NFL: 100 Active Players with the Best Chance of Making the Hall of Fame

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NFL: 100 Active Players with the Best Chance of Making the Hall of Fame
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It’s extremely difficult to judge an NFL player’s Hall of Fame chances, considering the National Football League doesn’t enforce the 10-year minimum rule that Major League Baseball does. The NFL also focuses much more on postseason success—namely for quarterbacks—and padding statistics doesn’t have the same impact in football as it does in baseball.

For that reason, neither Drew Bledsoe or Vinny Testaverde (each of whom threw for over 40,000 passing yards in their careers) will sniff the Hall of Fame. These players are broken down into the following categories: lock, near-lock, probably, maybe, doubtful, and on track for the Hall of Fame. The first five are self-explanatory, and a player on track for the Hall of Fame is one who hasn’t done enough yet in the league because he’s still young, but if he keeps it up, he will make it. Players like Aaron Rodgers and Calvin Johnson fit this mold.

I kept off all players with two or fewer years of experience in this league. Case in point: Cam Newton, Von Miller, and A.J. Green were three players that had phenomenal rookie seasons and all are probably already considered top 10 players in the NFL at their respective positions. Of course if they continue playing like this, they will easily make the Hall of Fame, but injuries play such a prominent role in the league that I held these players off. I have just no way of projecting their careers over a decade or more. For that reason, you won’t see them in this article, along with other superstars like Rob Gronkowski, Jason Pierre-Paul, or Jimmy Graham.

Players also can’t be retired (obviously), so you won’t see LaDainian Tomlinson on here, and they have to have a current team, meaning Joey Porter, Donovan McNabb, and Terrell Owens are not considered active.

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