6 Reasons Why Jeff Hardy Should NOT Be IMPACT's World Heavyweight Champion Again

Charlie GSenior Writer IDecember 4, 2011

6 Reasons Why Jeff Hardy Should NOT Be IMPACT's World Heavyweight Champion Again

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    Jeff Hardy.

    Two-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion, one-time WWE Champion and two-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

    Jeff Hardy is widely known and loved for his high flying ability and extreme antics. He'd pull off some spots that most people wouldn't even consider doing.

    It's the daredevil style that makes Jeff Hardy who he is and it's a big factor in why the fans like him so much.

    Despite all that, he simply does not deserve to be Heavyweight Champion in IMPACT Wrestling. Here are six reasons why.

He Did Nothing to Earn It

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    What has Jeff Hardy done to deserve a reign as champion? 

    Someone please tell me. I feel like I'm missing out on some giant secret. How did he earn this opportunity?

    He single-handedly destroyed a pay-per-view earlier this year by showing up too drunk and/or high to compete in a heavyweight title match, was hated by everyone, took some time off and now what?

    He took care of his personal life and cleaned himself up during his time off. Does that really give him the right to get a Heavyweight Championship match?

    You cleaned yourself up and stayed off drugs. Good for you, now you get a title match? No. Cleaning himself up was not wrestling related. He did it for himself, his friends and his family. I bet the last thing on his mind at the time was an in-ring return.

    If Hardy wins the World Heavyweight Championship because he cleaned up his personal life, then Charlie Sheen should get his role on Two and a Half Men back.

It's Too Soon

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    TNA could've pulled the feel good story about a massive come back and a hard fought climb to the top of the ranks for Jeff Hardy.

    They did in a way, only they skipped over the hard work part.

    Jeff was supposed to come back and get into a couple of feuds and prove himself.

    He was supposed to start from the bottom and work his way up. Nope. TNA made him return, put him back on top without proving a thing and now they're keeping him there.

    Hardy made his return in early September, asking for one more shot. His first televised match was in late October. His first pay-per-view match back was only a few weeks ago at Turning Point.

    Now, he's given the chance to win a title shot at only his second pay-per-view match back. Wow, a bit early, don't you think?

    The guy doesn't even have 10 matches since his return but is already being tossed into the title mix? His push is coming way too soon, but it's too late for TNA to stop it. They already have that stipulation added to his cage match with Jeff Jarrett at Final Resolution.

Hardy Has Been There Already

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    Hardy has been World Heavyweight Champion twice already in TNA.

    His first reign started at BFG last year and went until Genesis where he dropped the title to Mr. Anderson. His reign was stopped short thanks to a court date scare.

    Anderson would be screwed over by Hardy's personal life too and be given a horrible reign as World Champion.

    Jeff won his title back at Against All Odds only to drop it weeks later to Sting thanks to another court date scare.

    Jeff has been there, done that in the case of World Heavyweight Champion. He sure as hell didn't do it right with the court dates hanging over his head but that's his problem. He brought it on himself.

    His first reign was alright, but his second flat out sucked. 

    Can the third time be the charm? Should I even care? He's had his chance and it's time for someone else to get theirs.

There Are Better People to Push

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    Hardy screwed up his reigns as champion on his own watch.

    Why should I have any faith in him for a third reign? Why should we know that it'll last?

    There's better people to push than Hardy, anyway. Some people get tired of watching the World title find its way to the same guy over and over. That guy would be Hardy. 

    Instead of giving Jeff Hardy, the guy that ruined Victory Road and lost TNA a lot of time, money and fans, push someone like Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, James Storm, Matt Morgan, Samoa Joe or The Pope towards the World title.

    I can think of 10, if not more, people who should get a title reign more than Jeff Hardy.

IWC Doesn't Want It

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    This may not matter all that much, but then again, it can.

    The IWC has more of an influence than you think.

    Take Zack Ryder for example. He was a nobody until the IWC and tons of other fans rallied behind him after watching his YouTube series.

    The IWC is always the most vocal about wrestling and the decisions made. If someone in the Internet Wrestling Community thinks a wrestling company screwed up, they'll try their best to let them and everyone else know about it.

    So go ahead. Search the Internet and scan Bleacher Report because the majority of people I've seen do not want to see Jeff Hardy even main event IMPACT let alone hold the World title.

He Can NOT Be Trusted

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    It's a simple fact.

    Jeff Hardy can not be trusted anymore.

    You can release a DVD trying to explain how he's "grown up" as of late. You can include tons of different people stating their case. You can make a song about one more shot and trying to show the non-believers what it's all about. You can talk about being the new Jeff Hardy.

    This is still the same guy that fails drug tests and no-shows at events. It's the same guy that didn't appear at Turning Point 2005 and didn't appear for even more live events. It's the same guy that showed up incapable of putting on a World Heavyweight Championship, main event match on pay-per-view against "The Icon" Sting.

    I have no reason to trust Jeff Hardy. Had he actually started from the bottom and worked his way up, it'd be a different story. Since he returned and was put on the top, I have no reason to believe his story of being a changed man.

Final Word

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    There are six reasons why I think Jeff Hardy should not be the World Heavyweight Champion in IMPACT Wrestling. I actually don't want to see him as champion for a good year, if not, longer.

    Next week's topic is not actually a person. It's not going to be six reasons why someone should be a champion. It's going to be six reasons why TNA Xplosion should become IMPACT Wrestling's second show.



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