6 Reasons Why "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero Should Be IMPACT's Television Champion

Charlie GSenior Writer INovember 27, 2011

6 Reasons Why "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero Should Be IMPACT's Television Champion

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    D'Angelo Dinero, most commonly referred to as "The Pope," has been in TNA since 2009.

    In that time, The Pope has never held any championship gold. Singles or tag team. None.

    Many people consider Pope as one of the most gifted all-around wrestlers in the IMPACT locker room and are waiting for him to reach the status of World Champion.

    Being World Champion is a great honor, but one must be tested before that title is awarded to them. That test should be IMPACT Wrestling's Television Championship.

    Here are six reasons why "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero should be TV Champion.

    Note: This article is not intended to make him champion right away.

In-Ring Skill

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    The Pope has a background as an amateur boxer. With that background it should be obvious that he has striking speed. He's displayed that speed in plenty of matches he's had, be it with WWE or TNA.

    The Pope is also one of many stars that came from Ohio Valley Wrestling. 

    In TNA, Pope has had victories over top stars such as AJ Styles, Desmond Wolfe, Matt Morgan and Mr. Anderson. He's been in feuds with former World Champions such as Samoa Joe, Abyss and AJ Styles.

    The Pope has proven himself worthy with his in-ring work. He was the winner of the first and only 8-Card Stud Tournament at TNA's Against All Odds in 2010.

    Pope has had matches with the best TNA has to offer. It's time he gets recognized for it.

Mic Skill

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    Along with his great in-ring skill is Pope's ability on the mic.

    Some of his old nicknames (pre-TNA) were "The Silver Tongued Pugilist," "The Guiding Light" and "Your Host of Hosts."

    With names like that, it's easy to assume that Pope can work a mic. 

    The Pope is one of the best mic workers in TNA. He doesn't take up too much time, he's not dull or boring and he's usually straight to the point. He doesn't ramble off topic and keeps the crowd interested in what he has to say.

    The Pope is one of the best when it comes to mic work.

Help the TV Title

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    The Television Championship has been kicked around, spit at and just plain ruined every since the feud between AJ Styles and Douglas Williams ended.

    Abyss held the title for 30 days without competing courtesy of an "injury." 

    Gunner won the belt next and he did alright for his time, but he could've done better. He beat Christopher Daniels but lost to Eric Young and after that, the TV title has been on a downward spiral ever since.

    EY was champion the entire summer and rarely ever defended it. He searched Hollywood and "fought" Scott Baio for the title. EY really trashed the title, but it looks to be making a slow recovery with Robbie E.

    Instead of a slow recovery with Robbie, how about a resurrection by The Pope?

    The Pope can easily restore, and add, credibility to the belt. Give Pope a long run with some credible opponents and some feuds and the belt's credibility will be back in no time. 

    TV title feuds against guys like Gunner, Jeff Hardy, Magnus, Abyss, Bully Ray, Daniels, Devon, Hernandez, Kazarian and RVD would be great for Pope and the belt.

Get Pope Back on Track/on TV

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    Ever since Robbie E won the TV title at Turning Point, he's been on IMPACT every week.

    It's looks as if TNA is starting to care about the TV title and is featuring it a lot more than usual.

    If Pope were to win it, he'd definitely get on TV much more. The TV title would also help Pope get back on track. 

    Pope would become a top guy in IMPACT and be featured on TV almost every week, like Robbie E is now. 

    The TV title would also throw Pope back into a title hunt and give him some gold around his waist. With the taste of some gold, Pope may grow hungrier for something more satisfying.

    The World Heavyweight title.

Test for the Main Event

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    The Television title should be treated like the second-most important championship in TNA.

    Not some comedy prop that gets dragged along on a trip to Hollywood to be contested for between some joker and an actor.

    The TV title should serve as a stepping stone to the main event. It should be a wrestler's final test before they get the nod to go into the bigger spotlight.

    Many people consider Pope a main event talent already, but better safe than sorry.

    Give Pope a few strong reigns as champion just to test him as a singles champion, then move him up. We don't want Pope turning into Mr. Anderson 2.0, do we?

The Pope: The Next Big Thing?

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    The Pope has all the tools to make it in the main event but, I strongly feel that the TV title should be his final test.

    I've actually forgotten that this article was about the Television title and not the World title at times.

    Point is, give Pope a lot of exposure as TV Champion. Strong reigns, good defenses, tough competition and some big-time feuds.

    Build Pope into a mid-card star just waiting to explode onto the main event. That way, Pope will definitely look like the next big thing in TNA.

    Pope has all the tools to succeed as a main-eventer in any wrestling organization. He is the next big thing just waiting to happen. That road to superstardom should start off with the Television Championship.

Final Word

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    There are six reasons why "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero should be the Television Champion.

    Next week I am once again getting negative. After watching a certain someone's performance and a certain creative team's ideas unfold, I've decided next week's topic. Six Reasons Why Jeff Hardy Should NOT Be World Heavyweight Champion. This one really pisses me off, too.


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