WWE Divas: The Top 10 Most Self-Destructive Moments of the PG Era

Agent GreenCorrespondent IIMarch 17, 2012

WWE Divas: The Top 10 Most Self-Destructive Moments of the PG Era

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    Ever since John Laurinaitis took over for Jim Ross in the talent relations V.P. seat, the WWE has seen many talented female wrestlers walk away. And they have been mostly replaced with dancers and models that receive minimal training in the ring.

    Instead of a roster that consists of nine or ten natural wrestlers and four valets, we now have four or five semi-active wrestlers and about eight would-be valets that get more screen time than the true wrestlers.

    This concept has turned the once-respected Divas division into a complete joke.

    But the saddest part is that the Creative team is failing to protect their own product, and that is especially true with the girls who know how to work and cut promos.

    With that said, we will look at 10 of the most self-destructive Divas moments in recent memory.

Honorable Mention: Divas Mistletoe on a Pole Match

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    This is what happens when a stupid idea collides with a very stupid idea.

    From one side, there is the fact that all moves will be constricted when a performer is wearing non-traditional wrestling gear.

    And then there is what many refer to as the "Vince Russo Special": a random item placed on a pole.

    Like oil and water being mixed together, this match creates unfavorable results.

    First, you have a bunch of Divas running around like headless chickens.

    And then there is the fact that Brie Bella "wins" a kiss with any Superstar instead of the Divas Championship match that she originally wanted.

    But she doesn't seem to mind at all. What good goals she has!

10. Diva Tag Team Match at WrestleMania 26

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    This is why a non-wrestler or authority figure should not get in the ring.

    Vickie Guerrero's performance in this match was painful to watch. She stole the show, but not in a good way.

    Had there been another heel diva instead of Vickie in this 10-Diva Tag Team match, it would have been 10 times better. Maybe it wouldn't be one of those matches where everyone says, "I'm here to hit my finisher, and nothing else."

    Speaking of which, there were multiple botches during those chained finishers. And I think Kelly forgot to keep her shoulders down during the pin.

    Vickie's tribute to Eddie is the only reason why this slide isn't higher.

9. Alicia Fox Sidelines Beth Phoenix

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    Alicia Fox must have been playing Super Mario Bros 3 before this match.

    She stomped on poor Beth Phoenix's face like it was a Goomba.

    And she was prancing down the aisle while wearing a Tanooki Suit.

    It was only a matter of time before she injured someone with those nasty kicks.

    After a perfect pair of botches and legitimately injuring Beth, Alicia cuts a babyface promo and gets booed out of the building.

    Maybe she should have wore the Fire Suit.

8. Kelly Kelly Is "Voted" into a Title Match

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    This match is bad for a couple of reasons.

    First, Kelly Kelly spends the entire match screaming like a banshee.

    But if you listen closely, you can hear Brie Bella telling Kelly exactly what to do for each spot.

    And that is supposed to be Trish's replacement? Great job, Funkman.

    In addition, Kelly was voted into this match by the "people."

    Really? Is that all it takes to get a title shot?

    Once again, looks and personality are pushed in front of the act of proving oneself in the ring.

    But of course, we all know that the votes were rigged!

7. Michael Cole Interrupts Divas Championship Match

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    "Enough already! Enough with this match!"

    Those were the words of Michael Cole during a very "riveting" Divas Title match.

    He has never interrupted a match with male wrestlers, or "Superstars" as Vince calls them.

    So why would he do this to the Divas?

    Apparently, he had better things to discuss.

    Even though most of the fans were jeering Cole, many of the dudes were seen on camera cheering and clapping for all of Michael's words. And that is a very telling sign.

    If the WWE doesn't care about the Divas division, then why should we?

6. Lay-Cool Destroys the Women's Championship Belt

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    This one is short but very aggravating.

    In 2010, Layla El and Michelle McCool both co-defended the singular Women's Championship.

    If this extreme liberty on the "Freebird Rule" wasn't bad enough, they somehow accidentally split the title belt into two pieces that each girl would carry on their shoulders.

    With this operation, any remnant of the "Attitude Era" Divas became officially dead.

5. Snooki-Mania

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    Aside from the fact that this match could have been a singles bout between John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler, we have yet another instance of a non-wrestler taking up a WrestleMania spot.

    Also, the non-wrestler happens to be a female celebrity that is primary known for getting punched in the face by a man—and also having a love for pickles.

    Plus, Snooki was only in the match for about 30 seconds. All of that hype and so little ring time? What a waste!

    As soon as the "guidette" tagged in, she was greeted with "X-Pac heat." Nice work, Atlanta.

    I am a fan of Trish, but this is clearly a one-shot appearance that could have been saved for one of those three-hour episodes of Raw and not the "grandest stage of them all."

4. Kaitlyn Versus Maxine on NXT

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    In this slide, we are given a prime example of putting Divas on TV before they are ready. Which happens a lot in the WWE, if you haven't noticed.

    This match was voted "Worst Worked Match Of 2010" by Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

    And for good reason.

    Both of these ladies were greener than goose poop. They look like two sisters play-fighting on a mattress, and they should not have been in a competition that leads to a full-time WWE contract.

    In fact, everything seen in this match is probably what Snooki would have done if she went three minutes straight.

    The crowd was completely dead for this one, at least until Michael Cole made a phone call during the match, which drew the only reaction during this cringe-inducing segment.

    The "coaching" from the NXT pros didn't help things, either. As quiet as the audience was, why did they even need microphones?

    Kaitlyn did not win this season because she deserved to win. She won because the fans loved to hate on her pro, Vickie Guerrero. That's it.

3. The "Piggy James" Incident

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    There aren't any jokes in this slide.

    This is one Diva making fun of another Diva for some alleged weight issues, a touchy subject that affects women all around the world.

    Not only is Mickie one of the best-looking Divas, she's also one of the best in the ring.

    But again, the problem is that she looks more like a "wrestler" and less like the "Barbie Dolls" that make up the majority of today's Divas.

    The Divas division should consist of all women of different shapes and ethnicities.

    When the girls like Mickie are treated like this, they are alienating a huge portion of fans, and perhaps current and future talents as well.

    Which leads directly to our next slide...

2. Natalya's Flatulence Gimmick

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    It goes without saying that Natalya is wrestling royalty.

    She's the daughter of Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, the niece of Bret "The Hitman" Hart and the granddaughter of Stu Hart.

    So, how did this happen?

    It is doubtful that such a humiliating gimmick would be given to Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres or another one of the "hot chick" Divas.

    Seemingly, the better one is in the ring, the more likely they would be given nonsense like this to run with.

    This treatment needs to stop immediately.

    And if it doesn't, TNA will soon have the only women's division on TV. Ask Gail Kim.

1. 'Santina Marella' Wins Divas Battle Royale

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    What's worse than a Diva taking on bad gimmicks and sloppy opponents? How about losing to a man dressed like a Diva?

    In a move that would make Dustin Hoffman proud, Santino Marella dresses in drag, pretends to be his own sister and then competes in a Divas Battle Royal—which he won.

    Where did it take place? You guessed it, WrestleMania! And they even gave him a little crown, too.

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is our WWE Divas division.

    If you let Vince tell it, it's better than Shimmer, WSU, the TNA Knockouts and joshi puroresu combined into one.

    While that statement has the potential to be true, we are light years away from that reality.

    There is a webpage on the WWE website for giving feedback on the current product, but as of this writing, it is experiencing technical difficulties. Just like its Divas division. How ironic.

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    As a bonus slide, I leave you with a reminder of what a good Divas moment should look like, and what it should become once again.

    Take care!