IMPACT Wrestling: Top 15 Finishing Moves Today

Charlie GSenior Writer IAugust 11, 2011

Honorable Mention

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    Rob Van Dam

    Many people may be surprised that RVD didn't Five Star Frog Splash his way on to the list, but he doesn't make the cut in my book. 

    Plenty of superstars can do a Frog Splash. Granted it's not as good as Van Dam's, but other people do use the move.

    I just think there are better moves right now than a Frog Splash.



    Same idea as RVD.

    Sting is "The Icon." The Scorpion Deathdrop and Scorpion Deathlock have gotten him a ton of wins and championships, but I just feel like there's better moves out there in today's wrestling.


    Jeff Jarrett

    Same idea as Sting now.

    The Stroke has been a major factor in Double J's success, but again, there's better moves to be seen.


    Matt Hardy

    I'm talking about Matt's newest submission move, the Ice Pick.

    The Ice Pick is a good effective submission move, but it has only given Hardy a hand full of victories. Not to mention his current absence/suspension from IMPACT Wrestling.

    It's a cool move, but there are better ones out there.


    Jeff Hardy

    Now onto the Twist of Hate.

    It's given Jeff plenty of wins throughout the years, but it's a pretty simple move. As much as I like it, I like the following 15 better.


    Madison Rayne

    My favorite Knockout, Madison Rayne caps off the Honorable Mentions with her neck-breaker.

    I like the move, but we haven't seen it in ages. I hardly even remembered that "The Queen" had it as her finishing move in the first place.

15. Mr. Anderson: Mic Check

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    Anderson kicks off the list of 15 finishers with his Mic Check.

    Mr. Anderson can thank the Mic Check—and Eric Bischoff—for winning the Heavyweight Championship at Slammiversary IX.

    Anderson's finisher is a cool move that he can pull out of nowhere.

    It's just not as flashy as some of the other moves on this list.

14. Austin Aries: Brain Buster

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    I love seeing Austin Aries hit his opponents with a good Brain Buster.

    He drops them right on their head and neck, which almost guarantees a victory.

    The one problem I have with the move is that sometimes it can look like a basic suplex. Take this past pay-per-view, Hardcore Justice, for example.

    Aries grabbed Shelley in the Brain Buster. Hoisted him into the air and slammed him on what looked to be just your average suplex.

    I like the move, it's just the way that it's sometimes delivered.

13. Abyss: Black Hole Slam

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    The Black Hole Slam has been Abyss' finisher since TNA started.

    It's been the most dominant moves in the Monster's arsenal. Abyss sometimes pulls the move out of nowhere.

    Other times he launches opponents at the ropes to get some extra force and speed behind the slam.

    I love seeing a good Black Hole Slam on a smaller opponent.

12. Beer Money: DWI

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    Separately, Roode and Storm have pretty cool finishing moves.

    Roode has the pay-off fisherman's suplex and Storm uses the Last Call super kick.

    Together as Beer Money they have one of the most awesome tag team finishing moves: The DWI.

    The DWI is a suplex/neck breaker combination and definitely has gotten Beer Money countless victories—and some tag team championships. 

11. Kurt Angle: Angle Slam

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    Some people may be surprised that Kurt Angle doesn't even crack the top 10. I don't think that the Angle Slam or Ankle Lock are top five material. Whether either move is top 10 caliber, that's debatable. I can see why people think it should be ranked higher.

    The Angle Slam definitely is one of Angle's best moves.

    He used it in WWE, carried it over into TNA and won plenty of matches using it.

    The Angle Slam is a cool move, especially when delivered from the top ropes.

10. Chris Sabin: Cradle Shock

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    In the early days of TNA, Chris Sabin's Cradle Shock was one of my favorite moves, with the way he twists his opponent in mid-air and slams them on the mat.

    Sabin rarely does the move because he and Alex Shelley are always using their tag team move set. I'd love to see Sabin return from injury (in 2012 by the way), make a singles run and use the Cradle Shock to once again win the X Division Championship.

9. Daniels: Angel Wings

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    It's tough putting Daniels at only number nine.

    The Angel Wings is definitely a unique move. Daniels entire set of moves is unique, which makes him one of the best in the world.

    Angel Wings and the BME are incredible moves.

    Since his return to TNA, I only recall seeing Daniels use Angel Wings once, at Destination X against AJ Styles—and it only got a two count.

    Daniels finisher is definitely cool, but I like these eight better.

8. Gunner: F-5

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    Okay, Gunner's finisher isn't called the F-5 but it's the exact same as when Brock Lesnar was in the WWE. Gunner just doesn't have a name for it.

    Watching Gunner deliver that move is awesome.

    Just watching the way his opponents spin in mid-air before landing face first onto the mat is amazing.

    I couldn't believe my eyes when Gunner used this move to defeat "The Icon" Sting, prior to Slammiversary IX.

7. Tara: Widow's Peak

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    I think Tara has one of the best finishers in Knockouts history.

    The Widow's Peak.

    I love it. Tara had the move in WWE and TNA and she hasn't missed a beat, even with the injuries to her knee and elbow.

    Tara has used the Widow's Peak tons of times and has gotten tons of wins using it.

6. Angelina Love: Break-a-B*tch

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    I couldn't find a video of her new finisher so I got the next best thing. A picture of Angelina Love!

    Angelina isn't just another pretty face in the Knockouts division. Angelina is a record setting five-time Knockouts Champion.

    Her past finisher, the Botox Injection, was like her version of Matt Morgan's Carbon Footprint. It was a pretty good move. If she still had it she wouldn't be ranked at number six, that's for sure.

    She only debuted her new finisher, Break-up B*tch, a few weeks ago.

    It is like the Scorpion Deathdrop but with it's own twist. She combined the Scorpion with a back stabber and I love it.

    Her new move is sick.

5. Douglas Williams: Rolling Chaos Theory

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    The first time I saw Williams do the Rolling Chaos I was at a loss for words.

    What did I just witness? 

    It was a rolling German suplex into a pin. It had to be one of the coolest moves I've ever seen.

    We haven't seen the move on IMPACT since about January of this year, during his TV title feud with AJ Styles.

4. Samoa Joe: Muscle Buster

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    Samoa Joe's Muscle Buster is another awesome finisher.

    It takes a lot of strength to lift a man onto your shoulders...and then drop him on his head, neck and spine. The Muscle Buster is a creative finishing move and Samoa Joe can do it to just about anybody.

    Sadly, Samoa Joe has been on the biggest losing streak of his career. Maybe his Muscle Buster can help Joe get back on track and put some points on the board in the BFG Series.

3. Matt Morgan: Carbon Footprint

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    Matt Morgan's Carbon Footprint definitely looks like one of the most painful finishing moves in wrestling today. It's a seven-foot man boot kicking you in the face.

    That sounds like it hurts.

    This is one move I'd never want to get hit by.

    I wouldn't be surprised if this move causes opponents to crap their pants before getting hit by it.

2. Kazarian: The Flux Capacitor

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    Kazarian's Flux Capacitor finishing move is either a thing of beauty or a thing of complete insanity!

    It's almost like a t-bone suplex off the top ropes. Did I forget to mention that he does some sort of a flip/spin to go with it?

    Yeah, it's insane.

    It definitely has to hurt his opponent, since all his weight lands on the guy below him, but he also looks to get a little beaten up by using this move. 

    Here's a perfect example of why I'd never want to get hit with this move.

1. AJ Styles: Styles Clash

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    AJ Styles finishing move, Styles Clash, is so cool that even former WWE Diva Michelle McCool picked it up as her finishing move for a while.

    She claims that she didn't steal it because she doesn't watch TNA, but I digress.

    AJ is phenomenal and so is his move.

    AJ can pull this move out of nowhere and sometimes he'll nail his opponent with it off the middle rope. AJ has a phenomenal move set, but the Styles Clash takes the cake.