John Cena, Matt Damon and 10 Other Wrestlers with Their Celebrity Look a Likes

Charlie GSenior Writer IAugust 9, 2011

John Cena, Matt Damon and 10 Other Wrestlers with Their Celebrity Look a Likes

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    You know how they say that there's one person in the world that looks exactly like you? Well some wrestlers and celebrities help back that statement up.

    Take John Cena and Matt Damon for example. 

    They can pass as twins in that picture.

    That's what this slideshow is all about! I did some research and found 10 pairs of wrestlers and celebrities that look a like.

    Without further ado here's what I found.

Pauly D & Robbie E

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    Zack Ryder and Sheamus don't really have anything to do with this photo but I thought they'd be fun to add. If Sheamus dyed his hair brown and shaved then maybe he'd look like Long Island Iced Z but that's not the point!

    The two guys on the end.

    IMPACT Wrestling's Robbie E and Jersey Shore's Pauly D.

    One's a DJ/reality TV star. The other is a pro wrestler.

    We all know that Pauly copied Robbie just like the rest of the posers from Jersey Shore.

    I finally understand why Robbie hasn't been on TV since April. He's in Italy filming season four of Jersey Shore! Mystery solved.

Chris Masters & Kevin James

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    The picture says Chris Masters and Doug.

    Doug is a UPS truck driver from television show, The King of Queens. Doug is played by Kevin James who also appears in plenty more TV shows and movies such as Everybody Loves Raymond, Zoo Keeper, The Dilemma, Grown Ups, Paul Blart: Mall Cop and many others.

    In King of Queens, Doug had an on-screen cousin named Danny. 

    The writers made the mistake of picking Gary Valentine to fill the role over "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters.

    Can you believe that?!

Orlando Jordan & Dule Hill

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    Dule Hill once guest hosted Monday Night Raw and was slapped by Alicia Fox during his time there.

    Hill is also the co-star of the TV show Psych.

    Orlando Jordan was released from his WWE contract in 2006. Ironically enough, Psych debuted in 2006.

    I'm not even kidding, I thought Orlando Jordan picked up an acting career and started working on the TV show. After seeing one commercial for Psych I thought, "Good for Orlando. He's moved on from his WWE release."

    I never gave it anymore thought after that until Dule Hill appeared on Raw to be guest host and they announced him as co-star of Psych.

    I thought Orlando was co-star of that show for a good four years maybe, not even joking.

Trevor Murdoch & Ricky Hatton

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    Wow. Talk about separated at birth.

    Trevor Murdoch went on to become a pro wrestler and eventually work for WWE and TNA.

    Ricky Hatton went on to become a pro boxer and do whatever it is that he does.

    This picture is almost like looking in a mirror and seeing the reflected image of not only each other but of their professions. 

    Judging by Murdoch's face, these "brothers" didn't get along.

Cody Deaner & Keith Stone

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    Wouldn't it have been funny if I placed Keith Stone's head on ODB's body?

    First off, I don't care to know "Keith Stone's" real name. To me, Keith Stone is a real person not some actor. I don't want to know and I don't care to know his real name. He'll be forever remembered as Keith Stone, the guy that carried a case a beer everywhere he went.

    I'd imagine that when Deaner and ODB reached the ring, Deaner turned to ODB and said, "Hold my stones."

    After all, what do you think has been in ODB's flask all these years?


Mickie James & Marisa Tomei

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    I wouldn't mind going on a date with either lady.

    Only difference is, one is a country singer and wrestler and the other is an actress who co-starred in a movie called The Wrestler.

    Both girls are hot!

    Both girls have leaked nude photos scattered on the Internet. Now you're all frantically Googling their names.

Rob Van Dam & Chris Pontius

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    This is what RVD does in his free time.

    Dresses in a big banana suit and parades around with Jackass Chris Pontius and plays with monkeys. That's the life.

    I couldn't find such a good picture to show how similar these guys truly are but this picture ought to do the trick.

    You think they're making those faces because they're about to get attacked by monkeys or because their bananas are touching?

Kurt Angle & Randy Couture

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    Kurt Angle and Randy Couture have the same story as Trevor Murdoch and Ricky Hatton.

    Angle is an Olympic Gold Medalist, mutli-time World Champion. Couture is the same (just in the UFC) as Kurt just without a medal.

    You maybe wondering why there's only a picture of one guy.

    I want you to decide whether that's Kurt Angle or Randy Couture.

Edge & Jayson Werth

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    That's why Edge retired so soon!

    So he can work on his baseball career!

    I mean, his alter persona, Jayson Werth, has been downgraded from the former World Champion Phillies to the Washington Nationals.

    Who copied who with the beard though?

    Is Werth just that big of an Edge Head that he tries to capture the dashing good looks of "The Rated R Superstar" Edge?

Mark Henry & Girl from Precious

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    Sorry for the small picture of Henry but Precious just takes up too much space on the bus.

    So I'm confused with this one.

    Is it like father like daughter, big brother like little sister or husband and wife.

    Someone help clear the air on this one. They combine to make so much sweat it's as damp as a rain forest in here.

The End

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    Anyone have any other wrestler and celebrity look a likes?

    Would Cody Rhodes and Jacoby Ellsbury work? If not, would Cody Rhodes and Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez (The Sandlot kid) work?

    Thanks for reading!


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