WWE CvC: The World's Greatest Tag Team Deserves a Second Chance

Alex BakerCorrespondent IIIJune 1, 2011

Well, it's time for my Creature vs. Creature article and so far, some stiff competition has been presented by the other writers. Everyone from Rod Van Dam to Gavin "Someone Remembers Me?" Spears have been presented as wrestlers deserving a second run in the WWE.

However, my entry is going to be a little different. I'm not writing abut giving one guy a second chance. No, my article is going to be about the possible return of a tag team, but not just any tag team: The world's greatest tag team.

Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Hass, (aka The World's Greatest Tag Team or Team Angle) are two very interesting cases of the WWE not using talented wrestlers to their true potential (for more information, please turn your attention to the careers of Chavo Guerrero, Golddust, Evan Bourne, CM Punk—you get my point). Both have great in-ring skills and could be main-event stars for any company, but together they're one of the the best tag teams out there today.

Now, I could easily write a full article on why Shelton Benjamin or Charlie Hass deserve a second chance, but the reason bringing them back would be a great move is because the WWE's tag team division is a complete disaster.

Seven of the last 10 tag team champions have been two singles wrestlers paired together. As a wrestling fan who grew up with tag teams like The Dudleys, The Hardys and Edge and Christian, this is probably what saddens me the most about the WWE today, and that's saying something. What the WWE needs is more credible tag teams and I'm here to sell them on just that.

Shelton Benjamin started off his career in OVW with future main-eventer Brock Lesnar as the Minnesota Stretching Crew. Charlie Hass was a part of one of the best independent tag teams of all time with his brother, the late, great Russ Hass. 

They were both brought up to form the heel stable Team Angle, named after their manager Kurt Angle. The duo went on to win the WWE Tag Team Championships against Los Guerreros on February 6, 2003. They held onto the tag titles for several months before dropping them to Eddie Guerrero and Tajiri. After that, Angle fired them and sent the two packing, which led them to reinvent themselves as The World's Greatest Tag Team.

They regained the belts later that year before the team was separated by the arch nemesis of any successful tag team: the WWE draft.

Shelton went on to compete for the intercontinental title on SmackDown, while Hass formed tag teams with Hardcore Holly (another victim of wasted talent) and Rico. Then in late 2006, the two reunited to face The Highlanders and feud with Cryme Tyme, but were never able to regain the titles before the pair were separated yet again by the WWE draft (damn you, WWE Creative!!!)

Both were subsequently released over the next few years, ended up signing with Ring of Honor late last year and are currently the ROH Tag Team Champions (ROH: Where tag teams matter).

The reason I think The World's Greatest Tag Team should get a second chance with the WWE is because they both are great wrestlers with great talent. If you watched ROH's PPV Honor Takes Center Stage, you saw one of the best tag team matchups in recent history when they won the belts against The Kings of Wrestling (another great team). This match had it all: great spots, drama, a great face/heel dynamic and a fantastic finish—you have to see this match.

Benjamin is one of the most athletic wrestlers in the business today, while Hass is a fantastic mat wrestler and together, they are a damn good pairing in the ring.

Now, you could make the argument that neither is great on the mic, but I feel that they are both not all that bad, as the video to the side shows. I think their in-ring ability more than makes up for that, and let's face it: When's the last time a tag team got time on the mic (other than Big Show and Kane)?

Also, look at the state of the WWE's tag team division. You have The Jobbers (my pet name for the New Nexus pairings), The Corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre, The Italian and The Russian, Zack Ryder and Not Zack Ryder, the Hip Hop Samoans and whatever singles wrestlers the WWE can think of at the time.

The division as a whole needs tag teams like Benjamin and Hass.

If you look at the rest of the wrestlers that have been named by the other writers for this CvC, you start to see a pattern. Many were released because they had drug or alcohol problems, or didn't have the right gimmick.

Neither "The Gold Standard" nor the Creator of the Hass of Pain left on bad terms or had substance abuse problems. Neither are hard to work with and both have no problem putting a guy over.

So in closing, Vince (because I know your reading this), bring these guys back. You'd be doing yourself and the fans a favor. You need more exciting guys like Shelton Benjamin and more technical superstars like Charlie Hass to balance out your love of wrestlers...I mean, entertainers that can't wrestler...I mean, entertain (The Great Khali and Mark "Sexual Chocolate" Henry still have a job and Benjamin and Hass were let go—this baffles me).

Neither have any personal demons or personalities that keep them from being great entertainers, nor do they lack the in-ring skills to get over with the crowd. They are the perfect tag team to come back and revolutionize the stale division.

Oh, who am I kidding, more than likely the tag team titles won't be defended for several PPVs, then The Jobbers eventually drop them on Raw to the thrown-together team of The Shockmaster and The Ye-TAY!!! Then John Cena will come out and not quit, while Randy Orton does more headlocks and hits the ground like a 4-year-old having a temper tantrum.

On second thought, Shelton, Charlie—just stay on ROH. At least there your talents will not go to waste.