WWE CvC: Batista Deserves a Second Chance, and WWE Better Oblige

ChinmaySenior Analyst IIJune 6, 2011

May 24, 2010 marked an ignominious exit of one of the biggest WWE stars of the last decade. Yes, I am talking about Dave Batista.

Batista, along with John Cena, was in the forefront of new breed. His feuds with Triple H, Edge, Undertaker and John Cena were some of the best feuds of the last decade. Today, we can rank him amongst the greatest world heavyweight champions. I guess such a resume speaks volumes about the accomplishments of this man. 

As we proceed, first we will have a look at his career in short, and then we’ll have a look at some of the aspects of present state of WWE. It will put a lot of things in perspective 

Batista's career blossomed when he was already on the wrong side of his 30's. When he started his stint with WWE, he was just another mass of flesh. With Triple H and Evolution, Batista also evolved as a performer. His charisma was not still supported by adequate ring work, but he had the potential. WWE took a chance, and it paid off fabulous dividends.

I'll not deny that Batista was not highly enthralling as a face. However, he was as over with the crowd as John Cena. He had an intensity and brute strength that never once appeared phony. His promos were not exactly entertaining, but his presence was strong enough to hide his deficiencies in this department.

After a strong run as the World Heavyweight Championship and five years as a huge face, Batista turned heel in late 2009. This was the moment of renaissance for his career.

For once, his monstrous strength and bestial intensity found the perfect channel. His entire move set was tailor made for a dominant heel, so it was fitting. His promos improved to a point where they were menacing and bad-ass. It was the same time when rumours of his departure from WWE started to float.

In what would be his last rivalry, he started feuding with John Cena. Finally, we found a heel who could demolish John Cena and still seem credible. After a string of good and extremely physical matches, Batista lost to Cena in an “I Quit” match, and then on the following night, on May 24 2010, he retired from the WWE in a despicable way.

Just fast forward one year, and we will realize that WWE is already missing him badly. Apart from Sheamus, the only monster heel WWE has is the poor man’s Batista: Mason Ryan. Not exactly a comforting thought, right?

WWE at this moment needs somebody with a presence that will overshadow John Cena and Randy Orton when they face off. WWE needs brute intensity and charisma. I’ll be even more specific; it is Batista’s home, SmackDown, that needs it for its life.

I’ll briefly explain how does it help to SmackDown if Batista comes back.

As we all know, SmackDown is heel heavy at this moment, and with Randy Orton at the top, no heel has a bright future. The way Randy has been booked, there is no heel that can look credible while destroying Orton. The recent heel turn of Christian may make us optimistic, but we would be better off if we do not dream. Everything at SmackDown leads to a dead end. It’s a jigsaw puzzle without a central piece.

Believe me, the answer to this puzzle, the missing link, is Batista. Batista is a person who can toy with Orton all he wants, and the audience will believe it. Secondly, if he returns, then either Randy Orton can turn heel, and Batista can take over as the face of the brand. It can happen in one night and be totally rational. On the other hand, Batista can remain the mega-heel he was upon leaving and push Orton to unprecedented limits.

Either way, he will provide a much needed cushion to other faces or heels to blossom in his shadow, as he will take the pressure off of every performer.

Now, you might ask me that in such a scenario, it is a case where WWE needs more than the case of Batista deserving it. Secondly, he is already over 40; don’t we need younger guys?

I’ll answer the second question first, then I will move on to the absolute crux of this article. Batista is indeed old, but he is still in really good shape. He can still perform for two to three years at the highest level. When most of the big stars have already left, we need a mega star to elevate new people. Batista is one such person.

Now we come to the most important part. Let we explain why Batista “deserves” it. We use the term “deserve” for a second chance, when somebody is wronged.

Let me say it aloud that Batista was wronged by WWE in a massive way. Now, please have a look at the article image. For a star of such a magnitude, the exit on wheelchair was no less than a disgrace.  

We are talking about a monster face, who, until Cena took over, was primed to be the face of WWE. There was a mega-star, who for half a decade carried SmackDown, along with Edge and Undertaker. He later became the monster heel and reigned on the top of the food chain. He was not only entertaining, but also credible, while tearing John Cena apart.

Moreover, he had helped a lot to build the brand of SmackDown. Without him, it would have never been the same. He came to the company after multiple injuries, just to work for the company and to entertain us day in and day out.

I agree that he had his flaws as a person. He had differences with the direction of company, and he wanted to leave. But I am damn sure he would have never been pleased to leave in such a demeaning manner.

I just want to say that WWE has to redeem itself by offering Batista a second chance and a proper farewell. He deserves it, his fans deserve it and WWE needs to oblige.

I rest my case my lord, my readers.