Youth Hockey Players in Russia Fill Penalty Boxes After Intense Fighting

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 29, 2012

Oh, hockey players are so wonderfully adorable when they are this age. 

Let's be honest. This video (spotted by Deadspin) is frightening for the very fact that I now know playing youth hockey in Russia is not an option. 

According to the few minutes of scrapping and fighting, I wouldn't last two seconds amid these fierce competitors, who make a contact sport far too contact-y. 

The report is scant with the deets, so I welcome any of you out there who know more about what seems to be a Russian youth game turned WWE Survivor Series to please let me know. 

The video was originally found on Reddit with a hint that the players are 10 years of age. 

My sleuthing was halted as soon as I tried to Google translate the YouTube title which came out to read, "Polar Bears—Metallurg. Fighting, the game is not completed."

That's precisely the moment I said, "screw it," and now plead for more information from you. 

The video is basically three minutes of highlights from what seems to be a brawl with slight hints of hockey peppered in. 

Everyone, including the goalies, get in on the action. 

It all ends when pretty much every player gets sent to think about what they had done in the penalty box. 

Like I said, just adorable. 

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