6 Reasons Why Mr. Anderson Should Not Be IMPACT's World Heavyweight Champion

Charlie GSenior Writer INovember 20, 2011

6 Reasons Why Mr. Anderson Should Not Be IMPACT's World Heavyweight Champion

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    Mr. Anderson.

    He is known to be an ex-WWE guy in an IMPACT wrestling world. In WWE, he was known as Mr. Ken Kennedy. 

    He is a one-time United States champion and is a one-time Money in the Bank winner. An injury stopped any chance of a potential world title in the WWE. He was forced to drop the Money in the Bank briefcase to Edge.

    Kennedy was released four days after his big return in 2009. Most people suspect Randy Orton to be the cause of his departure.

    Mr. Anderson surfaced in TNA at Genesis 2010.

    Since then, he's had some good feuds with the likes of Kurt Angle, Abyss, The Pope and Bully Ray.

    Despite those feuds, here are six reasons why I think Mr. Anderson should not be IMPACT's World Heavyweight champion.

Sloppy In-Ring Skill

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    Mr. Anderson is too sloppy when he's in the ring. He seems too careless about some of the moves he pulls off, and he botched some big moments in matches.

    That swinging neckbreaker that he does always looks like it can be botched and even injure the person he's doing it to or himself.

    Anderson also has more botches than a veteran wrestler should have. He failed a Green Bay Plunge on Bully Ray and even messed up the ending of the match at the biggest show of the year: Bound For Glory.

    Anderson is also known to have been released because of a botch on Randy Orton.

Mic Skill and Character

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    Anderson's mic skills are pretty good, but it's more his character that isn't world championship material. Anderson constantly calls himself an a-hole and, he never let go of his WWE past upon first entering TNA.

    Anderson's promos are either one of two topics: something about being an a-hole or something bashing the WWE.

    Anderson's gimmick is being an a**hole. He says so every time he speaks. Well, he doesn't need a world title to be an a-hole.

    Abyss doesn't need a world title to be a monster, AJ Styles doesn't need a world title to be phenomenal and Bully Ray doesn't need the world title to be a bully. Being an a-hole is an easy gimmick and doesn't need any props to come with it.

His Past with Injuries

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    In his first pay-per-view match, Anderson (WWE time) injured his opponent, Hardcore Holly.

    In 2005, he was part of WWE's overseas tour. On the second day of the tour, he suffered a serious injury and missed somewhere between four to six months of in-ring action.

    In the summer of 2005, Anderson suffered another injury after hitting the steel steps head first.

    At WrestleMania 23, Anderson won Money in the Bank. A few weeks later, Edge challenged him for the briefcase. During that match Anderson suffered another injury and was forced to drop the briefcase.

    In 2008, Anderson dislocated his shoulder at a house show against Shelton Benjamin.

    In 2010, Anderson suffered a concussion from Jeff Hardy.

    With all those injuries, would it be smart to give the guy the top prize in the company? Anderson seems to get injured more than he should. 

He's Had His Chance

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    Mr. Anderson had his chance as world champion not once but twice.

    Both reigns were duds. Flukes. Jokes. Straight-up bad.

    Anderson would win the title at one pay-per-view and lose it at the next. He doesn't even have one successful title defense to his name. What does that tell you?

    His first reign lasted 35 days, and his second was only 29 days.

    In that time, he had the chance to prove himself worthy of the title, and we all know the answer to that. Not proven.

    If Anderson proved himself the first time, his second reign would've been better. If he proved himself the second time, he'd be in the world title hunt right now instead of playing Madden '12 backstage as we've seen this past IMPACT.

There's Better People Than Him

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    Bobby Roode, James Storm, AJ Styles, Matt Morgan, Samoa Joe, Daniels, Bully Ray, The Pope and even Abyss are more deserving of a reign as champion than Anderson.

    Everyone listed, except Pope, have spent much more time in TNA than Anderson and are main event talents.

    Anderson walks into TNA in 2010 and is champion by 2011. What's up with that?

    Most of the IWC is always complaining about TNA pushing ex-WWE talent, and Anderson is a perfect example of it.

    Now guys like Bobby Roode, James Storm and AJ Styles are in the main event. Let's keep it that way.

He's Not the Guy to Represent the Company

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    Anderson is not the guy you want to be the face of the company.

    Take all of the previous slides into account. Sloppy in-ring skill, inappropriate mic skill, constantly calling himself and his fans a**holes, his injuries, his past chances and the rest of the roster.

    Does Anderson deserve a world title? I think not.

    Winning the World Heavyweight Championship is a great honor. You need to have all the tools, and I think Anderson is lacking some of the tools to be the face of TNA. 

    I wouldn't want some guy calling himself an a**hole to represent my company. 

Final Word

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    There are six reasons why Mr. Ken Anderson should not be the World Heavyweight champion in IMPACT wrestling.

    Next week's Six Reasons Why topic will be "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero: Six Reasons Why The Pope Should Be IMPACT's Television Champion.



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