IMPACT: 6 Reasons Why Bully Ray Should Be World Heavyweight Champion

Charlie GSenior Writer IOctober 23, 2011

IMPACT: 6 Reasons Why Bully Ray Should Be World Heavyweight Champion

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    Bubba Ray, Brother Ray or Bully Ray. Whatever you want to call him, it's time for the fourth edition of Six Reasons Why.

    Brother Bubba Ray is widely known as a tag team specialist and a tag team wrestling pioneer. In WWF he and Devon, The Dudley Boyz, were a top tag team and helped lay the groundwork for tag team wrestling with other teams like The Hardyz and the team of Edge and Christian.

    In 2005, he and Devon made the move to TNA and won the tag team championships multiple times.

    After many felt Team 3D had run its course, they split—and Bully Ray was born.

    Here are the six reasons why Bully Ray should be World Heavyweight Champion.

Mic Skills

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    I consider Bully Ray to be one of the best mic workers in IMPACT Wrestling and maybe all of wrestling today.

    He never upsets while on the mic.

    He cuts a good promo and keeps fans interested. He can work fans over and get his point across in only a few short words. He's energetic, charismatic and won't put the crowd to sleep. A lot of modern day wrestlers are missing that little "pep in their step" type charisma. Bully Ray can bring that to the table.

    Bully Ray can work both sides of the mic. Face or heel, he gets a crowd reaction. They love him, they hate him. There's no in between.

    Bully Ray is one of the best talkers in wrestling today.

In-Ring Skills

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    We all know about Bully Ray's past as a 24-time World Tag Team Champion. So it's obvious that this man can work a tag team match and play nice with others if he so pleases.

    How's Bully Ray as a singles wrestler?

    He's no different.

    He can work a great match, and we have seen him do so multiple times this year.

    Think back to all his pay-per-view matches.

    Bully Ray vs. Devon, Tommy Dreamer, AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson, James Storm and Bobby Roode.

    Bully Ray had great matches with AJ Styles and Ken Anderson this year. Remember Slammiversary and, more recently, Bound For Glory?

    You can argue that Bully Ray put on the best matches on those two pay-per-views.

He Can Take Some Bumps

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    With his past in ECW, it should come as no secret that Bully Ray isn't afraid to take some bumps. He's not afraid of a little, or a lot, of blood. He will work a match to its fullest potential—even if it means having to put his body on the line.

    Cuts, bruises, bumps, scars and blood, Bully Ray is no stranger.

    Bully Ray is as hardcore as they come, and nowadays, it's a rare quality to have in a wrestler.

    Not many people can take the bumps Bully Ray has taken throughout the years.

He's Reliable

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    With the previous slides about his in-ring skill, mic skill and hardcore past, it's hard to argue how this guy isn't reliable.

    He's the perfect all around worker, and when was the last time you've heard of backstage issues, politics or BS with Bully Ray's name on it? When?

    When was the last time this man missed a few weeks to heal an injury?

    Bully Ray can work a match and do it right. You rarely see this man get injured, get in trouble for some backstage issues or show up unable to compete like some people.

    Bully Ray is a safe and reliable person to put the big gold belt on.

Past Championship Experience

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    I mentioned how Bully Ray is a 24-time World Tag Team Champion, didn't I?

    You think those past 24 reigns would help Bully Ray for a World title reign? I think so.

    With those past times as champion, Bully Ray learned what it takes to become a champion. He learned to walk, talk, perform and carry himself as a champion. He learned all that 24 times over.

    This bully is no stranger to championship gold.

He IS the Top Heel in Wrestling

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    Love him, hate him, watch IMPACT, don't watch it.

    There's no denying the fact that Bully Ray is the top heel in wrestling.

    Who's there to challenge him for that title?

    R-Truth? Please. Go ramble on about "Lil Jimmy" and "The Conspiracy."

    The Miz? Really? Really? Really? 

    Kurt Angle? Not really. Bully Ray is better playing the heel card.

    Who's left? Oh yeah. Nobody.

    Bully Ray is a great heel. He's the best at that role. Nobody can top him. He's the undisputed champion. From his mic work to his in-ring work to his backstage segments, nobody beats a bully at their own game.

Final Word

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    Check off 6RW number four and my latest topic, Bully Ray.

    There are the six reasons why Bully Ray should be your World Heavyweight Champion, as voted for by B/R member and Enigmatic Generation of Wrestling writer, Siddharth Grover.

    Next week's Six Reasons Why is still up for debate. So what better way to pick next week's topic than to hold a vote? Leave a comment saying which topic you want to see next week or else I decide!

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