A Look Back at The Second Week Of The NFL Season

Bryan FlynnAnalyst ISeptember 23, 2009

MIAMI - SEPTEMBER 21:  Quarterback Peyton Manning #18 of the Indianapolis Colts throws a pass against the Miami Dolphins at Land Shark Stadium on September 21, 2009 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

Week two of the NFL season is over. One team has helped renew a rivalry in the AFC East.

One team lived by kicking mistakes in week one and died by them in two. Also Tony Romo is not the only one to blame for the Cowboys loss.

The season is already two weeks old and quarterback questions abound. The top teams seem to be struggling.

Records have been broken and the Saints are still scoring. Plus why a two 0-2 teams might have ruined their season before it began.

Here is a look back at week two and the five best and worst teams.


Do not put all of Sunday Night’s loss on Tony Romo

After losing to the Giants on a last second field goal there has been much discussion about Tony Romo’s three interceptions and Dallas’ four turnovers overall. The talk is about is Romo the quarterback to lead the Cowboys to the Super Bowl.

Let out of the conversation is the fact that the Cowboys’ defense has not forced a turnover or collected a sack in two games. Not to take anything away from the job Eli Manning or the Giants did.

The turnovers by the Cowboys did not help them either. They did help keep the Giants in a game that Dallas should have run away with.

Though two games the Dallas defense is ranked 30th in the NFL and will have to get turnovers and sacks if they expect to win enough games to make the playoffs.

Sure, Romo deserves some of the blame for the loss but so does the Cowboys defense.


The Jets bring life back to a rivalry in the AFC East

New York by no means embarrassed the Patriots but they did get a win. Rex Ryan the new head coach of the Jets spent the offseason sending shots at Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

The Jets blitzed Tom Brady every chance they got. New York never let Brady feel comfortable in the pocket and especially late in the game.

New England was without Wes Welker was out for the Patriots and the Patriots defense is not what it has been the in past. The Jets won at home in New York so the game in New England in week 11 should provide plenty of fireworks.

One other quick though is how well Mark Sanchez will be playing after facing a few more NFL defenses. The former Trojan has played well so far so when Sanchez get his welcome to NFL moment.


Brett Favre sets another record and Vikings go to 2-0

Brett Favre added another record in his hall of fame career with is first snap versus the Lions. Favre made his 271st consecutive career starts the most in NFL history.

Favre surpassed Jim Marshall for the most starts. Marshall was a Minnesota defensive end who made 170 consecutive starts.

Favre completed 23 of 27 passes for 155 yards and two touchdowns. The hapless Lions were up 10-7 at the half. The Vikings pulled away in the third and fourth quarters for the 27-13 win.


Tampa Bay and Kansas City find firing offensive coordinator not the best idea

Buffalo would have been in this group but they got to play Tampa Bay in the no more offensive coordinator bowl. The Bills won and now Terrell Owens can speak to the media again.

As for the Buccaneers they have moved the ball well but can seem to only score in the second and fourth quarter. The Chiefs got Matt Cassel back but still have no offensive line and lost to the Raiders at home.

Next time teams anyone things about firing their offensive coordinator think back to how Tampa Bay and Kansas City do this season.


Can anyone stop the Saints offense

Philadelphia learned this week what Detroit learned last week. The Saints offense in is very good and Drew Brees is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

The Eagles were without Donovan McNabb but that might not have made a difference. The Saints have scored over 40 points in their first two games.

If teams cannot get the Saints offense off the field they might not have a chance at winning the game in a shootout. New Orleans still has to prove it has a defense.


Last year’s playoff teams struggle so far

Carolina, Tennessee, Miami all have started the season out at 0-2 this season. The Eagles, Cardinals, Chargers and Steelers are all at 1-1.

The Playoff teams from last season are not out of the hunt by no means. They have had a bit of a struggle to start the season so far.

The Titans, Panthers, and Dolphins cannot afford to fall to 0-3 and keep playoff hopes alive much longer.


Bengals and Bears turn things around in week two

Cincinnati suffered a heart breaking loss in week one to Denver. The Bengals held off the Green Bay Packers to get their first win on the road.

After Jay Cutler threw for four interceptions in a loss to the Packers in week one the Bears came back to beat the Super Bowl champs in week two.  Cutler did not throw any interceptions and did have two touchdown passes.

The Steelers who got a win off two missed field goals by the Titans in week one got some of it back in week two. Pittsburgh’s kicker missed two field goals himself as the Steelers fall in Chicago.


34 to 84

The number above is the amount of plays the Colts ran compared the numbers of plays ran by the Dolphins. The Dolphins also had the ball for 45 minutes while the Colts had the ball for less than 15 minutes.

The Colts were still able to win by a score of 27-23. The reason was the Miami defense could not stop the Colts offense.

Peyton Manning also passed Johnny Unitas as the Colts winningest quarterback in the history of the franchise. Manning also moved in two behind Brett Favre in the active career comebacks list as well.


Five best teams

Baltimore Ravens

Joe Flacco and the Ravens could be even better in year two.


Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan continues to shine in year two and is even better with Tony Gonzalez at tight end.


New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees and the Saints have the best offense in the NFL. If the defense can match the offense the Saints will be playing late into this season.


Minnesota Vikings

Brett Favre has made the Vikings a serious contender. As long as the running game can keep going the Vikings will be hard to beat.


New York Giants

It looks like Eli Manning has found some new receivers. Mario Manningham could be a star in the making.


Five Worse teams

Cleveland Browns

This team looks closer to the 2008 version than the 2007 version.


Detroit Lions

It has not shown up in wins but the Lions are very much improved from the 2008 team. They will get a win this season.


Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs are one of three teams to fire their offensive coordinator and are in a very week division and might not win four games.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay used a coin flip to decide who would be the starting quarterback and fired their offensive coordinator. This team has a ton of problems and none look to be solved anytime soon.


St. Louis Rams

The Rams have only scored one touchdown in two games. They lost to the punch less Redskins and a Seahawks team that got spanked by the 49ers.


As week three approaches big games abound. Here is a look ahead.

Minnesota vs. 49ers

Patriots vs. Flacons

Bengals vs. Steelers

Colts vs. Cardinals

Titans vs. Jets

Cowboys vs. Panthers

Lions vs. Redskins (Detroit gets their first win in their last 19 games)


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