Kharma, Layla, and Revitalizing the Women's Division: WWE Overhaul Part 8

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Kharma, Layla, and Revitalizing the Women's Division: WWE Overhaul Part 8
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Author's note: My first article on b/r was about how the tag team situation was worse than it needed to be. I wrote it way back in January, and this article would have been the logical follow-up. When I began my WWE: Overhaul series, this was one of the first, most obvious entries to write for it. A combination of logical flow and building on earlier entries pushed it to the end. Then I jumped on WrestleMania, and after that I didn't write anything else. I've tried multiple times to start this article without much success. I didn't know how to attack it, how to structure it. Then Beth Phoenix was "injured," the Bellas took the title and then were released, and Layla came back and took the title. This flurry of activity changed the landscape of the Divas division and the article.

In short, I'm sorry it took so long and I'm sorry if it comes out a little wonky and confused.

Much has been made about the weakness of the tag team division. Similarly, the dearth of managers and stables has been a bone of contention for many. The complete disappearance of the Cruiserweight division has been a sore spot as well.

Comparatively, the Divas division is healthy, right? For sheer numbers and TV time, you'd have to say the Divas are doing okay.

But I don't think anyone's saying that.

Not when many see "Divas match" as a synonym for "bathroom break." Especially not when it seems the higher-ups of WWE share that feeling.

In fact, the Divas division is the Rodney Dangerfield of the WWE (It's old and gets no respect).

Actually, that's not true, either. The Divas Championship is not old. It's only been around since 2008. But the work we get from the division certainly feels old.

Unlike the rest of the missing pieces of WWE wrestling, there is a strong contingent of WWE fans who are for removing Divas wrestling altogether.

I can't support that stance, unless it's to put the Divas on their own show.

However, things can't continue as they are.

Well, they can, and in the short-term they certainly will, but if they do then the division will continue to be the joke of the WWE.

There's a sort of chicken-egg phenomena going on right now where the blame is alternately placed on WWE's creative team, or the Divas' poor move sets or execution, or the short match lengths.

Some people are praying for a single performer (generally Kharma) to save the division.

Well, here's a revelation:

It's not one thing, it's everything. And no single solution is going to fix it.

Get ready, this will probably be a long (and circuitous) route.

If you can't handle this right now, or if you want a peek into where my head is, go back and check out the rest of the series:

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