Johnny Football Fanaticism Devolves into Awkward Anthem

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Johnny Football, we love you.

Seriously, we love you more than words can express which is precisely why singing a song dedicated to your football prowess is extremely necessary and not at all creepy. 

In reality, this is very odd, considering this superfan decided to take the time to make a Texas A&M-themed backdrop and record herself signing a song called "Johnny Football" which takes the tune and lyrics from the 1962 Shelley Fabares hit "Johnny Angel," according to the YouTube description

A tip of the hat to Deadspin for spotting this video that won't exactly cause nightmares but will definitely have the hair on your neck raise just a tad. 

For one thing, it pretty much knocks a bunch of cool points off the Johnny Manziel Heisman race because having a woman sing a 60's ditty to you isn't the epitome of hip. 

Or is it? I've never been cool so I wouldn't know, nor have I ever had a grown woman stop her life long enough to record a music video in my honor. 

This is hardly the first woman to go nuts for her football team because we remember the exploits of the lovely, and very Razorbacks-insane, LizHoney2U, who has a knack for pressing record and creeping us all out. 

Maybe it's just me who is jaded, thinking my shouting at the TV or shouting at a live game was perfectly sufficient fandom

I guess I was wrong because it takes some outdated music and the will to sing with all of your heart. 

Let's head over to Twitter where things aren't as nuts. 

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