B/R World Football Community's Best Writer (July-August)

Salaar ShamsiSenior Writer IAugust 8, 2008

The second edition of Bleacher Report World Football Community is out and this time there is a tough competition.

Unlike last time, where writers won different categories, this time, the awards are based on a different concept.

Simon Martin won the Best Writer award, Jeff Harbert clinched the Emerging Writer award, Andrew McNair bagged the Most Consistent Writer award and John Houmes grabbed the Most Consistent Writer award.

This time, the awards will be based on a different concept, which is better known as the 'writer-select-writer' concept.

I believe it's best for the originality of the awards, that the Best Writers should be selected by their fellow writers.

This edition is the first of a quarterly series in which B/R Writers will select their winners.

Here are certain rules and regulations for these awards :

  • The Top 15 Writers from B/R's World Football Community will be selected as nominees.
  • All writers have the right the vote for their favourite choices for the specified categories.
  • The six categories are : Best Writer, Most Consistent Writer, Most Creative Writer, Most Comical Writer, Best Emerging Writer and Most Controversial Writer
  • All writers have the right to vote but NOMINEES can not vote for themselves, failure to comply will mean the vote will not be counted.
  • Voting will be carried out through the comments (even I will vote through the comments)
  • Only these nominees can be voted for.
  • One Writer CAN be selected for a maximum of four categories.
  • Six "WILD CARD" entries have been allowed to make the competition even more tough.
  • Another article will published within the following week revealing the results, voting deadline is Monday (11th August)

This format is to be followed, when voting for the categories

My Vote (this is just an example)

Best Writer - David Beckham

Most Consistent Writer- Leo Messi

Most Creative Writer- Roy Keane

Most Comical Writer-Jose Mourinho

Best Emerging Writer-Theo Walcott

Most Controversial Writer-Joey Barton


Here are your nominees :

1.Andrew McNair

2.Salaar Shamsi

3.TheRepublikOfMancunia (Scott)

4.Alby Jnr.

5.Shyam Parthasarathi

6.David Wilson

7.S B

8. Marc Kaveh

9.Jeff Harbert

10. Barney Corkhill

11.Brad Simkulet

12.Alan McGuinness

13.Zahi Sahli

14. Dakota Rubin

15.Keith Griffin

Wild Card Entries :

John Houmes

Michael Griffin

Khalid Shakran

Bevan Bolland

Alex Dimond

Mark Andrew

To those, who couldn't make it, there will be another edition of the awards very soon, work hard and earn your place in that edition.