Joey Crawford Hates Being Ignored, Skips Gleefully After Making Awful Call

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 28, 2012

Joey Crawford may not be the worst thing in this otherwise wonderful world, but he is close. 

The NBA referee who warms his cold heart by feasting on fouls he calls capriciously—as seen in his past run in with Tim Duncan—was back at his old antics. 

Only this time he spiced it up with an odd dance. 

Thanks to BuzzFeed who spotted the odd moment. Now you too can re-live the nauseating exuberance shown to the Staples Center crowd on Tuesday night. 

With a little over a minute to go in a Lakers and Pacers game, David West drove the lane and put up a shot while drawing contact with Los Angeles guard Chris Duhon. 

As you can see ad infinitum, Duhon was planted firmly outside the restricted zone. Instead of calling a charge, as he should have, Crawford called a blocking foul. 

Whatever, I am OK with that.

Being an NBA fan, I have accepted a certain amount of awful from my officials, sort of like having a cheap diner as your favorite restaurant to frequent—there is bound to be some downside. 

The issue I have is Crawford wanted you to notice him make the call, like he was Kobe Bryant about to take over in the waning seconds of a quarter. 

The Lakers' biggest issue on the night was their 19 turnovers. My biggest issue is one NBA official wanted some time in the spotlight, just one of the things still very wrong about the sport. 

Please get back to the shadows where you belong, Joey Crawford. 


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