Zack Ryder, Mark Henry and Resurrecting WWE Tag Teams: WWE Overhaul Part 7

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Zack Ryder, Mark Henry and Resurrecting WWE Tag Teams: WWE Overhaul Part 7
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Welcome back to WWE: Overhaul!

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This past year tag teams in the WWE hit a new low.

After being a major attraction in the '80s, '90s, and having a renaissance around the turn of the century where there were nearly a dozen tag teams around at the same time, tag teams in the WWE have become an afterthought.

When Evan Bourne was suspended for a second time and Air Boom dropped their tag titles to Epico and Primo at a house show, what had long been a problem became highlighted.

Suddenly, there were only two full-time tag teams on WWE TV, and one of them (the longer tenured one) had never been champions (and has still never been).

The only other pairings of note were either a stable that helped each other in singles work but never really competed against established teams, and a pair of guys who were stuck on the Internet.

Tag title matches were being given to random pairings of wrestlers.

Currently this is the tag team division:

Primo and Epico (Champions)

The Usos

American Perfection (Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger)

Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth or Evan Bourne

Five tag teams doesn't look too bad until you account for the fact that Reks and Hawkins only get to wrestle the Usos, who would apparently also be off television if Epico and Primo had any other competition.

Kingston and Truth have been thrown together after each of their tag teams have blown up, and have no identity yet, and Zig-Swag aren't really after the tag belts or even behave like a team.

Meanwhile a number of performers are stuck doing little to nothing from week to week. Justin Gabriel is able to feud with a singles champion but never get a title shot.

Ted DiBiase, Heath Slater and others randomly feud with no goal. There's a log jam of people just between the mid card titles and the main event.

So let's look at a series of singles performers who could benefit from a partner, and who would benefit the division if they began a team.

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