Johnny Football Haircut Is Wonderful but Still Very Much Creepy

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Here it is, world: the best you can ever hope for in respect to getting another man's face carved into your dome. 

A tip of the cool-guy fedora to Outkick the Coverage for spotting this video of a man who sat in the barber's chair and asked for the Johnny Manziel

The hairstyle is courtesy of Rob the Original, who you can contact at his official website here

Before we continue, we have to remark at how phenomenal this particular attempt went for Rob, who pretty much carves a picture-perfect Johnny Football into this guy's head. 

This haircut looks exactly like the young man who has spawned tremendous media buzz and Heisman hype and caused a middle-aged woman to croon in his general direction

Now that we have given due respect to the artist, we have to talk about the head—more specifically, the man the head belongs to. 

No matter how awesome the picture is, you still have the face of some other dude on your head. There is no way to class that up or make that sexy in any way. 

I have my doubts that there are ladies at the end of the bar proclaiming, "Oh, I need to talk to that guy because he has Johnny Football's face on his head. He must be one of those go-getters I keep hearing about."

I love the haircut but on someone else's head.

Let's keep the soiree going on Twitter. 

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