WWE CvC: Gavin Spears Deserves a Second Chance with WWE

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIMay 28, 2011

When the Creature vs Creature opportunity came up again, I felt I had to throw my hat in. Especially when it was about this topic. It was about which former WWE Superstar should get a second chance with the company.

Now, a lot of names are going to come out. Some like RVD, Ken Kennedy, Kurt Angle, etc. But, those are the ones we expect to see, right?

So, why not throw some new blood into the competition, especially when the guy I'm going to talk about should have never been released by WWE in the first place.

Ronnie Arneill, aka Shawn Spears and aka Gavin Spears (WWE) was at one time, considered the hottest young name in WWE.

Spears was introduced to us through the new Superstar initiative on ECW that the then-ECW General Manager, Teddy Long, laid out.

Spears was actually one of the first introduced to us, and was considered the best young superstar in the ECW locker room. He was given the gimmick, of the Crown Jewel of the New Superstar Initiative.

He competed with both ECW and FCW, seeing as he was still having to complete his work with Florida Championship Wrestling under his developmental deal with them.

Spears was one of the last developmental talents used from OVW. He was with them for a while, and then was moved with other WWE developmentals to FCW when WWE cut off affiliations with all other areas but one, FCW.

Spears, upon arriving to FCW, was quickly pushed. He even won the Tag Team titles with them. He had great mic ability and ring skill, which WWE saw. They then allowed him to go up to the ECW brand, where we all were introduced to him as I mentioned earlier.

When we first saw him, he looked great. He was used as a heel with WWE and in his first match, he beat Super Crazy. Quickly people saw former WWE Superstars in him, even current ones.

He looked like a young Curt Hennig in the ring, had the look of a guy like Rick Rude, and some methodical in ring skill like Randy Orton.

Then his mic work, while it wasn't the top level of WWE, was good enough for where he was on the roster. He had the best mic skills of any new Superstar in WWE at the time.

WWE believed in him so much, they allowed him to work all the FCW events and work with ECW for a few weeks. He then got so busy, he missed ECW time and was with FCW almost full time. He then finally got to ECW again, and lost to Finlay. Then he was released by WWE.

Many were shocked WWE let him go. As a matter of fact, the entire ECW roster was hit by surprise by it. They kept people such as Ricky Ortiz for a while, whom Spears beat.

Spears actually broke his hand just a day before he was released by WWE, some thought this may have led to WWE letting him go. But, I feel WWE already had the idea of letting him go in mind.

Spears is still very young, and has been ripping it up on the Indy scene since leaving WWE. He even had a stint in Ring of Honor. He worked a dark match with TNA, in hopes of getting on with them, but, it didn't work out, even though Spears was said to of had a great performance.

Spears is very technical in the ring, and as a Canadian, there is no shock hearing that. And his mic skill has gotten even better.

What kills me, is trying to figure out why the top promotions in America seem to not want Spears. He has all the skills to be a World Champion in any promotion, yet can't get a job with top groups anymore?

He still works with numerous Indy promotions throughout North America.

Until this day, many are confused why Spears was let go and random suckish names were allowed to stay. Spears is young and has all the skill to be a top name in WWE. Why he's not working with them is beyond me.

Maybe he can one day do an interview with us here at B/R and tell us why. Until then, we'll all be left to wonder.


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