WWE CvC: Ken Anderson Is the Most Deserving Star of a Second Chance with the WWE

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIJune 4, 2011

Whenever you hear of a person who deserves a second chance, you think of a person who had a chance to be a star and be on top of the world yet weren't able to reach it due to unpredicted circumstances that affected their career.

You think of someone who was most likely let go prematurely before they had a chance to develop or make it, yet they have shown enough outside of the WWE to be at least thought about as a rehired employee.

Stars such as Kurt Angle, Carlito, RVD, Pope, Batista, Shelton Benjamin, and Jeff Hardy may quickly come to mind. Other unknowns may also come to mind as well such as Gavin Spears, Luke Gallows, Charlie Haas, and Deuce & Domino.

Yet a person who may pop up first into the minds of many people is also the person who I believe deserves a second chance with the WWE the most. He can help the company the most, more than any already established veteran who has already done all that there is to do in this business and even more than any unestablished star who still needs to develop into the WWE Universe's minds as a legit star.

Why? Because he's established. He's a star. He hails from Green Bay, Wisconsin. His name is, in case you couldn't guess, Mr. Anderson.....Anderson. 

Formerly known as Mr. Kennedy in the WWE, after being released foolishly by that same company, he ventured into a company known as TNA or Impact Wrestling as it's currently called. He came into the company with the same introduction that we had known him for. He was ready to announce his name to the world when he interrupted himself after "Mister" and instead of saying "Kennedy" he said "Anderson". Thus, Ken Anderson was born and with this career revival came the showing of a real main event star.

With this sudden revival, came the birth of an "A**hole" and Mr. Anderson is now showing the WWE why it was a mistake to let him go. Honestly, I'm not sure if the WWE really wanted him to go but even if they didn't, he's still gone from that company.

Anyways, Ken Anderson is the most deserving former WWE superstar of a second chance. 

Why? Well, first of all, let's look at the facts.

To be a WWE superstar you need a lot of things such as mic skills, ring skills, the look, an entertaining finisher, and charisma.

 Ken Anderson has all of these things and possibly more. 

Ring skills? Check. Mic skills? No duh! Finisher? Of course! Even his finisher is named the Mic Check! The look? Why, just look at him. Charisma? The man defines charisma!

Even the WWE recognized that they had something special in this man with unlimited potential.

They gave him many pushes yet for one reason or another, it didn't always go the way that they had planned.

He was once reported to be the one to come out as Vince McMahon's illegitimate son and he was also going to receive a push that would've lasted a year starting from his Money in the Bank victory all the way to the next year's Wrestlemania where he would've cashed it in for a championship shot. Yet, injuries and certain complaints prevented him from ever reaching his full potential.

WWE must certainly be killing themselves now though because Mr. Anderson could've and should've saved the company. He was well on the path to becoming the next face of the company! Yet, the company let him go.

Ken Anderson deserves to come back with a second chance because he can honestly help the company more than harm it.

Let's look at the company's current state and see how he could've helped revolutionize the business.

Lack of Stars:

I basically covered a part of this earlier, yet want to make myself more clear. WWE is currently in a state where it is lacking main event stars. John Cena, Alberto Del Rio, the Miz, R-Truth, Rey Mysterio, CM Punk, and John Morrison can all be considered at the top of the RAW card but for the Smackdown side, we've only got Randy Orton, Christian, Sheamus, and Mark Henry(?). Four main event players just won't do it.

If Mr. Anderson were to come back, he would be able to contribute to the lack of real main event stars just by making his presence known. He can get right back to where he left off and provide a fresh face in the main event scene.  


In case you couldn't tell by now, the WWE is basically pushing new stars or at least trying to push them.

With Mr. Anderson you don't have to try to push him because he is already a star.

He can get an enormous reaction from the crowd whether as a face or heel because he has enough charisma to captivate them into waiting to hear for the next words that will come out of his mouth.

He knows how to get the crowd to eat off of the palm of his hand and can provide the change that is needed for the audience as he can get edgy while also being funny. He can play any role well, adapting, improvising, and innovating when needed to. In short terms, he's well-rounded and in the WWE, it's a must because it is what separates the true stars from the rising stars.


Let's face it, to have an entertaining show you need entertaining rivalries. As a fresh face in the main event scene, Mr. Anderson can feud with the likes of John Cena, the Miz, John Morrison, CM Punk, Christian, and the man blamed to be the cause of his release, the World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton. There is already some real bad blood between the two men and a feud on TV may make it quite entertaining to the audience as we can watch a feud with realistic hate between the two competitors.

Ken Anderson has already proved that he can perform well both on the mic and in the ring, especially when he's put in an intensely interesting rivalry. He's proven it in feuds against Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Sting, and even the Undertaker himself. If he were to go back to the WWE, the feuds that Anderson can be involved in are limitless and he can provide a spark to a show that has lost it in the past few months.


Possibly the biggest reason as to why Ken Anderson should come back.

Redemption: an act of redeeming or the state of being redeemed.

This word can basically describe how Ken Anderson would make a name for himself in the WWE.

He will redeem himself if he were to come back by proving all of the doubters wrong.

He will make all the naysayers eat their words.

He will prove them wrong.

"Nice guys finish last. Thank God I'm an A**hole!" - Mr. Anderson

He's been the nice guy for far too long and it is what ruined his WWE career in the first place. Now, he's an a**hole looking to get a chance at redemption.

He will show those haters who say that he ruined his pushes because he was to "careless" in the ring that he isn't careless at all. If he was, then why has he not legitimately injured someone. In fact, he is the one to be injured by "careless in-ring work" (I'm looking at you Jeff Hardy).

He will show those people who say that he is nothing but decent in the ring wrong by putting on more 5-star matches aside from his already well received matches with Kurt Angle and Undertaker.

He will prove everyone wrong and will make the company rue the day that they fired Ken Anderson due to "injury" by returning to become WWE champion. He will accomplish his dream because he is an a**hole.

He can do all of this with a second chance.

Nice guys finish last. Ken Anderson learned that the hard way last time and he won't make that mistake again. 

He was at the wrong place at the wrong time, when he was the final opponent of Eddie Guerrero and Umaga's careers and when he was fired due to working too "rough".

Now, that he has found a way to make his potential into something, he can be a welcome addition to the WWE.

Ken Anderson, a man with potential who was fired due to bad circumstances, is the most deserving superstar of a second chance.........second chance.