TNA Impact Wrestling: Turning Point 2011 Full Card and Predictions

Charlie GSenior Writer INovember 12, 2011

TNA Impact Wrestling: Turning Point 2011 Full Card and Predictions

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    IMPACT Wrestling and Direct Auto Insurance present Turning Point live from the IMPACT Zone in Orlando, Florida, this Sunday, on pay-per-view.

    There are nine matches announced for the card. Five of those nine matches will be championship matches. The Knockouts Championship, Tag Team Championships, Television Championship, X Division Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line.

    Tune in Sunday to watch IMPACT's wrestlers Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, Matt Morgan, RVD, Crimson, Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries, Velvet Sky, Daniels and more!

    Here is the full card for this Sunday's Turning Point and my predictions on the event.

Tag Team Championship Match: Ink Inc vs. (c) Mexican America

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    This match is a six person tag team match for the Tag Team Championships.

    Toxxin and Sarita are legally allowed in this match and can very well win this match for their team.

    This is a rematch from Bound For Glory and hasn't had much hype for either pay-per-view. Latest we seen was a brawl between the teams on IMPACT.

    Mexican America just isn't doing a good job as champions. They're never seen on IMPACT and just seem to work from pay-per-view to pay-per-view.

    Ink Inc on the other hand, has a pretty solid fan base and definitely deserve a reign as champions.

    With Toxxin and Sarita legal in this match, I think Mexican America will be a little shaken because usually Sarita and Rosita are both able to help cheat their way to victory. Sarita and Rosita provide outside help when the ref isn't looking and now Rosita is the only one that can provide that cheap-shot.

    Most of Mexican America's wins came after a dual-interference by Sarita and Rosita.

    Despite that fact, it wouldn't make sense for Mexican America to win. If they do win, who'll challenge them next? There's no other face tag teams in IMPACT right now besides Ink Inc.

    Winners: New Champions, Ink Inc.

    Ink Inc should win and possibly have a rematch at Final Resolution against Mexican America or feud with a heel British Invasion.

Knockouts Championship: Gail Kim vs. (c) Velvet Sky

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    Velvet Sky won the Knockouts title at Bound For Glory and there's just no way she'll lose the title this Sunday.

    Velvet is the most popular Knockout possibly in TNA history and there's no way her reign would only last about one month.

    Since Gail returned, she received this title match and even won the Knockouts Tag Team Championships two weeks ago.

    Gail has had a big push in her return already and I can't see her holding both Knockouts singles and tag team championships.

    Even with Madison Rayne and Karen Jarrett in her corner, I still think Gail Kim is going to lose. Madison and Karen may try to help Gail win but Traci Brooks will also be ringside to serve as Karen's slave.

    Traci, as we've seen in the past, is good friends with Velvet and the two already embarrassed Karen one time. Remember the table-top they did to her on IMPACT?

    I think Traci will be a big part in this title match, possibly setting up a Knockouts Tag Team title match at Final Resolution.

    Winner: Still Champion, Velvet Sky 

Daniels vs. Rob Van Dam

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    This match should be good. 

    Two X Division style wrestlers in a no disqualification match.

    I can only hope that Daniels gets the win here. Daniels has lost quite a lot recently.

    Daniels lost at Bound For Glory. He lost to RVD and AJ on IMPACT. Daniels needs to win. Now, in this no disqualification match, I think Daniels will finally get a win.

    Daniels new favorite thing is his little toolbox underneath the ring. In that toolbox? A screwdriver. I'm not sure if we'll see either guy physically use it on the other, but I do believe we'll see it.

    Daniels has had much more TV time than RVD in recent weeks and it just makes sense for him to win for the sake of a possible feud here.

    Winner: Daniels

Crimson vs. Matt Morgan

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    These two giants finally collide in the ring. This ought to be good.

    Crimson has been undefeated for a long 11 months. He's beaten tons of people like Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, RVD, Bully Ray and plenty more.

    I do expect, and do want to see, Crimson win again at Turning Point. Keep the streak alive.

    Matt Morgan is going to be another obstacle in Crimson's path and I believe Crimson will leave Turning Point, streak intact.

    I expect Morgan to put Crimson over on Sunday. Further bring home the point that Crimson is the real deal.

    Winner: Crimson

    I'm not saying expect it, but I wouldn't be surprised if either man shows signs of a heel turn. More so, Crimson than Morgan. His face run is losing steam.

Immortal vs. Abyss & Anderson

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    We've seen these four all fight, this past IMPACT.

    It was a six man tag also including Jeff Hardy and Jeff Jarrett. The team of Abyss, Anderson and Hardy were victorious.

    I see no reason why Steiner and Bully Ray should win this match. None at all.

    Anderson is a fan favorite and Abyss is becoming a monster face, in a way. This should be an easy call.

    Winners: Abyss and Mr. Anderson

Television Championship: Robbie E vs. (c) Eric Young

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    This is rare. The last time we've seen the TV title on a pay-per-view was Against All Odds wasn't it?

    Let's get straight to the point.

    Eric Young sucks as champion. He is the single worst TV Champion ever. Even when Abyss won it and got injured for a month, no. EY's reign has been worse.

    The TV title is a horrible joke now and moving the title to Robbie E would help it out a little. Not a lot, but a little bit.

    Now that Robbie E has Rob Terry in his corner, it's safe to say we have a new TV Champion coming soon and it's about damn time.

    Winner: New Champion, Robbie E.

X Division Championship: Kid Kash vs. Jesse Sorensen vs. (c) Austin Aries

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    I expect this match to be similar to the X Division title match from Hardcore Justice in a way.

    At Hardcore Justice, Alex Shelley and Brian Kendrick had an alliance to keep Aries out of the match. Now, we're going to see Kash and Aries have an alliance to beat down the one face, Jesse Sorensen.

    Similar to Hardcore Justice, the alliance between Shelley and Kendrick ended when each man went for a pin fall. I see the same thing happening here. Aries and Kash will fight over the pin and the match will go from two-on-one to a real three-way match.

    Kid Kash has a zero percent chance of winning this in my book. Sorensen is still a rookie and being built into a credible X Division talent and Aries is just, well, Aries.

    He's the champ. He's awesome. He's the guy restoring faith in the X Division. There's no doubt in my mind who'll win this match.

    Winner: Still Champion, Austin Aries

Jeff Jarrett vs. Jeff Hardy

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    This match has clearly had the most hype going into Turning Point.

    This is also Jeff Hardy's first pay-per-view match since Victory Road.

    This has all the making to be a good match. Both guys are in-ring veterans and know what their doing between those ropes.

    I expect Hardy to go over Jarrett on pay-per-view but maybe not end the feud. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a rematch at Final Resolution.

    Winner: Jeff Hardy

    The face wins, the crowd's happy.

Heavyweight Championship: AJ Styles vs. (c) Bobby Roode

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    AJ Styles looks to have finally been brought back into the Heavyweight Championship hunt.

    It's unfortunate that AJ has suffered a bad ankle injury earlier this week, because this could've easily been the match of the night.

    If AJ does compete with his injury, it proves that he definitely has heart. It'd also be interesting to see how the injury would effect his in-ring style.

    This injury will definitely cripple his in-ring moves like any form of springboards, the Pele and maybe even the Styles Clash.

    If AJ's ankle is too severe and he can't compete, I'd toss Kazarian into the match. It makes sense. AJ and Kazarian are both in Fortune and both seen what Roode did to Storm on IMPACT. Give Kazarian this match, let Roode win, then maybe have a healthy AJ vs. Roode to close out 2011.

    If AJ competes or he doesn't compete, I still see Bobby Roode retaining the championship over his opponent at Turning Point.

    Winner: Still Champion, Bobby Roode