IMPACT: 6 Reasons Why Samoa Joe Should Be World Heavyweight Champion Again

Charlie GSenior Writer IOctober 9, 2011

IMPACT: 6 Reasons Why Samoa Joe Should Be World Heavyweight Champion Again

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    Samoa Joe is a TNA original, X Division pioneer, former X Division, Tag Team and World Heavyweight Champion and a TNA Triple Crown Champion.

    Samoa Joe's debut sent shock waves through the very foundation of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling back in 2005.

    Joe proved that the X Division is not about weight limits but is about no limits. Joe has been setting records and accomplishing milestones in TNA since 2005.

    Here's six reasons why Samoa Joe should be heavyweight champion of the world once again.


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    History shows that Samoa Joe has had the longest undefeated streak ever in TNA—around 18 months.

    Am I supposed to believe that this once-unstoppable force is now beatable? Or that this once-immovable object can now be moved by the slightest opponent? 

    This man was undefeated. Zero losses and an 18-month long winning streak. This man was unstoppable. What happened?

    History tends to repeat itself and I'm not saying he'll go unbeaten for another 18 months, but maybe Joe can reform himself into this true, "Samoan Submission Machine."

In-Ring Skill

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    Samoa Joe is one of the best in-ring guys in the business today.

    Joe can brawl, wrestle on the mat, he has the submissions down and he can even take to the air from time to time. His move set has an equal balance of everything.

    From Muscle Buster, to Coquina Clutch, to Enzuigiri: Nobody brings it like Samoa Joe. He's truly one of a kind.


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    Looking at Joe, what do you think?

    Joe is pushing 300 pounds, but can definitely hang with the quickest guys the company has to offer.

    Joe may not look like an agile guy but he definitely is. He's living proof of the saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover."

    You'd think his speed is similar to that of Mark Henry, right? Wrong. Dead wrong.

    Samoa Joe is damn fast. He can pull off some impressive X Division style moves for a big guy. He is the most agile big man in wrestling today.

His Last Reign Wasn't Memorable

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    First mistake of his first and only reign: He was face.

    Joe works best as a tweener or heel.

    Second, does anyone remember anything big from Joe's reign? His reign was pretty long. He won the title at Lockdown in April 2008 and held it until Bound For Glory in October 2008.

    Anyone recall any good feuds or matches?

    If there's any time to press the 'redo' button, now would be nice.

It's Been Too Long

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    Samoa Joe hasn't been in the World title hunt for a long time.

    Joe has been bouncing around IMPACT without a World title match or feud since 2009.

    Yeah, that's a long time compared to most people.

    Mr. Anderson has been in TNA for almost two years now. He's held the World title twice.

    RVD has been in TNA for less than a year and he won the World title.

    Jeff Hardy returns in January 2010 and is champion by October 2010.

    Samoa Joe: Been in TNA since 2005. He's a one-time World Champion and hasn't been near the title since 2009. Really?

    It's been far too long for Joe not to be in the main event.

He's Bad-Ass

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    This may not be the best reason to give him the title, but hey, it's true isn't it?

    Samoa Joe as a heel is a bad-ass guy. He attacks whoever he wants, whenever he feels like it. He injures people like nothing.

    Ask Pope, Devon or Crimson about any recent attacks.

    The way he talks is great too. Whether he calls the fans "mouth breathing, slack jawed imbeciles" or calls Crimson his b*tch. I'm entertained every time this guy's on TV. 

Final Words

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    There you have it. Six reasons why Samoa Joe should once again become the IMPACT Wrestling Heavyweight Champion of the World.

    Next week's Six Reasons Why slideshow will most likely be based on Bobby Roode since it'll be the day of Bound For Glory and the biggest match of his career.

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