IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary IX Card and Predictions

Charlie GSenior Writer IJune 11, 2011

IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary IX Card and Predictions

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    This Sunday, June 12, Impact Wrestling celebrates its ninth anniversary by presenting Slammiversary LIVE from the IMPACT Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida!

    There are four title matches featured on the card. The Knockouts Championship, X Division Championship, Tag Team Championship and World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line.

    There are eight matches announced for the card.

    Here is the card and my predictions for the event...

Samoa Joe vs. Crimson

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    Crimson has been undefeated since his Impact debut back in January. Samoa Joe, the man with the longest undefeated streak in TNA history, wants to end that.

    Every time these two met in the ring, Crimson would send Joe scurrying away. That is, until now. A video aired on Impact showing Samoa Joe beating down Crimson in a bar. Joe had to attack Crimson from behind in a bar to get the best of him.

    Will Crimson remain undefeated at Slammiversary?

    I think so.

    Crimson has gotten the best of Joe every time they met in a wrestling ring. Their match won't be a bar fight and Joe can't attack from behind. They're one-on-one.

    Crimson has been unstoppable since January. I expect that to continue.

    Winner: Crimson

Knockouts Title Match: Angelina Love vs. Mickie James

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    This past Thursday, Angelina Love scored a clean pin over the champion in a tag team match after Mickie took her eye off the ball.

    (Mickie was distracted by Madison Rayne who interfered to attack Tara).

    Following the match, Angelina choked Mickie James out in the center of the ring.

    I can't really picture Angelina winning this match under her zombie/robotic state. It would make more sense to have Winter win it and have Angelina has a bodyguard type role.

    Angelina's current character is weird and I don't think TNA should put the belt on her.

    Hardcore Country will prevail.

    Winner: Still Knockouts Champion, Mickie James

Scott Steiner vs. Matt Morgan

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    This has been in the making for several weeks.

    A lot of people were upset to not see it on the Sacrifice card last month and well, now it's here.

    In recent weeks Scott Steiner has been screwing Morgan. During The Blueprint's match with Jeff Jarrett, Steiner interfered and cost Morgan the match.

    Two weeks ago in a tag team match Steiner pinned Morgan after a low blow.

    I really hope Matt Morgan wins this match and go move into the World title picture.

    Sadly, the chances of Morgan entering the World title hunt are slim because there is a number one contenders match on the Slammiversary card.

    Winner: Matt Morgan

Last Man Standing: Bully Ray vs. AJ Styles

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    This match has been much anticipated since that night Bully Ray powerbombed AJ off the IMPACT Zone stage.

    Recently, Bully Ray has been on a losing streak. This past IMPACT he lost to RVD and two weeks ago he lost to AJ and Daniels in a tag team match. However, Bully Ray has looked strong in both matches.

    Bully Ray lost to RVD because he took his eye off the ball. Did AJ get in his head?

    This feud has been going on since pre-Lockdown. This looks the the final match of their feud. I think AJ has more to gain in winning this match and may move onto bigger and better things.

    Winner: AJ Styles

X Division Title: Kendrick vs. Kazarian vs. Abyss

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    Kazarian and Kendrick had a great match two weeks ago but it was cut short by interference by "The Monster" Abyss.

    Abyss openly challenged Kazarian and Kendrick to this match and well, they accepted.

    With the war on the X Division going on, and Abyss being used as the weapon of mass destruction, I see Kendrick and Kazarian trying to double team Immortal's Monster. Try to bring the X Division belt home.

    Kendrick and Kazarian will fight each other after they both try to score a pin on Abyss. Once Kendrick and Kazarian turn on each other it should be easier for Abyss.

    I think Abyss will retain to further 'bury' the X Division then drop the title at Destination X next month.

    Winner: Still X Division Champion, Abyss

Tag Team Title Match: British Invasion vs. James Storm and Alex Shelley

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    We saw a little miscommunication between Shelley and Storm on IMPACT. Shelley accidentally kicked Storm and lost the match. 

    Will we see that again at Slammiversary? 

    I think we'll see a little miscommunication again but nothing that'll throw the match.

    If you asked me two weeks ago who would win this match I'd say British Invasion in a heartbeat. Two things changed my mind about my predicted winner.

    1.) British Invasion hasn't been on IMPACT since one week before Lockdown (In April)

    2.) Mexican America

    Last Thursday Mexican America defeated Gun Money and went to Hogan to ask why they didn't get a title shot. They beat one half of the Tag Team Champions. 

    Mexican America wants in on the titles and have been pushed more than the British Invasion. If anyone defeats Gun Money it'll be Mexican America.

    Winner: Gun Money

    Side Note: Anyone remember Ink Inc winning the Number One Contenders Match at Lockdown? What happened to that?!

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle

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    The final battle.

    How can they top the match they had at Lockdown? I don't know.

    Everyone is glad that this long feud (January - June) is finally coming to a close. I liked it. It was fun while it lasted.

    The picture left a pretty big part of the match out.

    The winner becomes the No.1 contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and the winner receives Kurt Angle's 1996 Olympic Gold Medal. Are you sold on a winner yet? Me too.

    Many people think that Angle will lose because of his Olympic training. I think otherwise. 

    Kurt Angle will win for the fact that A.) This is a No. 1 contenders catch B.) The winner gets his Olympic Gold Medal and C.) Kurt Angle has already started to train for the Olympics.

    Winner: Kurt Angle

World Title Match: Mr. Anderson vs. Sting

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    This match can go either way. I'm not so sure about the outcome after the events on this past IMPACT. 

    Anderson and Gunner defeated Sting and Eric Young then Sting went crazy, put red paint on his face and Anderson's then choked him out.

    Whoever wins will have Angle or Jarrett in their face right after the match.

    I think Sting is going to win just for the power struggle in TNA. To keep itching away at the Hogan and Bischoff scheme and make sure they don't take 100% power. 

    I think Sting will also win just for the star power of his next match.

    World Heavyweight Championship Match: Sting vs. Kurt Angle or Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett to headline the next pay-per-view.

    This is a tough call but I think Sting will win to keep power out of Hogan and Bischoff's hands.

    Winner: And still the Heavyweight Champion of the World!......The Icon!.....Sting!