WWE CvC: Jeff Hardy Deserves a Second Chance with WWE

Charlie GSenior Writer IMay 29, 2011

"The Charismatic Enigma," "The Rainbow-Haired Warrior," "The Anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling."

Jeff Hardy.

A name most wrestling fans, young and old, know. 

A tag team wrestling pioneer and a dare devil.

Early in Jeff's career he won plenty of championships. Singles championships and tag team championships. 

Jeff Hardy debuted in 1998 as one half of the Hardy Boyz and helped revolutionize tag team wrestling.

It would take Jeff 10 long years to reach the top of the mountain and finally win a much deserved World Heavyweight Championship belt.

It was December 2008, Armageddon. 

WWE Championship Match: Triple H vs. Edge vs. Jeff Hardy.

That night, Jeff Hardy won his first-ever world title.

Jeff's first reign as World Champion would only last about one month as he would lose the title to Edge at Royal Rumble thanks to interference by Matt Hardy.

Matt and Jeff would feud with each other for a few months and Jeff would end the feud championship bound.

Jeff Hardy would defeat Edge at Extreme Rules for the World Heavyweight Championship only to lose it moments later to CM Punk and his Money in the Bank briefcase.

Following that night, CM Punk and Jeff Hardy would start a World title feud that would eventually be named the 2009 Feud of the Year by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Hardy was at an all-time high at this moment. 

He was arguably the most popular wrestler, not only in the WWE, but maybe the world. His merchandise sales skyrocketed and he was adored by fans of all ages across the globe. Jeff Hardy could've been the face of the WWE and even bigger than current face, John Cena.

Jeff Hardy won the world title for a third time when he defeated CM Punk at Night of Champions. 

CM Punk would use his rematch for the SummerSlam event where Jeff Hardy had the extreme moment of the year but would end the night in defeat.

In late August CM Punk defeated Jeff Hardy in a cage match that forced Hardy out of the WWE.

On January 4, 2010 Jeff Hardy shocked the world by returning to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

Jeff immediately became a major player in TNA by defeating the likes of AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson, Desmond Wolfe, Sting and Beer Money.

When RVD was forced to drop the TNA World Title, Jeff threw his name into a tournament where the two finalists would fight for the grandest prize and at the grandest stage in TNA. A World title match at Bound For Glory.

Jeff won the belt and turned heel on 10/10/10 and joined Hogan and Bischoff in Immortal.

Hardy successfully defended the title and became a top heel in TNA. 

Hardy lost his title to Mr. Anderson at Genesis but regained it a month later at Against All Odds in a ladder match.

Jeff wouldn't even have the title for two weeks before losing it to a returning Sting on March 3rd. Hardy would use his rematch at Victory Road but lose in record time.

Since Victory Road, Jeff hasn't been seen in TNA and Immortal officially cut their ties with him.

Who deserves a second chance in WWE?

Plenty of people come to mind. Ken Anderson, Kurt Angle, Carlito, MVP, Matt Morgan, RVD, "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero and many more. The one man that stood out in my mind was Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy does things nobody else does. Jeff has put his body on the line countless times. He's been through hell and suffered for our entertainment.

He can play the role as a top babyface or top heel in WWE if given the chance.

Jeff Hardy is one of a kind. Who else would do some of the things Jeff did?

Who remembers the night that Jeff Hardy did a Swanton Bomb off the Raw set onto Randy Orton?  

Who remembers the night Jeff Hardy hit a Swanton Bomb on Mr. Anderson?

Who can forget Hardy's Slammy Award winning moment at SummerSlam in 2009?

Who can forget when Jeff Hardy stole the show at WrestleMania?

Out of all the other options in this Creature vs. Creature challenge, Jeff Hardy is the most deserving of a second chance in the WWE.

As an example, I will always remember Luke Gallows, not as Luke Gallows, but as Festus. A big idiot who would freak out at the sound of a bell.

You can deny Jeff Hardy for his drug issues, but there's no denying his love and passion for what he does. 


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