Lakers' Hype Man Robert Sacre Has Brilliant Mixtape of Masterful Cheerleading

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Picking up where Mark Madsen and others left off, Robert Sacre joins the ranks of bench warmers destined to play garbage minutes and simply cheer on the Lakers the rest of the game. 

This video (h/t SportsGrid) is a brilliant use of Robert Sacre's greatest moments along with the song Barbara Streisand by Duck Sauce. 

Those watching the Lakers early in the season may have noticed a goofy guy wearing Lakers warm-ups at the end of the bench who acts less like an NBA player and more like a fan who was granted his wish to sit with the team. 

That is a former Gonzaga standout and current big-man bench warmer who has one of the most prized positions among the least-hearalded Lakers: hype man. 

Here is over a minute of Sacre delivering the best moments of wigging out and acting amazed that basketballs are going through baskets. 

The man has never met a shot he didn't think was revolutionary and amazing, and that is why Lakers fans will soon fall in love with him. Chants of his name will soon bellow through Staples Center in the waning moments of a purple-and-gold killing. 

He will be heralded as the greatest part of the bench until he is cut, discarded or traded. That's when the next near-anonymous player with exuberance in his bones will be drafted by the team. 

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