CvC: Prowrestling Legend Kurt Angle, And Why He Deserves Another WWE Run

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IMay 31, 2011

"You do not boo an Olympic Gold Medalist. I'm the best in the world. I came here for you. You don't boo me."-Kurt Angle.

Kurt Steven Angle, a time tested thoroughbred and vastly experienced pro-wrestling professional has been a part of the pro wrestling business for 15 years now.

He has gone from debuting in ECW for a short stint, to a highly successful eight-year run with the WWE to a small run with New Japan and is currently working for TNA.

As all of you are aware, this edition of Creature vs. Creature centers around the particular superstar who DESERVES a second run with the company.

Now obviously there are going to be many potential names which are going to be thrown into the mix, but Kurt Angle in my honest opinion, deserves a second chance more than anyone else does.

The reasons are many, and allow me to break them down, no holds barred.

But before I begin, allow me to tell you that the point of the article is just to make my case as to why Kurt Angle deserves a second chance with the WWE, barring what his feelings are about making his return to the company.


The Biggest Advantage: Kurt Angle Adds to the Star Power on the WWE Roster

In the course of one year, the WWE has lost big names like Shawn Michaels, Batista, Edge, Chris Jericho and to a certain extent, Triple H and The Undertaker as well, since they work matches on a very rare basis.

What this has done is, it has severely cut down the list of proven main eventers who could main event and carry a brand if needed. As a result, we are stuck with seeing John Cena and Randy Orton as the top faces on RAW and SmackDown, respectively.

Apart from these two potential faces, we hardly have any contenders who can challenge them on a regular basis. On RAW, The Miz has already been taken away from the main event scene and that has left Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk as the only two men with proven credibility to challenge Cena for the belt.

With Punk on his way out, it leaves only one contender for John Cena, until and unless the company builds a new star. And we know that it does take a couple of months to build up a new star who is believable as a top star.

The condition on SmackDown is even worse. Christian is the only guy with potential by his side to challenge Randy Orton.

Wade Barrett who had gained a lot of credibility courtesy the CeNexus feud, has lost most of it and is now booked to put Ezekiel Jackson over.

Sheamus, on the other hand, stands as the only other superstar who can challenge Randy Orton at the moment. Even though, he himself has been poorly booked of late.

Now imagine if Kurt Angle joins the roster. Courtesy of his status as a veteran, he can join the company, and become the face of any brand any day of the week and the crowd will still buy it.

Because let us be honest, he has proven himself as a main event mainstay already and it will be a nice to see some new rivalries in the main event scene, which might become stale soon if the current trend continues.


Advantage: Kurt Angle's star power will help young and upcoming stars

 Let us be honest, to push a new star to the top and to give him some credibility, you have to allow him to go over big talent so that he/she gets respect from the crowd. Kurt Angle is one such guy who can put many younger stars over as well, thus further helping push out more top-notch stars.

One thing we need to realize is, Kurt Angle is NOT going to be the hottest commodity when he comes back to the company. John Cena and Randy Orton will always be the two top faces.

Wait? how can I provide a counter point for my own selection? Well, Kurt Angle NOT being a really hot commodity is actually a blessing in disguise for the company.

The thing is, Vince McMahon is currently enjoying the support of many viewers under his umbrella and is happy making money by allowing the top money earners to carry the company. The constant victories by these men results in holding back of talent which comes up.

However, with Kurt Angle, this won't be the problem. Vince won't use him to squash and tear down other faces cause he will know that Kurt Angle is not to be used to carry a brand. And THIS, is the blessing in disguise, Kurt Angle thus can be and will be used to put more talent over.

And let us be honest, the experienced player of the game that he is, it will be but child's play for him to put stars over.

And if you have been watching WWE for the past 5-6 years, you will know that not making new stars and holding back those who are starting to top the popularity charts for the sake of keeping the same guys at the top, is one of the blunders which Mr. McMahon has committed.

The company is the question, Kurt Angle IS THE ANSWER.

Advantage: Positive Impact on the Ratings

As I said above, Kurt Angle won't be the hottest commodity if he comes back to the company. But, one can't ignore his popularity and the fact that Kurt Angle will bring back many old school fans.

And one of the reasons why this is going to happen is because of NOSTALGIA.

Many things which might be stale to a couple of fans. But, the things/angles/wrestlers which we grew up watching will never ever get old. Let me be honest, John Cena is having one of the most stale runs of his career. But then, I grew up watching the Superman do all the things he is criticized for today.

Do I agree with the criticism? To a certain extent, Yes! But does that mean I will say anything against it? No, because my memories with the WWE do involve SuperCena.

Same can be said for Kurt Angle. He rose to the top in the Attitude Era. The Era which has been credited for bringing in maximum viewers and Kurt Angle was a part of it. Once the Era died down and the WWE made some changes to the product, those fans left.

But when Kurt Angle returns, those fans will be wanting to see him in the WWE again. Imagine the initial boost the ratings will get. Plus, seeing as he will be coming from the rival brand, he will bring his faithful followers along with him as well, those who followed him to a different company.

Whether WWE manages to run with the initial momentum or not is secondary, but imagine as to what could, a return  for the company do.

The ratings are bound to get a positive boost, just because many of those fans who saw him when they first started watching pro wrestling, are going to want to see him in the same company, again.

Advantage: Kurt Angle has all the talent in the World

 I may be quoting the obvious here, the talent that Kurt Angle has, is good enough to make the WWE give him another run with the company.

Kurt Angle is one of the best wrestlers in the world today. He presents a good mix of technical skills and moves which only a few can perform.

Kurt Angle also has a really good report card when it comes to wrestling. He has fought some of the really great matches in the past, putting on matches worth remembering with ease. His match with Shawn Michaels was one of his best.

He can work the microphone with ease as well. He is known to have cut some the really good intriguing promos in the past as well. In my knowledge, he can cut good promos both as a face and as a heel. His rapping act where he dissed John Cena has to be one of the most entertaining promos we have seen.

He also has the ability of cutting good heel promos and getting the crowd fired up into hating on him. Not only this, but he can do comedy, he can be intense, he can even be a B****RD when the situation calls for. That's versatility right there.

Talk about charisma? Charisma is the ability to connect with the crowd. While playing heel, Kurt Angle managed to make the crowd hate him to the tee. The mere fact that people chanted "You S**K" at the top of their voices, every time he came out to wrestle proves just how much the crowd used to be into him.

As a face, he managed to be a crowd pleaser as well. Whether he had to cut an intense promo talking about America and the country's pride or he had to mock a heel, he will do it and come out with flying colors.

So you see, Kurt Angle has all the talent needed to get a second shot with the company.

But this is not it. One advantage of having Kurt Angle which many have forgotten is...

Advantage: He has been there, done that.

By that what I mean is, he won't have to go through any developmental leagues as he has already been through it and as a result the company could bring him live the moment he signs the contract.

He has been the champion on many occasions as well, so he knows how to work whether you are a champion or not.

So neither is any time wasted in bringing up a new star, but also, the signing is highly effective and bound to be beneficial for the WWE.

Signing Kurt Angle or bringing him back will be a Calculated Move where you are sure that your decisions will work in your favor. Giving him another chance, will be one such move.

Let us look at the various things the WWE lacks at the moment; They lack star power, they lack new stars, they lack people who can put new stars over, they lack stars who are well aware with the WWE's scheme of things, they lack versatile talent who can do many things, they lack people who can cater to the old school fans, come to think of it, they lack a lot of things. And the answer to all those questions; IS Kurt Angle.

I will round up my article by saying that, there are a lot of things which the WWE needs to the moment and Kurt Angle, is one of the Biggest things they need.

The point is, Kurt Angle Can Save US.

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