1. DeAndre Jordan Erases Gary Harris' Drive

  2. DeAndre Earns a Dunk Assist Off Jump Ball

  3. DeAndre Jordan Slams Home an Alley-oop

  4. Is DeAndre No Longer Chairman of the Boards?

  5. Clippers with big changes to starting lineups -- Austin Rivers, Jamal Crawford, Paul Pierce, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan

  6. End of the 1st Q: @LAClippers trail 25-28. DeAndre Jordan leading the way with 8 Points & 5 Rebounds. #ClipperNation https://t.co/M1BXLbnjdH

  7. JVG Rips Mavs Fans for Booing DeAndre

  8. Mavs' Parsons: Jordan 'Not a Priority' Here or LA

  9. The Rockets lost to the Nets? pic.twitter.com/RJ3GjuPleJ

  10. End of the first quarter... DET 28 LAC 25 @deandrejordan6 w/ 8 pts

  11. DeAndre Jordan has recorded his 76th game w/ 15+ rebounds since the start of the '12-'13 season, more than any other player in that span.

  12. DeAndre Jordan with the non-intentional intentional foul. Smart play.

  13. Mavs Top Clippers 118-108 in Jordan's Return to Dallas

  14. Watch: DeAndre Showered with Boos by Mavs

  15. DeAndre on Boos from 'Hostile' Mavs Fans: 'It's Cool'

  16. DeAndre Jordan wraps up Reggie Jackson -- sends him to the line with 8.2 seconds left. Jordan fouls out with 10 points and 16 rebounds

  17. VIDEO: Paul Pierce gets acclimated to 'Lob City' with alley-oop to DeAndre Jordan! https://t.co/YUVYIrtkBC https://t.co/adazj0VD82

  18. Another random stat: Otto Porter is 3rd in the NBA in two-point field-goal % behind Clint Capela and DeAndre Jordan.

  19. DeAndre as the Devil? That's a Little Much

  20. Cuban: I Saved DeAndre Texts, Could Reveal Them

  21. ESPN Trolls DeAndre Drama in Clippers-Mavs Promo

  22. Mavericks not the same team they would have been with DeAndre Jordan https://t.co/s2CguQHooy

  23. Deandre Jordan has a new nickname for Jamal Crawford following today's 37 point performance: https://t.co/ELIOKxXbTd https://t.co/UcWgDIhshu

  24. What's changed for DeAndre Jordan after his wild offseason? @latbbolch on that and more: https://t.co/Axx3WKxnEC https://t.co/Mv6xBqiMkL

  25. Paul Dishes Beautiful No-Look Pass to Jordan for Slam

  26. Mavs' Animated Video on DeAndre Is Biggest Troll Job in History

  27. DeAndre Sounds Unimpressed by Warriors' Start

  28. Clippers' DeAndre Jordan calls Jamal Crawford 'Benjamin Button' https://t.co/I4f4Wm5d40

  29. Is DeAndre Jordan no longer chairman of the boards? https://t.co/ikBpCvGd3N

  30. DeAndre Hammers the Reverse Like Only DeAndre Can

  31. Watch: Lance Finds DJ for Big Dunk

  32. The #Mavs are 7-4. See how they built up from the ashes of the DeAndre Jordan incident: https://t.co/TvAxDHn4ko https://t.co/CzEKXIKquZ

  33. Dunks courtesy of @deandrejordan6 to hold you over until Thursday.  https://t.co/lrVOxxGyoU

  34. DeAndre Jordan, Clippers Rout Mavs 104-88

  35. Cuban: 'I Don't Give a S--t About the Clippers'

  36. A supposed Clippers fan in a pricey seat is yelling at DeAndre Jordan about his free throws. Game hasn't even started

  37. Clippers announced starters: CP, Jamal Crawford, Paul Pierce, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan.

  38. "You can change the owner, you can change the players but the Clippers are who they've been for the past 30 yrs" - Mark Cuban

  39. DJ on Reported Beef with CP3: If I Didn’t Like Him, I Wouldn’t Have Signed

  40. DeAndre Jordan is still furious. He's really close to getting his second tech.

  41. Clippers 83, #Warriors 72 (4:54, 3rd) DeAndre Jordan has four fouls, and the Warriors have trimmed a 23-point deficit to 11.

  42. DeAndre Confirms Redick Is Clippers' Best Rapper

  43. Blake, DJ Still Teammates. Lob City Lives

  44. You know what’s been nonexistent tonight? The DeAndre Jordan pick-and-roll game.

  45. DeAndre Jordan learned his lesson from the 1st Warriors game of the season and he’s jumping off the screens to guard Curry

  46. Watch: DeAndre Almost Has Brandon Knight Moment vs. Warriors

  47. Predicting 1st-Time All-Stars of 2015-16

  48. Most Alley-Oop Dunk Combinations Last 2 Seasons Chris Paul to DeAndre Jordan 52 Blake Griffin to DeAndre Jordan 47

  49. Long rebounds are going to go to Golden State with DeAndre Jordan and Blake on floor against GSW small lineup.

  50. Watch: Jordan Steals Ball, Finishes with 1-Handed Slam

  51. Ding: Newly-Signed DeAndre Jordan in Danger of Letdown Year

  52. VIDEO: Clippers lost, BUT Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan did connect on a sweet alley-oop. https://t.co/Pe2R7jfA5J https://t.co/sGZjbQo2Yx

  53. Clippers' problem: Their bigs not as good as Warriors' smalls. Time for Doc Rivers to re-think DeAndre Jordan. https://t.co/mDeoPsUOGc

  54. DeAndre Jordan Calls Clippers' Summer Meeting 'Boring'

  55. DeAndre Jordan Isn't Changing Free Throw Form

  56. The Clippers have big problem when they play the Warriors: His name is DeAndre Jordan. https://t.co/D3IBJoxVD1 https://t.co/9LVEzg1cXZ

  57. ICYMI, Clippers have a big problem when they play Warriors: DeAndre Jordan. https://t.co/D3IBJoxVD1 https://t.co/Zd3CzBOL1G

  58. DeAndre Expects Game in Dallas to Be Like 'Any Other Road Game'

  59. Doc Opens Up on Almost Losing DeAndre: It Pissed Me Off

  60. DeAndre Jordan soars for alley-oop dunk from Chris Paul against Trail Blazers: https://t.co/a1ckQ3IpFq https://t.co/lK45WuZUQU

  61. Lin Explains How to Fit in the NBA

  62. Cuban on Doc Holding DeAndre Hostage: 'His Professional Life Was Over'

  63. A skilled big man like Pau Gasol presents infinitely more issues for the Warriors than a simply athletic big man like DeAndre Jordan.

  64. WATCH: Chris Paul Throws Alley-Oop to DeAndre Jordan https://t.co/1kiAM1aZEs https://t.co/DFx2rKF5My

  65. Dallas Fans Rip DeAndre Jordan for Cheering Cowboys

  66. DJ Snapchatted Doc's Son About Return

  67. VIDEO: Triple team can't stop CP3 from finding DeAndre Jordan for the OOP! https://t.co/B6b3gTzIoC https://t.co/rvjVWgWWz9

  68. DeAndre Snapchatted Doc's Son to Say He Wanted to Return

  69. Report: DeAndre Parts Ways with Agents

  70. Plumlee taking it right at DeAndre Jordan. #PlumDogMillionaire

  71. First time starting lineup this season - Chris Paul, JJ Redick, Paul Pierce, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan

  72. Report: Clippers Fined $250K for Offering Jordan Unauthorized Endorsements

  73. Report: Clippers Fined for Pitch to DeAndre Jordan

  74. DeAndre Jordan signing autographs and posing for pictures with fans pregame @ Staples Center https://t.co/WsPB3LYl64

  75. Clippers are out to an early 11-6 lead thanks to 7 points from @JJRedick and 4 points from @deandrejordan6.