WWE CvC: Who Was the Most Deserving of a Second Chance with the WWE?

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIJune 12, 2011

The voting for the latest WWE CvC has now reached its deadline.

After counting all of the votes for the entries it is safe to say that a winner has been declared.

After reading all of the entries, the votes were given to those writers who you believed to have given the best-presented case.

Here were the choices:

Hamster Fan - Mr. Anderson

Ryan Frye - Carlito 

Dan Power - Deuce and Domino

Alex Baker - Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin 

Chinmay - Batista 

RiZE - Rob Van Dam

Charlie Groenewegen - Jeff Hardy 

Tyson Jones - "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero 

Joe Burgett - Gavin Spears

Iam D Real Deal Yo - Kurt Angle 

Jacob Waring - Luke Gallows

There was no disappointment as this competition was quite close although it can be argued that some votes were made based on bias, what's done is done and the winner of this CvC is Hamster Fan

Congratulations goes to the winner and each of the participants but it seems that most people believed that Mr. Anderson is the most deserving former WWE superstar of a second chance.

Honorable mentions go to fellow writers Ryan Frye, Dan Power, Alex Baker, Chinmay, RiZE, Charlie Groenewegen, Tyson Jones, Joe Burgett, Iam D Real Deal Yo, and Jacob Waring. 

Each writer presented their case well.

Ryan Frye for making it short and to the point while addressing all of the needed criteria to prove that Carlito deserved a second chance the most. 

Dan Power for going the underrated route of tag teams with a team of lesser-known wrestlers known as Deuce and Domino and making a well-written case for them as most deserving of a second chance.

Alex Baker for writing on a tag team as well, although a more appreciated one, and making it a good argument for Haas and Benjamin to return to the WWE.

Chinmay for making a case that lives up to his status as featured columnist and showing why Batista deserves a second chance.

RiZE for writing a good article as always and showing that RVD deserves that chance the most.

Charlie for doing well in his first ever CvC by making Jeff Hardy look like a standout deserving of a second chance.

Tyson Jones for making his name known by stating and addressing the Pope as a front-runner for a return and another chance.

Joe Burgett for going the distance and choosing perhaps the most unknown superstar in Gavin Spears as a deserving superstar of a second chance.

Deal for making a worthy case and one that definitely got my vote with his article and well-thought out argument as to why Kurt Angle deserved a second chance.

And Jacob Waring for having the guts to diss everyone's picks and making a good article in itself and not relying on the putting down everyone to get votes while making a strong case for Luke Gallows as most deserving of that second chance.

All in all, congratulations to everyone for making this an outstanding and tough CvC but like any competition, only one person can come out on top.

Once again, thanks to the contributors, writers, readers, and voters alike for making this CvC a success. Hopefully, the same success can be retained for the next CvC!