanged victories.

    Archer would be moved to Smackdown following ECW's demise and would have to make an impact within 30 days or else he'd be released. Curt Hawkins was given the same option.

    The two teamed up and attacked several SmackDown superstars until General Manager Teddy Long felt like they made an impact.

    Sadly, it was another short-lived WWE tag team as they would soon split. Soon after their split, Archer was released from contract.

    I remember reading an interview about Archer's WWE release.

    Archer said he was upset about it and wishes to return one day. He said that he can be World Championship material if given the chance and I don't doubt him. I've been a fan of his since his TNA days and would love to see him as World champion.

    Archer has good in-ring skills and can be a real asset if booked right.

    Like Croft, Archer wasn't given a proper chance to prove himself to the WWE Universe. I would love to see Archer return and make another iMPACT!

The Boogeyman

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    Everyone remembers Boogeyman, right?

    No? Well, he's the guy who ate worms, recited nursery rhymes and bashed a large clock over his head. He's pretty hard to forget.

    The Boogeyman had one of the most entertaining gimmicks in WWE: He's the fricken Boogeyman and he's coming to get you! 

    The Boogeyman was one of the most intimidating and creepiest guys in WWE at the time. Boogeyman would scare and confuse any superstar he came in contact with.

    Boogeyman had three memorable feuds during his time in WWE:

    His first feud was against JBL and Boogeyman bit the 'growth' off Jillian Hall's face. Another feud he had was with Booker T and Sharmell. Boogeyman would stalk them and abduct Sharmell, which led to a WrestleMania match.

    Boogeyman's last memorable feud was with Finlay and Hornswoggle. Finlay ended Boogeyman's streak with help of Hornswoggle and the two began a feud. To counteract Hornswoggle, you may remember that Boogeyman brought in Little Boogeyman.

    The bad thing about Boogeyman is that he was injured a lot.

    Boogeyman's match at WrestleMania against Booker T was short because Boogeyman wrestled injured. Boogeyman was also injured in a match against Big Daddy V on ECW and sidelined for some time.

    So Boogeyman may not be so reliable in the ring because of his past injuries, but imagine segments with The Boogeyman in WWE today?

    Imagine Boogeyman and Santino hanging out together.

    WWE can make Boogeyman a comedian-type face, like Santino, or the PG era may be the perfect place for the Boogeyman to twist his gimmick. Make him a heel and terrify the children in the crowd.

    Boogeyman needs a second chance because his character was very entertaining and he was damn good at it. Where else will you find a guy willing to eat worms and hit himself with a clock?

Kenny Dykstra

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    Kenny Dykstra is a former male cheerleader who had an on going feud with D Generation-X.

    The Spirit Squad was a stupid idea and good idea at the same time.

    It was stupid because five male cheerleaders? Really?

    It was good because we got Dolph Ziggler and Kenny Dykstra for a little bit.

    The Spirit Squad ended after DX put all five members in a crate labeled OVW, the development territory they came from.

    However, that didn't stop Kenny.

    Kenny reinvented himself as Kenny Dykstra with a new attire and theme song.

    Kenny took an interest to Rated RKO and wanted in but had to prove himself. Kenny defeated "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair.

    Dykstra moved to Smackdown via WWE Draft and found nothing for him on the Blue Brand. Dykstra wasn't used for most of 2008 and when he came back to TV he put up a good show against Triple H in a losing effort.

    Kenny deserves another chance because he can be the total package. He seemed to be the leader of the Spirit Squad and was one of the in-ring best in the faction.

    Dykstra didn't get to fully showcase his skills as a singles wrestler because of how he was sparingly used on SmackDown.

    I think Kenny would be an excellent fit in WWE today, especially with their youth movement. Kenny can be made into a superstar if given a proper chance and some more training.

    I always thought Kenny would be a rising star after the demise of the Spirit Squad. I was mistaken. 

Kevin Thorn

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    Kevin Thorn was a young talent on the ECW brand.

    Thorn debuted with Aerial, his assistant and other vampire half. He was a dominant force in ECW.

    I thought Thorn would eventually defeat CM Punk and claim the ECW title as his own, but I was wrong. I had pretty high expectations for Thorn, and he was another big reason why I watched SciFi on Tuesday nights.

    Kevin Thorn's first appearance in WWE wasn't as Kevin Thorn but as Mordecai. A strange man who dressed in all white and wanted to rid the world of sin. That didn't work out so well and he was released. A few years later he is reborn as Kevin Thorn.

    I thought Thorn had a promising future, but his vampire gimmick couldn't live forever. Thorn was sent to the minor leagues in 2007. While in OVW, the WWE offered him a contract (again), which he surprisingly denied. WWE then announced that he had been released.

    Thorn was a big man with good in ring skills, a good manager who drew heat and a pretty cool gimmick.

    I think Thorn deserves another chance because he can be a good asset to the WWE. He was good in ECW but went downhill for some reason. I think he could've made for a solid mid-card champion.

    Thorn has been taking strides in appearing on TV again. He wrestled a try-out match for TNA in 2009 but was never taken in.

    Right now he is the reigning Frontier Elite Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.

Matt Hardy

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    Sure, you can make your Matt Hardy jokes.

    Fatt Lardy, Fatt Hardy, Mid Cardy, whatever. Reality is, this man can get it done in the ring.

    You can make fat jokes toward Hardy after you tear your abdominal muscle twice and continue to wrestle.

    Anyways, Matt Hardy is a veteran in the ring.

    Now he is contracted under iMPACT Wrestling and has put on clinics with Sting, AJ Styles and RVD.

    I believe if Hardy was to return to the WWE (something he may never do) his story can be exactly like Christian's.

    A former tag-team partner, now singles wrestler and seasoned veteran, who never held the World title. I believe Matt Hardy can make it as a World Champion.

    He has the in-ring skills and can work as a heel or face. He can get the fans to hate him or rally behind him.

    Matt Hardy has never held a World title. Matt Hardy and Christian are a lot alike in this case.


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    One of the most ballin' superstars in SmackDown history, Montel Vontavious Porter was simply known as MVP.

    MVP is a good all-around wrestler. MVP is the total package. MVP is good in the ring, on the mic and has the look of a champion.

    As a cocky heel, the fans hated him. As a face, the fans loved him.

    MVP was a solid mid-card wrestler during his time in WWE. He became a one-time Tag Team Champion and two-time United States Champion.

    MVP was the longest-reigning U.S. Champion in WWE history. He had only two reigns but for a combined long 419 days.

    MVP delivered good feuds with guys like Matt Hardy, Chris Benoit and Kane.

    The Wrestling Observer Newsletter named MVP the Most Improved Wrestler of 2007 and the Most Underrated Wrestler of 2008. 

    As I said, MVP was a solid mid-card wrestler, and that's where WWE kept him, in the mid-card.

    MVP definitely worked his way to the top of the WWE but went unnoticed and stayed in the mid-card, and his release was because of that. MVP thought he was ready for the main event and many agree.

    MVP seemed like he was on the right path. Many fans could imagine him as a World Champion, but he never won the big one.

    "Mr. 305" would never receive the call to the main event.

    Right now, MVP is the reigning IWGP Intercontinental Champion. When will this guy win a world title?!

    MVP definitely has the main event potential inside him. He just needs that second chance.

    Right now, the SmackDown main event scene includes only four wrestlers: Orton, Christian, Sheamus and Henry. MVP would be a fresh face to the title hunt.

    MVP is 'half man, half amazing' and would make one ballin' World Champion. 

Matt Morgan

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    Matt Morgan is one of the best wrestlers to have never held a World title in TNA history.

    Morgan debuted in WWE but was given a really stupid gimmick.

    Morgan would stutter; he was self aware of his "stuttering problem" and would demolish anyone who made fun of him for it.

    He aligned himself with Carlito and became his "bodyguard." Morgan once F5'ed The Big Show through an announce table. Check it out. 

    The WWE Draft would screw Morgan over and separate him from Carlito. Soon after, Morgan was released.

    Morgan would debut in 2007.

    Morgan came to TNA with no gimmicks, no strings attached and was simply himself.

    Morgan was mainly a tag-team wrestler for 2007 and 2008. He teamed with Kip James once but his primary tag partner was "The Monster" Abyss.

    Morgan would gain interest in the Main Event Mafia and want in. Morgan would have to complete a series of tasks to be inducted into the faction. One task was to help Angle become champion. The cards seemed in place for Angle but Morgan betrayed him and started a feud with the MEM leader.

    Angle and Morgan had a match at Bound For Glory that Morgan lost, but it gained Angle's respect. The match ended the Main Event Mafia.

    After what looked like his big breakthrough with Angle, Morgan sunk into tag teaming again. This time he and his partner, Hernandez, won the tag titles.

    Morgan would turn on his partner, injure him and defend the belts by himself.

    After a feud with Hernandez, Morgan was selected to join Fortune.

    After Ken Anderson had a concussion at the hands of Jeff Hardy, Morgan opposed Fortune and Immortal and turned face and made it his mission to win the World title.

    Morgan had three chances to win the belt but was screwed every single time.

    As of right now, Morgan is in a feud with Scott Steiner, but from the looks of it, he will soon return to the World title picture.

    Matt Morgan is one of, if not, the best big man in pro wrestling today. Matt Morgan is a powerhouse but is also agile for a big man.

    Morgan is another guy who can be a success as a face or heel. As a face, Morgan's fan base is very strong. Just look at the 13:30 mark in this video.

    WWE dropped the ball big time with "The Blueprint" Morgan. He could be a huge main event star in WWE or TNA.

    I think WWE wouldn't make the same mistake twice with Morgan. He is an animal, book his as an animal. Not some joke with a stuttering problem.

    Matt Morgan is still waiting for his big break.

    The WWE would really benefit if The Blueprint decided to make another return.