TNA: The 7 Best Wrestlers Who Never Held a World Title

Charlie GSenior Writer IMay 30, 2011

TNA: The 7 Best Wrestlers Who Never Held a World Title

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    Current Champion, Sting. Photo courtesy of
    Current Champion, Sting. Photo courtesy of

    The TNA World title changed hands 14 times, but only between eight different people.

    Kurt Angle was the inaugural champion in June of 2007.

    The eight people who've held this belt were Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, Sting, RVD, Mr. Anderson and Mick Foley.

    The Impact Wrestling roster is stacked with talent capable of being World champion. The only problem is that nobody can be champion at the same time.

    Here is a list of the seven best wrestlers in TNA that've never held the World Heavyweight Championship. 


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    Kazarian has been in TNA since 2003. During that tenure, he did take a year off. Kazarian missed most of 2005 and half of 2006.

    Kazarian has proven to be a valuable asset to TNA's X Division.

    Kazarian is a two-time X Division King of the Mountain winner and a five-time X Division Champion.

    Kazarian has received some World title shots but not recently. His last World title shot was in June of 2008, several weeks before he left.

    I believe that Kazarian can definitely be a main event wrestler if given the chance. He is a solid worker in the ring, and I feel has been held back in the X Division far too long.

    It's about that time that Kazarian either gets called up to the TV title or World title.   

Desmond Wolfe

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    Upon debuting in TNA, Wolfe made an iMPACT.

    He went straight after four-time TNA World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle.

    The two had an awesome feud and an awesome series of matches.

    The fans clearly took a liking to Desmond Wolfe because they voted for him in the Top 10 Contenders poll to challenge RVD for the World title. Wolfe was selected over the likes of Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson, AJ Styles, Sting, Kurt Angle, The Pope and Abyss.

    Since his World title match, Wolfe slowly slid down the card in TNA. He started a feud with Abyss, which he lost. He was excluded from Ric Flair's Fortune and didn't appear on iMPACT! weeks after that.

    Wolfe has some serious injuries, injuries serious enough to keep him out of action for over nine months.

    Wolfe is a tremendous talent and it's a shame that he can't wrestle. The crowd obviously likes him and he "walks the walk" and "talks the talk" of a champion.


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    Hernandez, like Kazarian, has been with TNA since 2003.

    The majority of his time in TNA he competed as a tag team wrestler. Mostly known as one half of LAX, Hernandez also teamed with Matt Morgan and currently Anarquia.

    Hernandez went solo for only one year. That year proved to be a success as Hernandez became a top face and serious contender for a World title in TNA.

    Hernandez is an athletic big man and is quick for his size. 

    Hernandez has the look and ring skills of a champion. Sadly, he has never held a singles title in TNA.

The Pope

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    The Pope was seconds away from winning his first World title at Lockdown in 2010.

    It seemed as if The Pope had finally ascended the mountain and would launch himself into superstardom and World Championships.

    At Against All Odds in 2010, TNA held an 8-Card Stud Tournament. 

    The tournament included competitors like The Pope, Matt Morgan, Desmond Wolfe, Hernandez, Abyss, Kurt Angle, Mr. Anderson and Mick Foley. The winner would be granted a World title match at Lockdown.

    Despite being attacked by The Band prior to his match, The Pope came out of Against All Odds as the new No. 1 contender.

    I expected Pope to leave Lockdown as the new champion but in a losing effort, he also got injured.

    Since his title match, like Wolfe, Pope has been slipping down the card. The Pope is just like Desmond Wolfe. Both are the total package: mic skills, in-ring skills and look of a champion.

Bobby Roode

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    Bobby Roode debuted in TNA around 2004 as part of Team Canada.

    Roode was a singles wrestler for four years until forming Beer Money Inc. with James Storm.

    Roode's schedule has been packed. He was in Team Canada for two years, then feuded with Eric Young for one year and then had a storyline with Traci Brooks for one year.

    Beer Money has been around since 2008 but it looks like they'll split on a good page. With Roode's injury, Storm may pick Chris Harris as his partner and reform AMW, thus allowing Roode to pursue a singles career once again.

    Roode has always been a good in-ring worker. Just recently, people started to notice Roode's mic skills. Roode is in the midst of a feud with Ric Flair and may strike gold if he keeps up the good work. Roode seems to be on the right path and should be a World champion before anyone else on this list.


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    Daniels has been a great in-ring asset in TNA since 2002.

    Daniels has done it all in TNA, except for winning the World title.

    Daniels is a six-time NWA Tag Team Champion and four-time X Division Champion.

    As good of a wrestler as Daniels is, I think he will never win the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. He is 40 years old and seems to be following AJ Styles into feuds.

    AJ feuded with Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer and Daniels followed. I think Daniels will, sadly, be a mid-card wrestler for life.

    I think he will be blocked out of his hard-earned chance by guys like RVD, Mr. Anderson, Kurt Angle, et cetera.

Matt Morgan

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    It is very hard to believe that Matt Morgan has never been World Champion.

    Morgan is a big athletic man and has a strong fanbase. Matt Morgan can work as a heel or face and be successful.

    Morgan spent about two years as a tag team wrestler with guys like Abyss and Hernandez. Both times Morgan turned on his partners and feuded with them.

    Morgan can be one of the top faces in TNA. Don't believe me? Check out the pop he got after his match at Lockdown this year here.

    The fans like "The Blueprint." I can see why. He is a top-tier star. Matt Morgan is the total package. He can be the single most dominant wrestler in TNA if booked correctly. Morgan was the most dominant in the 25 Man Battle Royal held on iMPACT! a few weeks ago. Watch here.

    Of all people on this slideshow, I think Matt Morgan is the most deserving of a World title run.