6 Reasons Why Matt Morgan Should Be IMPACT's World Heavyweight Champion

Charlie GSenior Writer INovember 13, 2011

6 Reasons Why Matt Morgan Should Be IMPACT's World Heavyweight Champion

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    Matt Morgan.

    The Blueprint. The DNA of TNA.

    Matt Morgan is arguably the most athletic big man in wrestling. 

    Morgan had a brief tenure in WWE back in 2003 and 2005. The 7-foot athlete joined the TNA wrestling scene in 2007 as Jim Cornette's bodyguard, in a way.

    Since Morgan's first step into the TNA ring, he's only won one championship in four years, the tag team championship. In all of his years as a wrestler, Morgan has never held a singles title in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

    He's teamed up with and feuded with guys like Hernandez, Abyss and Kurt Angle. Morgan has been at opportunity's door step and has been very, very close to winning a world championship.

    Here are six reasons why "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan should be IMPACT Wrestling's World Heavyweight Champion.

    Note: This article is intended to bring up reasons as to why Morgan should've been world champion or reasons why he is ready. This does not intend to make him champion right away.

In-Ring Skill

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    Matt Morgan is 7 feet tall and near 350 pounds.

    I mentioned earlier how he is arguably the most athletic big man in wrestling today.

    Matt Morgan, as big as he is, can pull off some athletic moves for a man his size. How often do you see a 7 foot, 328 pound wrestler jump off the top rope? Not often, right?

    Not the case for Matt Morgan.

    Morgan can bring the power game as well as the aerial game to the ring.

    He pulls off moves like the Carbon Footprint, Hellevator and even a cross body off the top rope. Matt Morgan can do it all in the ring.

The Fans Want to See It

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    Bound For Glory 2009. Lockdown 2011. Bound For Glory Series 2011.

    What do those dates represent?

    Matt Morgan's fan support wanted him as world champion around those dates. His support from fans to be the champ has grown since BFG 2009 and continues to grow.

    At Bound For Glory 2009, Morgan had a hard-fought match against the Main Event Mafia leader, Kurt Angle. This match slightly turned Kurt face and can be credited for ending the long reign of the MEM in TNA.

    At Lockdown 2011, Morgan defeated Hernandez, who even had help from the rest of Mexican America. In the end, Morgan ascended the cage and celebrated with a full house in Cincinnati.

    Matt Morgan said that the BFG Series was custom-made for him, and a lot of fans agreed. Morgan was viewed as a fan favorite to win the Series, main event Bound For Glory and become the new World Heavyweight Champion. That vision was shattered thanks to an injury Morgan suffered.

    Matt Morgan is still viewed as a fan favorite and can be called one of the most deserving guys on the roster to hold the top-tier title.

Matt Morgan Has Proved Himself Time and Time Again

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    Every test, every obstacle thrown in Matt Morgan's way, and he's overcome it.

    His alliance and feud with Abyss. It worked.

    His alliance and feud with the Main Event Mafia. It worked to perfection.

    Teaming and feuding with Hernandez and Mexican America. He made it work.

    Matt Morgan has had loads of challenges thrown in his face and he's swept them all away. He's gotten wins over guys like AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Abyss, Hernandez and can work a match against the best they have to offer.

    Matt Morgan has proved that he is ready to be world champion.

Could've, Would've, Should've

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    Matt Morgan could've, would've and should've won the BFG Series and main evented Bound For Glory this past October.

    It's no secret. There's no doubt in anyone's mind.

    That was the original plan all along.

    That plan was busted when Morgan was injured and Bobby Roode was pulled in instead.

    Morgan even said the BFG Series was tailor-made for him to win and plenty of people believed him.

    Even with Morgan's injury and missing the BFG Series, IMPACT can still run a storyline between him and BFG Series winner and current World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode. Morgan can use the could've, would've and should've story. And why not. Roode's challengers are slowly fading.

    Storm is injured with a concussion, AJ injured his ankle, who's left?

    Matt Morgan.

He's Overdue for a Singles Title

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    We all know about Morgan's tag team reign in 2010, but what about a singles reign? He's never had one.

    Matt Morgan is really overdue for a run as a singles champion. 

    Even in the MEM Era, Morgan could've had a run with the Legends Championship at the time, but no.

    As I previously said, Morgan has proven himself countless times and he could've, would've and should've. Matt Morgan has all the skill and in a definite main event talent waiting to happen.

    Four years in TNA and he hasn't held a singles title yet. Really?

He's a Good Guy to Represent the Company

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    Matt Morgan has all the wrestling requirements to be IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion. The mic work, the in-ring skill, the fanbase and the look of a champion.

    Matt Morgan is a good guy to choose to represent your company. He's a strong athlete and proves it every time he's in the ring.

    How's Morgan outside of the ring?

    Matt Morgan was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and is now involved in CHADD. That is a nonprofit organization called Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Morgan has been associated with them for nearly three years now.

    Matt Morgan also gave a sample of his DNA to be launched into space for "Operation Immortality" in 2008.

    Morgan appeared in TV shows such as American Gladiators, The Good Guys, Family Feud and MTV's Made. 

    Morgan also recently appeared at Johnny Damon's charity event and even appeared at a high school pep rally to give a brief talk.

    Matt Morgan is in the media from time to time and just seems like an all-around nice guy to have represent the IMPACT Wrestling brand.

Final Word

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    There are the six reasons why "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan should be the IMPACT Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion.

    Next week, "Six Reasons Why" will get a little negative.

    Next week is "Six Reasons Why" a certain wrestler should NOT be World Heavyweight Champion. That wrestler, the first ever victim of a negative "Six Reasons Why," is Mr. Ken Anderson. Sorry, Anderson fans and a-holes.

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