Viral Video Breakdown: Johnny Football Fans, DeAndre Jordan and More Hot Videos

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 30, 2012

Viral Video Breakdown: Johnny Football Fans, DeAndre Jordan and More Hot Videos

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    Johnny Football fans have lost their collective minds and so has DeAndre Jordan, who continues to go around pranking people. 

    Here we are with another week's worth of hilarity thanks to people having far too much access to video than they should. 

    We are not about to complain, because once again the most inane moments of the week are the ones we want to see again, and one more time after that. 

    With that in mind, we bring you the best sports viral video moment of the past few days. 

    If you think we have missed a few, please sound off in the comments section below with your wonderful suggestions. 

Joey Crawford Is Awful

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    Joey Crawford continues his nationwide tour with this epic dance after calling a block that really should have been a charge. 

    Some of you may know this tour as the NBA regular season. Apparently, people pay good money to see the referees. At least, that must be what Joey Crawford thinks. 

    More Information: Joey Crawford Hates Being Ignored, Skips Gleefully After Making Awful Call

Novak Djokovic Massage

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    We already knew being the No. 1 ranked tennis player had some great incentives. There is the money, fame and lavish lifestyle. 

    Add one more plus to the list as Novak Djokovic gets a mid-match rubdown from four Brazilian beauties as he plays Gustavo Kuerten in an exhibition match. 

    More Information: Novak Djokovic Goes Topless for Wonderful Massage Provided by Brazilian Models

DeAndre Jordan Is Scary

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    If you happen to be bumping around Venice, California, be careful around corners, because Clippers big man DeAndre Jordan may be there waiting to pounce on you while wearing a horse mask. 

    It could also just be one of the many odd people in Venice popping up with a mask on their head. Either way, be careful. 

    More Information: Clippers' DeAndre Jordan Uses Scary Horse Head To Prank People

Johnny Football Haircut

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    This barber has some sick talent and this guy now has a weird haircut. Consider this the ultimate in good news and bad news regarding hair styles. 

    Rob the Original is back to carve an athlete into someone's head. I have to say, this Johnny Football may be his best effort yet. Still creepy though. 

    More Information: Johnny Football Haircut Is Wonderful but Still Very Much Creepy

Robert Sacre Hype Video

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    No need for you Lakers fans to ever get out of your seat to cheer the boys in purple and gold, because Robert Sacre's got this. 

    Here is a beautiful video of the best hype man in the biz. 

    More Information: Lakers' Hype Man Robert Sacre Has Brilliant Mixtape of Masterful Cheerleading

Dog Hates Cowboys

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    One lady loves her Washington Redskins so much that she taught her dog to revolt the Dallas Cowboys. The mere mention of the team makes the pooch turn away from a tasty treat. 

    Then again, maybe he is a Cowboys fan and can't stand them letting him down over and over again. 

    More Information: Rabid Redskins Fan Taught Her Dog to Hate Cowboys

LeBron James Jr. Hits Trick Shot

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    Like father like son. 

    Well, for that to be true, LeBron James would have to drain a shot from his balcony just like his oldest son did in this video. 

    More Information: LeBron James Jr. Shows off Game with Balcony Trick Shot

Johnny Football Swoon

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    Here we have the byproduct of a 19-year old freshman delivering a Heisman-worthy performance for Texas A&M. 

    A middle-aged woman busts out the '60s pop and the college banner to record her love anthem to her darling angel. You know him as Johnny Manziel. 

    More Information: Johnny Football Fanaticism Devolves into Awkward Anthem

Base Jumper Hits His Mark

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    It's one thing to jump off a mountain and soar above the ground in a wing suit; it's quite another to hit a tiny pole ten feet above the ground while doing it. 

    Alexander Polli is absolutely nuts, but we like the kind of crazy that produces these kinds of videos. 

    More Information: Base Jumper Alexander Polli Soars 10 Feet Above Ground to Hit Target

Russian Youth Players Brawl

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    This Russian youth game had to be halted early because the rambunctious kids couldn't behave themselves. 

    Even NHL players would be appalled at so much fighting. The continuous brawl ended when most of the players were sent to the penalty box. 

    More Information: Youth Hockey Players in Russia Fill Penalty Boxes After Intense Fighting

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