Impact Wrestling: 6 Reasons Kazarian Should Be Television Champion

Charlie GSenior Writer IOctober 31, 2011

Impact Wrestling: 6 Reasons Kazarian Should Be Television Champion

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    Kazarian has quite the history with TNA.

    He started out with TNA back in 2003 but only stayed for two years before jumping ship to WWE in 2005.

    Unhappy with the fact WWE didn't plan on having a cruiserweight division, Kazarian asked for his release. 

    In 2006, Kazarian came back to TNA to stay. He wrestled under names like Serotonin, Kaz, Suicide and currently Kazarian.

    Kazarian is no stranger to championship gold, and here are six reasons he should be the Television Champion.

In-Ring Skill

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    Kazarian's in-ring skill is unique.

    He can pull off the X Division style wrestler in the main event. Few wrestlers can handle the X Division style so instead compete for titles other than the X Division Championship.

    AJ Styles, Daniels and Kazarian are excellent in-ring workers and all have similar technique. 

    Kazarian's move set is one of my favorites. He wrestles the X Division style and looks to have no problems pulling some of the moves off.

    He's not a small guy at 6'1" and 215 pounds. He's a pretty big guy and can bring the action from every angle.

    His finishing moves, the Flux Capacitor and Fade to Black are one of a kind.

Mic Skills and Personality

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    Kazarian shows some signs of personality when he's on the mic or just talking in general. He seems like your everyday, cool guy.

    Before BFG, Bobby Roode was being dubbed as an average, everyday guy. Most people see Roode lacking charisma, but Kazarian sure isn't.

    If you saw the latest edition of Spin Cycle with Kazarian, AJ Styles, Traci Brooks and SoCal Val, you noticed Kazarian was one of, if not the most, energetic people at the table.

    He was joking around there and has the same tendency during promos.

    Kazarian's personality is likable and easy to relate to.

Past Championship Experience

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    Kazarian has a long list of accomplishments and achievements. Not only in TNA but in tons of indie promotions.

    Kazarian is a former Tag Team Champion, five-time X Division Champion and the winner of the X Division King of the Mountain match.

    His five-time X Division Champion reign is one away from tying the all-time record shared between AJ Styles and Jay Lethal.

    Kazarian is no stranger to gold and should be looking to add some more to his already impressive record.

He Deserves To Move Up the Card

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    Kazarian's last reign as X Division Champion was great. He held the title from January to June.

    He's a great in-ring worker and deserves to move up the card, even if it's just up to the TV title hunt. He's been in the X Division most of his career and has already proved to everyone he's one of the best X Division wrestlers of all time.

    There's nothing left for him to prove in the X Division.

    He's 34-years-old and has certainly run his course in the X Division. I hope for Kazarian to get called up to the main event, but I'd be just as happy if he started making a run at the Television Championship.

Restore Credibility To the TV Title

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    Kazarian just had one great run as X Division Champion. He seemed unbeatable, and he was until "The Monster" Abyss had to step in and take the belt off him.

    Eric Young isn't doing the TV title any favors.

    He said via Twitter he wishes he could defend the title more often, but it isn't up to him. Even if EY defended the title more often, I'm sure nobody would take him seriously.

    Why? His gimmick!

    Eric Young has a gimmick that is used for one thing and one thing only—comedy. He's more of a comedian than a wrestler at this point, and that's sad because he's such a wasted talent at this point.

    Robbie E would be a small step up from EY, but why not give the title to someone more credible than Robbie? After all, Robbie held the X Division title for barely a month.

    Kazarian held the X Division title for nearly seven months.

    The TV title is declared a joke now. It's like a prop for EY's comedy.

    If Impact really wants to make a legit secondary title to test people for the main event, they'd give Kazarian a long, credible reign as Television Champion.

About Time He Gets His Due

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    This slide can go hand in hand with the slide about moving up the card.

    James Storm has been in TNA since the very beginning. Only four people can say they've been with TNA since its very first show, and Storm's one of them.

    Now, he's finally getting his due. His time is finally paying off, as he is the reigning Heavyweight Champion.

    For Kazarian to get his due, I'd want to see him as World Champion.

    But a TV title reign would be just as good due to his past with leaving, coming back, being Suicide and all that good stuff.

    He's been held down in the X Division much of his career, and it's about time he gets what he deserves—a call up the card.

    He should move one step closer to the main event and World Heavyweight Championship by getting a run with the Television Championship first.

Final Word

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    There you have it. Six reasons Kazarian should be the Television Champion.

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